Washington Gun Owners’ Record Resistance To Radical Gun Mag Ban

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BELLEVUE, WA – -(Ammoland.com)- The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today applauded Washington State gun owners and Second Amendment activists for the record response to a controversial and radical Senate bill (ESSB 5078) that seeks to ban so-called “large capacity” ammunition magazines.

As speaker after speaker testified before the House Committee on Civil Rights & Judiciary, it became clear this bill—requested by anti-gun Democrat Attorney General Bob Ferguson—will not provide any solution to violent crime involving firearms.

“We were especially impressed by remarks from Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, whose law enforcement experience and perspective should convince lawmakers this attempt to limit magazine capacity makes no sense and will accomplish nothing,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb.

“Most impressive of all,” he added, “was that nearly 15,000 Washington citizens signed up to oppose this measure, against fewer than 900 who support the bill.”

“Gun prohibition groups supporting the ban will complain that the so-called ‘gun lobby’ is pressuring lawmakers, but the reality is that thousands of this state’s law-abiding gun owners, who represent hundreds of thousands of other good citizens, oppose extremist gun control and they are turning out to stop it.”

The turnout gave lawmakers an opportunity to see the diversity of people opposing this ban, including women and minorities.

“The thousands of citizens who took the time to weigh in on this egregious bill are to be congratulated for their willingness to participate in the legislative process,” Gottlieb said. “Too often in the past, gun owners have remained quietly on the sidelines while their rights were being trampled, but Wednesday’s turnout should signal anti-gun lawmakers they have awakened a sleeping giant ahead of the upcoming midterm elections.

“Evergreen State gun owners are paying attention and taking notes,” he observed. “We’re tired of being penalized for crimes we didn’t commit, and for having our rights eroded while real criminals have repeatedly shown they will not obey new gun laws, same as they have consistently ignored existing laws. Today’s lopsided opposition to the proposed magazine ban should send a message to Olympia enough is enough.”

About Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (www.ccrkba.org) is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

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This is encouraging, although the politicians here in WA ST don’t have a good record of listening to anyone, who isn’t on the radical left.


There are plenty of us on the “radical left” who are also out here fighting for all our 2a rights and they sure as hell aren’t listening to us either. They don’t actually care about this issue they just like how it looks to the full anti-gun folks. It’s infuriating.


Perhaps your resources and energy would be better spent removing those cretans from office and replacing them with people that understand freedom and liberty as well as the Constitution and their oath of office. Otherwise you are allowing criminals to violate their oath of office which is a high crime and you’re condoning what they’re doing by not attempting to remove them.


The unfortunate reality is that EVERY politician, right and left, are bought and paid for my their big doners and corporate lobbyists and they don’t actually listen to us (the people who vote them in or out). So while I consider myself a progressive voter I hate politicians, all of them. All lobbyist money should be removed from politics so they are only beholden to us. Then with issues like this they’d realize that the majority of voters, right, left and center don’t agree with this. It’s a fallacy that only people on the right care about 2a. There is… Read more »


I think it odd that someone who cares about their rights would consistently vote for the very group that is openly doing everything they can to tear down the system of government thst had protected those rights – all in the name of progressivism. Progressive politics has done nothing to protect the construction. Its whole goal is to use political power to ignore the plain language of the constitution and reduce it to nothing more than a list of privileges that are doled out to those who are favored or owed something. It’s “progressive” voters who enable and embolden these… Read more »


I think the human race is reaching the ENOUGH IS ENOUGH point on many fronts. The gun control I.E. PEOPLE CONTROL legislation is stalling all over the place except for states and cities that are run by raving lunatic communist psychopathic control freaks. We have had ENOUGH laws that make having things or not doing things into crimes. We have had ENOUGH taxes on our homes, food we eat and personal property as well our wages. We have had ENOUGH of the lying psychopathic ruling classes control over every aspect of our lives. We have had ENOUGH of the value… Read more »


Maybe Tom Jones will publicly lobby against this gun control legislation like other Sheriffs’ Associations have lobbied for gun control.





I think we should also thank the truckers in Canada for helping the world see what supposedly is a democratic society evolving into tyranny. Who ever woulda thunk that our beer loving northern neighbors would be the shining light to the world on the validity of ‘just saying NO! We wanna see what’s coming in our own very new fight for liberty? Check out Glen Beck’s ‘The Great Reset’.


“Ottawa police announced Friday it has arrested 70 people involved in trucker anti-vaccine mandate protests, and has towed 21 vehicles.”



It’s almost as if the government’s enforcers will do whatever they’re told to do. Too bad you can’t see my shocked face.


Right on Washington. We need sheriff’s to stand up here in OreGONE when the 10 round ban is voted on because it will be on this years ballot along with registration requirements for all un serialized guns even if they were made before serialization existed and probably a mandatory AR 15 buyback program. Hopefully the so-called governor will not enact or keep in place her state of emergency rules so people cannot stand up and testify like it is right now and like it was last year and instead have to do it via video conference where it has been… Read more »

Wild Bill

Good report, keep em coming! The big news here is that the electricity went out, came back on, went out, and is back on again. Quite the storm.

Last edited 11 months ago by Wild Bill

Wow, total control of someone else taking over our power grid or the government deciding to shut it down on us is a concern but i am prepared. My 100 gallon tank is full and fresh, solar panels are ready and survival food is stored. Water is plentiful as well as wood for heating and cooking. I knew someone that worked for Sacramento Municipal Utility District. He said if the power goes off and then comes back on again, it has switched to a different grid, if it goes off again and right back on again within minutes or seconds,… Read more »


glad im in florida, off grid is easy here , keep warm and your powder dry god bless

Wild Bill

Yes sir! We have back up gasoline generators; back up propane generator; and a small solar generator system. Those take a little hooking up, so I am glad that the electricity came back on.

Wild Bill

I did not know! I just thought that it was lightening, but that fits. The electricity was off for three hours.

Last edited 11 months ago by Wild Bill

Just say no. Do not ever, ever trust a government or political class which does not trust its own citizens. Never. That lack of trust s the foundation of totalitarianism. The Progressive New Left, the core ideology and power base of today’s democrat party is a totalitarian movement based upon Marxism. Fact.


Just say no. Do not ever enforce such an unconscionable law against your fellow countrymen.

Wild Bill

Why do we, Americans, even have a political class?


They made it for themselves when we weren’t looking and it’s time for a big change


Unfortunately, democrats not only don’t seem to care what law abiding gun owners want, in fact they know exactly what they want, and that criminals will not even be inconvenienced by the new laws, nor prosecuted for being in violation of them when apprehended committing a violent crime. Democrats are taking 2nd Amendment rights everywhere they have enough of a majority to get it done, and unlike criminals who get the “gun” charges dropped and plea to a lesser charge, there are severe penalties for a legal gun owner who is caught in non-compliance of citizen disarmament laws. The real… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by KK

Well now we’ll see if they are listening in Olympia, probobly not they seem to alway turn a deaf ear to anything a gun owner wants and it’s a state run by crooked Dems who hopefully wont be around after mid terms


I posted a comment on a new luxury tax for guns given the designation of HB4079. It is an infringement on my constitutional right. Please read and post ASAP. This is an infringement and illegal.
Thank you to whoever clears this.


WE don’t have CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! We have UNALIENABLE rights granted by BIRTH. The CONSTITUTION, particularly the Bill of Rights is a PROHIBITION LIST to those administering government to leave alone! And the reason we are in the situation we are in is because our forefathers allowed the passage of the Dick act which NULLIFED THE FIRST 13 WORDS OF THE SECOND amendment. The ONLY place in the whole Constitution the word NECESSARY is used.


Who are the cowards who are down voting that which is obviously true and noble? Communists in the wire, I guess. Semper Fi. CouragesLion and others are making comments founded in truth and wisdom. Leftists cannot handle the truth, would not know wisdom if it kicked them in the teeth. That is the sad state of affairs in our once great republic. Ideologies reign in lieu of reason.


Enforcers, ex-enforcers, and unconditional enforcer supporters.

Have you really not seen the pattern?


I’m sorry, you are right. I do know how to say it without it sounding wrong because I don’t believe the constitution is required for me to be able to protect myself. It is my God given right first to me and then anything after that is man’s law which doesn’t matter because God comes first! It’s also instinctual which is often missed by posters on this site. Hope that makes sense.


It’s a common occurance to repeat what we hear so often. You literally have to train yourself to have a bell go off in your head whenever someone says something that you realize isn’t correct. It’s like folks calling this “our” government. It really has NEVER been OUR government. So I never use the word our when talking about those who are running the government.


I understand your point towards our. If it remained the way our forefathers intended, it would have been our government in my opinion but who am I but a pawn in the game of life.

I have that bell it is called my BS ometer. I hear what they say, it hits my brain and without a second thought I say. BS. Like when hitlary said today that she and all demonrats support the rule of law. My meter went off in less than a second.


I can SEE that there 900 people who Need to Leave the USA and move to a Country that better Suits Them.

Last edited 11 months ago by mlhtd51
Dogma Factor

Gun ownership is neither a red nor blue issue it’s the Second Amendment right. The Second Amendment knows no color. So it about time a state on the left cost takes back their true unimpeded right!


You have to realize that there are many out there that do not believe in God therefore do not believe in a god-given right.


The logical conclusion to your statement, which is accurate, is that since the atheists reject the basic foundation philosophically of the declaration of independence, the Bill of rights, and the Constitution in toto, is that atheists should have no rights!

Atheists don’t believe that but God exists? Well and good; then obviously it follows that since there is no God that created those rights, those rights can also not exist; at least for the atheists!

Wild Bill

Just to extend their argument, they believe in government given Rights, and if government can grant Rights, then government can limit Rights down to zero!


Our AG loves the idea of you having no way to protect yourself. What a maroon.


Those that supported the mag ban should merely choose not own those mags….and leave everyone else alone. But, it is not about those mags. It is about control and about positioning America for far greater tyranny. Gun control is merely a necessary stepping stone along the intended path.

The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.


Oregon has a new house bill going into session. We have no tax on goods in Oregone but Kate shit stain Brown did enact a luxury tax on new vehicles. This new bill HB4079 will put a luxury tax on the sales of guns but it is for a good cause because it creates monthly stipends for low-income pregnant women and youth leaving the foster care system. I guess the legislator proposing this has never heard of a jobs program. There is no age limit mentioned in the bill. So does this mean the illegals that I already feed, clothe,… Read more »




Move to a FREE state!




I’ve said it before. Eastern Washington voters don’t vote. They let Puget Sound voters rule the state. It has been that way for decades. It wont improve as far as I can see. There are enough people east of Snoqualmi Pass to win every state wide vote.


Eastern Washingtonians do indeed vote! They just don’t have the numbers to counterbalance the abject leftist morons west of the Cascades! Take a good long look at the population density of the I-5 corridor: 5 million people and all of them thinking and voting like Californians which many of them are! Spokane is somewhat liberal, and you’ve got a couple of spots like ellensburg that also are on the left, but the bottom line is that the numbers on the east side simply cannot match the numbers on the west side: this is straightforward political math! Were the east sides… Read more »


Hey ammoland, what’s up. I posted a comment 9 hours ago and you haven’t cleared it. This is the first time this has ever happened. Aren’t I allowed to rant like others do?
HB4079 Isint about guns being a luxury because Kaye brown and the legislature has done such a piss poor job on crime, they have made it a necessity.