Armed at Home and As You Drive

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Armed at Home and As You Drive, iStock-595328708

U.S.A. -( You probably didn’t see these stories covered by the mainstream news media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor Ben Branam joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or did they have a plan?

First story- Are you armed at home?

You’re arguing with your boyfriend. You leave the home you share and come back from work early in the morning before dawn. Your boyfriend fights with you and hits you in the face several times. You run to your bedroom and grab your gun. You then run for the front door.

Your boyfriend tries to grab you. You shoot him. He tries to grab your gun and you shoot him again. Now you run into the front yard and yell for help. Neighbors run out and call 911.

Police arrest your boyfriend and transport him to the hospital with gunshot wounds to his hand, arm, and

He is released from the hospital and charged with felony domestic violence, and an enhancement for having two prior convictions of domestic violence. Your ex-boyfriend is held on a 100,000 dollar bond.

Second Story- Do you have your firearm nearby at night?

You’re asleep in your bed. You hear a crashing sound and your house shakes. You hear a stranger’s voice inside your home. You grab your gun and shout that you’re armed. You hear a gunshot, and it wasn’t yours. You and your wife grab your children and retreat to a safe room. You call 911.

Your attacker is long gone by the time the police arrive. So is your car that was parked in your garage. Your attacker kidnapped three people and stole their cars this morning. Your car is found near one of the kidnappings. Your attacker shot at those people too, but he escaped the police.

Third story- Do you have a firearm nearby when you are asleep?

You are at home asleep. It is just before dawn when you hear someone trying to get in your windows and doors. You grab your gun. You leave your bedroom and walk into the center of your home. You see an intruder. You point your gun at him and fire one time. Your intruder runs from your home. You stay inside and call 911. You put your gun away when the police arrive.

Police find your intruder on your front lawn. He has a bullet wound to his arm. EMS takes him to the hospital. Police are trying to determine how the intruder got into your home.

You’re not charged with a crime.

Fourth story- Are you armed as you drive?

You’re driving down the street just after 7 in the morning on a weekday. You see a pair of dogs attack a small boy. People are beating the two dogs involved. Someone is shooting them with a paintball gun. The dogs won’t let go. You stop your car and get out. You shout for people to step back. You present your concealed firearm and shoot the dog who is biting the child. One woman shouts and says she is hurt. The dog lets go of the child. Someone takes the wounded woman to the hospital in a private vehicle.

You stay at the scene. You holster your firearm and call 911. You speak to the police when they arrive. Emergency Medical Services take the injured boy to the hospital. One dog is dead. The other dog is held for animal control. You give a statement to the police.

You have video of the attack, and so do other people on the scene. You show the police your identification and your carry permit.

You ask if you can get contact information on the young boy who was injured. He is treated for bite marks on his face and legs. You are not charged with a crime. Police are still looking for the owner of the surviving dog.

You give the young victim a get well card the next day. Police think the bystander was struck by a piece of pavement or a fragment of the bullet after it went through the dog and hit the street.

A discussion of each story is at the Self Defense Gun Stories podcast webpage.

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Wait, you have a boyfriend that has two prior convictions for domestic violence? I’m a sailor. When ships collide, the blame is always shared – there is never an instance where one ship is found 100% at fault, because there is always SOMETHING that the other ship could have done to prevent the collision. At sea, “Not my fault” doesn’t cut it. Domestic Violence is never excusable, and rarely is the “abuser” cured of his, (or her), emotional immaturity. Having grown up with an abuser may have contributed to the disease, but is not an excuse. “But I love him”… Read more »


I grew up raised by a sociopath and his wife The wifes undying love for her husband put all others at risk in our family .65 years ago the world was a different place. Today the union of marriage is no longer for life there is no stigma attached to a divorce. If you are abused my anyone cut them from your life no apologies needed.

As far as these stories go please give us the readers all the facts !!


Your boyfriend with 2 prior convictions he should not have been around any one with firearms. Another shooting in self defence bad guy still alive?
2nd story what can you say 3rd story another one still alive shot the intruder throw the window what state was this in ?? The 4th storie turn the page again what state not every state allows you to kill some dog.The right thing to do, these stories don’t have enough information/