Third Year In A Row, Constitutional Carry Dies Under Republican Leaders in Florida

U.S.A.-( Florida doesn’t deserve the title of being called the “Gunshine State”. It should be called “Disney World”. Why? Because a lot of make-believe is created in her borders by lawmakers. The legislative leadership advertises itself as being pro-freedom and pro-gun. Yet, as we’ve seen time and time again. That is not the case.

We know that constitutional carry was hotly contested in Florida this session. You’ve seen the reports of the pro constitutional carry petitions being thrown in the trash and you’ve seen Governor Ron DeSantis openly call for its passage.

Well, now you’re going to be hearing the excuses as to why HB 103 (constitutional carry) died.

The so-called pro-gun political lapdogs and gatekeepers of the anti-gun leadership have made the argument that the reason the bill died is because there was no companion bill in the Senate. Never mind the fact that such an excuse was used last year by them too.

Well, other than killing constitutional carry, they killed the bill that would have repealed the ban on the sale of ammunition/firearms during declared states of emergency. Here’s the kicker, there were companion bills in both chambers (HB 6095 & SB 1528).

The Republican leadership in both the House and Senate refused to move these bills forward.

According to the gatekeepers. Rep. Anthony Sabatini failed because he never spoke with anyone in the Senate to get a companion bill submitted, nor did he speak with the House committee chairs to bring the bill up for debate and vote.
I guess then Sen. Joe Gruters, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida was a failure like Rep. Sabatini since his bill didn’t get a single hearing in any committee. I guess Sen. Gruters nor his House counterparts ever spoke to anyone, pressed for the bill to be heard, spoke to the committee chairs, etc…

Because that is what the political gatekeepers said as to is why Rep. Sabatini failed at getting Constitutional Carry heard.

I guess the Leadership being anti-gun had nothing to do with it…. nothing at all.

What excuse will they use next? That blocking the replacement of the Mocking Bird as the State Bird again is more important? Because this year, it was making strawberry shortcake the State Dessert, never mind the fact that the State Pie is already Key Lime.

Contact Governor Ron DeSantis and demand a Special Session be called for Constitutional Carry.

His office is (850) 717-9337 and his email is [email protected]

About Luis Valdes

Luis Valdes is the Florida State Director and the Director of Outreach for Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands for Gun Owners of America. A life-long advocate of freedom and a firearms shooter, hunter, competitor, and collector. Luis is the first of his family born in the United States of Cuban Immigrants who fled Communism and who’s family saw firsthand what gun control truly results in.Luis Valdes

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I agree Luis. Add to the list Marion Hammer and the IDIOTS at Fl Carry who attacked you for standing up and saying the truth.


It’s like you need their approval to exercise your right. lol


January 2016 Florida Constitutional Carry 2022: Dead On Arrival Legislation that would change how Floridians may legally carry a firearm is ready for a vote in the state House of Representatives and still in committee in the Senate. But a majority of members of the Florida Sheriffs Association hope the proposed law doesn’t go into effect. The bills, HB 163 and SB 300, would make Florida the 47th state to allow people with concealed weapons permits to openly carry a firearm. After a blind vote, which does not reveal the position of each of the state’s 67 sheriffs, the Florida… Read more »


Florida sheriffs serve four-year terms and are elected by the voters of their county. Time for a change in the next elections florida sheriffs clearly oppose open carry for some time now The fact is that the Florida Sheriff’s Association has opposed every right to bear arms bill that has ever been offered. In 1987 the Florida Sheriffs Association also opposed concealed carry, saying at the time that citizens should be forced to carry firearms openly so they would be able see who has guns.  It is important to remember that this is a reversal of their position from when… Read more »


In many states, law enforcement lobbied against permitless carry.
Maybe if Bobby McCallum had lobbied on behalf of the Florida Sheriffs’ Association in favor of permitless carry, the legislation would have gone forward.
As a former law enforcement employee, what are your thoughts on seeking assistance from law enforcement on this matter?


florida really has some scum bucket sheriffs and police in general,and they do their best to run off the good ones

Last edited 10 months ago by swmft

But we also have Sheriff Grady. Straight up best sheriff in the US.


He likes enforcing red flag orders:

Maybe Luis can chime in on Grady’s reluctance to sign-off on NFA applications and his stance on bump stocks.


Under the statute, anyone that believes a firearm owner is a risk to themselves or anyone else can petition the court to issue an emergency order.

Your ‘source’ left that part out, wonder why they only sited the police part?

I also noticed there were no citations of Grady seeking ERPO orders, just enforcing them, you know, his job.

Last edited 10 months ago by Hazcat

Just following orders.

I still think firearm companies should sell firearms to Florida residents.

Grady is also not a fan of open carry:

“Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said there’s no bigger booster of the Second Amendment than him — but he wants nothing to do with the “open carry” of firearms.”


That’s right just following orders. When you work as a LEO you do what the court orders. If you don’t you will be fired/removed from office and held in contempt of court. If you don’t like it resign/quit! You wouldn’t no nothing about that would you?


“Clint” – 3/16/22:

“That’s right just following orders. When you work as a LEO you do what the court orders. If you don’t you will be fired/removed from office and held in contempt of court. If you don’t like it resign/quit! You wouldn’t no nothing about that would you?”

Reply to “Clint:”

Good morning, “Clint.”

What order to enforce a law would you not have followed?

Last edited 10 months ago by JSNMGC