Armed Citizens at Work, in a Parking Lot, as You Drive, and When You Run Next Door

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Armed Citizens at Work, in a Parking Lot, as You Drive, and When You Run Next Door

U.S.A. -( You probably didn’t see these stories covered by the mainstream news media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor Amanda Suffecool joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or did they have a plan?

First story- This is Chicago, so of course, you’re armed at work!

You’re a security guard at a gas station on the south side of Chicago. You are not a cop, so you don’t arrest people. You’re there so people won’t hurt the store clerks or steal too much at one time. It is after midnight when a customer starts yelling at the clerk. You move so you can see both the store clerk and the customer. You see the customer draw a firearm from his waistband. That is when you present your firearm and shoot the attacker. Now the attacker runs away.

You stay at the store. You holster your firearm and call 911. The police ask to see your driver’s license, your firearms owners identification card, and your carry permit. You give them a brief statement. The clerk gives the police the surveillance video of the attack.

The police arrest the armed attacker at the hospital. You are not charged with a crime.

Second Story- Are you armed as you drive?

You’re walking to your car in the parking garage at the university medical center. It is about 5 pm when you reach your car and another car pulls up next to you. Four teenagers get out and quickly move toward you. All of them are armed. They tell you to step away from your car and hand over everything. You have your concealed carry permit from another state. You also have a gun on your hip. You hand over some of your property. Then, you move and present your handgun. You shoot the attacker who is closest to you. All of the attackers run. Two of them run out of the parking garage and two of them drive away.

The story isn’t clear if you stayed at the scene and called 911 with your cell phone, or if the armed robbers took your phone and you had to go get help. You holster your firearm. The story isn’t clear if you still had your wallet, your identification, and your carry permit when the police arrive. You give the police a brief statement.

Police find the wounded robber after he walked into the medical center for treatment. They find the second robber on the street nearby. The getaway car was stolen from Virginia, and the police locate the robbers and arrest them after they crashed the stolen car. They also recover two more guns from the robbers.

Your robbers were two 17-year-olds, a 16-year-old, and a 15-year-old. They are charged with theft of a vehicle, attempted carjacking, and armed robbery. The 17 and 16-year-olds are charged as adults.

You’re not charged with a crime.

Third story- Are you carrying concealed as you drive?

You’re driving down a local street. It is about an hour after dark on a weekday. You notice a brush fire next to the road. You pull over and get out of your car. You call 911 and ask them to send the fire department. You’re talking to the dispatcher when you notice a stranger yelling at you. He throws a bottle at you, and you step away. He does it again. Now you ask the dispatcher to send the police. The stranger comes closer and draws a handgun from his waistband.

You are a gun owner too. You have your California concealed weapons permit. You are carrying tonight. You back away and your attacker moves toward you. You shoot your attacker as he closes with you. Now your attacker runs away. You see him drop his gun. You stay at the scene and tell the police and firefighters what happened.

Police find your attacker nearby. They arrest him and EMS takes your attacker to the hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound to the leg. Police recover your attacker’s gun.

They ask to see your firearm and your licenses.

When he gets out of the hospital, your attacker faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon and brandishing an imitation firearm. You’re not charged with a crime.

Fourth story- Are you armed in public?

You are at home. It is about a quarter ‘till 11 when you hear your neighbor scream for help. You go next door to see if you can help her. You are armed. You hear more yelling and you knock on her door. She opens the door and you see that her hand is cut and her son is yelling at her and at you. Her son has a knife in his hands. She says he is off his meds. You ask if there is anything you can do, and she says no. You walk back toward your home.

You hear her son yell at you and you turn to look at him. He is following you, and he still has a knife in his hands. You shout for him to stay back. You back away, but he comes closer. You present your firearm and shoot him one time. Now he runs away. You stay where you are and call the police. You holster your handgun.

You tell the police what happened. They find your wounded attacker walking down the street. He threatens the police with a knife. They tase him and take his knife. They handcuff him and call EMS. EMS takes him to the hospital to treat the bullet wound in  his leg and to get him back on his meds.

You show the police your ID and your permits. You’re not charged. The news story doesn’t say if the police took your firearm.

A discussion of each story is at the Self Defense Gun Stories podcast webpage.

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Hollywood shows instant incapacitation. From experience as a L.A. cop it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes Yes, sometimes, No. There is definitely an adrenaline rush which can carry a shooter/shootee a long ways. These perps were all hyped up and ready to shoot, it went sideways, and they went into overdrive.


“robbers were two 17-year-olds, a 16-year-old, and a 15-year-old.” Probably released immediately to rejoin their gang.


Everyone gets away after getting shot running no less. Clearly good guys need more practice they are lucky that they are not shot and dead. This is disturbing there is no information on the caliber of the good guys hand guns or the bad guys guns. Shooting a dangerous young man in the leg wielding a knife he runs away they give him his meds. The other guy throws a bottle pulls gun he never fires In California image that a guy living on the streets with handgun I would at least think the police would take the good guys… Read more »