Biden Arms Foreign Terrorists Then Disarms Law-Abiding Americans

Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov
Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov

U.S.A.-( Among the $80 billion worth of high-tech weaponry, Joe Biden gifted to the Taliban after his inept and deadly Afghanistan withdrawal were 176 artillery pieces, 64,363 belt-fed machine guns, 126,295 handguns, and of course 358,530 select-fire assault weapons – real assault weapons.

Most of the assault rifles were equipped with high-end optics. Many had IR lasers, which aren’t much good without night-vision gear. However, Biden left behind 16,035 sets of NVGs.

The small arms were accompanied by 23,132 armored vehicles, both tracked and wheeled, 8,000 cargo trucks, 42,000 pickups and SUVs, 109 helos, and 65 fixed-wing aircraft, including four C-130s.

Of course, the highest price we paid for Biden’s Afghan retreat wasn’t guns or gear. It was the loss of 13 brave service members who were killed during the final days of the evacuation. Biden honored their sacrifice by fidgeting and checking his watch each time one of their caskets was carried past him on the tarmac of Dover AFB.

Joe Biden created the largest and the most heavily armed terrorist army the world has ever seen.

It is only a matter of time before the Taliban projects the force he gave them beyond Afghanistan’s borders. They don’t appear to be in any hurry. Afghans have always played the long game with all things international.

Since the Afghan evac, the Biden-Harris administration has lurched and stumbled from one disaster to another, but they’re happy no one is looking back. We might notice their hypocrisy, which is off the charts. In fact, the Biden-Harris administration has redefined hypocrisy.

To be clear, after he armed foreign terrorists, Joe Biden now wants to disarm American citizens.

Biden wants to ban homemade firearms, even though Americans have been making guns in their homes since before there was the United States of America.

Biden and his millennial handlers are worried more about Americans with 80% Glock-ish frames than they are blood-thirsty foreign terrorists with 100% M4s.

I’m sorry, but no one who supplied arms to terrorists is going to tell me what type of arms I may or may not own, and if I want to build one myself, so be it. It is no one’s business but mine. Besides, Biden’s ban on homemade guns is based on data that ATF cannot verify, and statistics the Justice Department disavowed. It is an infringement, pure and simple, just the latest battle in Biden’s war on our gun rights – a war that’s raging.

Last week, Biden named Steve Dettelbach as his second choice to fill the vacant ATF directorship. Dettelbach is an anti-gun extremist who supports bans on private firearm sales, “assault weapons” and standard-capacity magazines. My thoughts on Mr. Dettelbach are thus – if he’s such an accomplished gun grabber, maybe Joe should send him to Kabul, where there are plenty of guns for him to grab, all bought and paid for with American taxpayer dollars.

Don’t think for a second Biden has pivoted solely to homemade guns. He reaffirmed his true intent last week during a press conference in the Rose Garden:

“We need Congress to pass universal background checks. Universal background checks. And I know it’s controversial, but I got it done once: Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” Biden said.

He is right about that. Unconstitutional bans and infringements are certainly controversial – about as controversial as arming foreign terrorists who have already spilled American blood.

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About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

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Biden is a two faced racist masquerading as a President. His lackluster career along with his low IQ coupled with ever worsening dementia make him the perfect pawn of his Communist handlers.
We are being taken for “a ride” and will not like the destination.


Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and George Washington are on a sinking ship.

As the boat sinks, George Washington shouts, “Save the women!”

George W. Bush hollers, “Screw the women!”

Bill Clinton asks excitedly, “Do we have time?”


Sadly, senior abuse with slow Joe. Look closely. Often one can see OBlunder’s arm up Joey’s ass working his chops like Charlie McCarthy.


Senile, Sniffy, Slow Joe and the Libturds are home-grown terrorists to your rights, freedoms, liberties, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. And, still, they roam freely. Today, it is not a matter of enemy in the wire, there is no perimeter security, and for decades, the enemy sits in the Command Post. That pretty much sums the state of the union today.


Democratic Socialist Party

Destroy the things I believe
and name them illusions
for the sake of your reality
When our government conspires
We will come to the realisation
Only the Devil amused


Author unknown Title The Last Election Suppose there are no returns, and the candidates, one by one, drop off in the polls, as the voters turn away, each to his inner persuasion.   The front-runners, the dark horses, begin to look elsewhere, and even the President admits he has nothing new to say; it is best to be silent now.   No more conventions, no donors, no more hats in the ring; no ghost-written speeches, no promises we always knew were never meant to be kept.   And something like the truth, or what we knew by that name –… Read more »


There is a reason that the United States is the last and most free country in the world. And we intend to stay that way.


JRB is the epitome of an “Eye-d-eye-oh-tee”, hands down!


the old fool ( I could use stronger words) is incompetent , always has been, but now he shows signs of dementia.


AS SAID BY, sleepy Joey, GO OUT ON YOUR BACK PORCH AND FIRE A COUPLE OF ROUNDS FROM YOUR SHOTGUN< yeh right do that and guess where you’ll be really quick, especially in Del.


I have had experience with folks with dementia. Joe is well past showing signs of that. I used to think he just had Sundowners Syndrome, but after seeing him in the morning hours signing bills and regulations, he is well past Sundowners. I don’t think he can last two more years, and they can’t prop him up much more than they are doing now.


Those who support this senile clown and either disregard the blatant hypocrisy of his actions, or make lame excuses for them, do not deserve to be American Citizens. If an I.Q. test were required to vote, many of Biden’s supporters would disappear from the voter rolls.


I’m still waiting for all those fools that put him in office for my gas credits since this old fool cancelled Trump’s energy independence programs!!!!!!!!


Especially the Republicans who past-away and now vote as a DemoKKKrat!


ALL part of the Democrats plan to take America down. They have had two years of Card Blanche on laws and regulations along with undoing any and all of Trumps MAKE AMERICA GREAT past. Biden has and IS doing whatever it takes to make this nation a third world, socialist S**THOLE !

Wild Bill

Yes, poverty, shortage, disintegration, and extinction of a certain racial group that built this nation … seems to be their goal.


Please keep in mind it is not Biden he is not incharge of his own faculties.As the world now wittiness every time he makes a public appearance he is scripted and can not get that correct. The bigger question who is running our country? The democrats are the party in power that control the deep state. Through executive orders Biden has signed the democrats have had to draft all those to date. There are those that are outside our government unelected foreign leaders Black Rock corporate leaders that are calling the plays for the democrats and there socialist party. The… Read more »


If sleepy Joey was the best the Demo-Rats had to offer and steal the election, that is proof that their party is worth nothing other than to take everything from all of us, and the ones that put him there are too stupid to figure that out, he hadn’t done anything worthwhile in 50 years in politics, other than TAX social security to seniors, and now he is going after your retirement accounts to pay for the illegals, just look at a hospital bill we are paying for the illegals with no insurance, the hospitals have to get it somewhere,… Read more »


Yes the left cries and the democrats lie stolen election you bet !!!

The biggest lie

Seventy-nine million people voted for Joe Biden—the most votes received by any presidential candidate in American history.

Without truth, there is no accountability
Without accountability, there is no self-determination
Without self-determination, there is no free will
Without free will, there is only tyranny…


I write about that here sometimes, I do not know how to protect our election integrity unless we all vote in person again no mail in ballots. It’s not going to be pretty look at NJ this past November enough mail in ballots to change the outcome in the 11th hour of that governor’s race. All were democratic votes Impossible the odds are against it. I hear a lot from people I think all good law abiding Americans who want our freedoms & country back. There is a lot of thing stacked up against folks who are upset with the… Read more »


Putin is visiting Trump in Washington DC. Upon arriving in the oval office he is surprised by the luxury and asks: “The Soviet people would love to know how can your government afford such niceties in the middle on an oil crisis.” Trump responds with “Walk to the window with me. Do you see that bridge in the distance?” “Sure” “When we set out to build it, we had a budget of 100 million dollars. Through clever management, we managed to build it for slightly less, and we are able to reward ourselves with some comfort” “I see…” A few… Read more »

Wild Bill

Most humorous!


For over 40yrs stupid cuck Repubs pushed & rolled for making it easy to vote for lazy ignorant folks who don’t care enough about the integrity of the Republic to vote in person except true disabled & true absentee. Then jumped on the electronic bandwagon. They pretend fraud’s no biggie long as it’s not ‘extensive’. But even one stolen vote’s an attempted coup. Some races are so tight a single vote or tiny % decides.

Mail in reg & blanket absentee were Cali R programs in the ’80s. Both are abused with impunity. Officials looked away, including an R SecSt

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

“Conservative” Greg Abbott hosed us on election integrity too. Lots of kabuki on the new TX law barring this & that, but he & his pet RINO saboteur Dade Phelan cut fraud from felony to misdemeanor so now it’s a big joke.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

The answer to your question about who is running this nation is easy: George Soros.


Ilegitiment clownshow Joe Biden is a completely idiot . Any executive order this clown signs that Infringes on anyone’s second amendment rights is to be ignored . Just like Democrats ignore our laws .FJB

Wild Bill

Yes, it was a marxist socialist power grab from the beginning. Disturbing that there were people that were fooled; people that conspired in the cheating; and people in high office that knowingly went along with it.


it is the un elected bureaucrats that are making this happen, without them congress is just a bunch of hot air


isn’t it funny how you do not here nothing about the 80 billion in arms and the 13 plus soldiers that died, over that failed evacuation, plus no real other incriminating facts about The Bidem Harris administration. it all gets Buried by the media networks. To tell you all the truth, what does it matter. Nobody and I mean “Nobody is going to do anything about it, but complain, and cry about it, and sit back and do nothing else. That is all anybody is going to do. I apologize if I offend anybody, that “is” my Intention, to light… Read more »


Yep, you stand a better chance of hearing crickets in the distance!!!!!


Senile Biden still mentioning 100 round magazines being used by deer hunters.
Is it total ignorance or just reading cue cards some communist in the executive branch wrote ?


Biden and his administration committed an act of treason no question. If Trump had done this and left Americans behind Democrats would have melted down along with the media.Facebook Twitter would have exploded with the woke progressive socialist commie influencers that are destroying our country. Impeachment is not strong enough , time for prison for all of them bastards in this administration. Along with the FBI CIA CDC NHI and all of the democrats in congress who have lied for the past 16 years willingly. How long before the democrats move Joe to a nursing home. In the end democrats… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by john