This Week on Shooting USA – Camp Perry Bullseye

Camp Perry Bullseye
Camp Perry Bullseye

Nashville, TN -( It’s the challenge of traditional Bullseye shooting that brings nearly a thousand competitors to Camp Perry, Ohio. The targets are set at 25 and 50 yards. The shooting position is standing and firing one-handed in slow fire, timed fire, and rapid-fire. The best will claim the National Match Trophies and receive the President’s 100 Tab.

Plus, The Sub Gun that replaced the Thompson. The M-3 was built by a car company and looked like something from the garage. The Grease Gun is now one of History’s Guns.

And the Gap Grind Pro and Amateur Precision Rifle Match is bringing more new shooters into the challenge of long-range rifle competition. More Info…

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Our best wishes for your 2022.  Resolve to get out shooting and hunting more often as the price and availability of ammo starts easing in the market.

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Defending the 2nd by Example in the 29th Year

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A great event, but the photo seems to show only middle-aged men with large tummies. Where are our younger shooters?


They are there. Of eight hundred competitors, this guy decided to use a picture of old guys. I shot on the NJ state team for over a decade. We always took a dozen or more junior shooters to the nationals. There were probably twenty junior teams competing. Shooting in the “service pistol” competition, you need to get your pistol inspected by one of the military or CMP armorers. One of my favorite memories of Perry is watching a group of teenagers gaggling along the road, laughing & talking. When I got closer, each one of them had a .45 swinging… Read more »


enjoyed your comment. it triggered a memory. i once saw a small poster w/caption “dont pi$$ off old guys,life in prison is less of a deterrent." I find the one handed shooting interesting. I grew up shooting that way & when on a team in service, we shot one handed. 1911 gov. model 45 acp.. last deer i took w/a 1917 s&w revolver chambered in 45LC. i had no choice but to shoot one handed, on that one. I should retire the old gun, but its to much fun.


was that the one with the guy eating from cat food can? think i saw it too in 1970s fixed income would suck social insecurity with inflation at jimmy the jerk levels