From the Golden State to the Sunshine State; ATN Relocates Facilities to South FLA

ATN sets up new headquarters and manufacturing facility in Doral, Florida to better serve its customers now and into the future.

ATN Corp.
ATN’s new headquarters in Doral, FL. Image courtesy of

Doral, Fla. (, Corp., an industry leader of innovative optics for civilian, law enforcement, and the military, announces it has relocated its facilities from California to a new expansive Florida headquarters and manufacturing facility.

The move was necessitated by the rapid expansion and growth the company has seen since its founding in 1995. By leveraging innovation and expertise to create the best technology for its customers, ATN has been able to continuously grow.

“This move is a continuation of ATN’s mission to bring feature-rich products to market. Innovation is central to ATN, and this new step allows the company to deliver the highest quality of products to its customers in a more efficient manner,” remarked Marc Vayn, Chief Marketing Officer of ATN.

The Florida facility is highlighted by a technically advanced manufacturing floor, expansive warehouse, streamlined shipping area, improved warranty center, and high-tech R&D facilities. All of these improvements will allow the company to better serve its customers now and in the future.

To learn more about ATN and see the full details of ATN’s products, visit or call 1- 800-910-2862, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM PST.

About ATN:

American Technology Network (ATN)  is an industry leader, innovative producer of rifle scopes for the 21st century. Founded in 1995, ATN has come to be known for dependable, quality products that enhance their customer’s hunting experience and connect with the desires of hunting enthusiasts.

ATN Corp.

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The more accurate headline would read: From the Golden Shower State to the Gunshine State.


Welcome to Florida! We like this kind of industry.


It’s not within his perview to draft and then pass legislation for either. It’s the legislature’s responsibility to pass Bills that he can then sign, which he’s already stated multiple times that he will. Your beef is misplaced.


He said he’d sign CC, but no big public push. Blame Hammer-LaPew more: Don’t expect pols to be more pro-2A than NRA-USF. NRA Delenda Est.

Un-pushed covid vax for kids, but his DoH still pimps it.

“How do I prevent COVID? Get vaccinated
Vaccines are the most effective tools to protect your health & prevent spread” (LIE. IVM-HCQ-other therapeutic protocols are safe & effective)

“COVID vaccines are safe, free, highly effective” (LIES. Hikes covid risk for 2wks after injection, then ‘pro’ quickly goes negative (worse w/vax); CDC lists 25k, 1m got med attn; Actual >= 40x > Reported)

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This is a very polite press release crafted by ‘public relations professionals.’ What it really should say is ATN has been targeted by the CA legislature for a long time for making optics and night vision equipment available to the public and the New Left Progressive regime in Kalifornia wants to prevent the public from having this technology. It is all about power. ATN is now in an environment where personal liberty is the priority and not communist ideology.


Ok, since you have an excellent start, I will just add a little to it.

So glad that the tax dollars that ATN corporation had to pay on profits and for the privilege of doing business will no longer be paid to a communist state.


Please Help the fight against Putin!!! If we don’t help our Governments will never Act Decisively!!! lol

Last edited 2 months ago by Arny