Dealing With The Deceived Gun Owner The Right Way Is Essential

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Dealing With The Deceived Gun Owner The Right Way Is Essential iStock 527374281

United States – -( Perhaps one of the most difficult situations a Second Amendment supporter will deal with that does not involve tragedy is dealing with a gun owner who has been taken in by the nonsense that comes from anti-Second Amendment extremists. Quite frankly, Second Amendment supporters need to re-think how they handle these situations.

Don’t get me wrong, the gun owner who promotes the agenda pushed by anti-Second Amendment extremists is doing everyone – including himself – a lot of harm. The first thing to understand is that the deceived gun owner has been taken in by a host of lies and penetrating that bubble of falsehood is crucial to any effort to win him over.

The epithet “Fudd” gets thrown around a lot. But ask yourself, has the target of that epithet ever changed his mind after having it (and other forms of verbal abuse) hurled at them repeatedly?

If anything, the result of hurling epithets and unleashing verbal abuse isn’t changing anyone’s mind or getting them to stop what they are doing. Oftentimes, they will double down.

Don’t just take my word for it, ask yourself this: Did you ever change your mind after the epithets and verbal abuse that anti-Second Amendment extremists have unleashed, whether at you personally or via the media with the usual smears we’ve seen? Or did you end up more determined to keep fighting for what you thought was right?

Or let’s look at Biden’s blunders with regard to Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, if you want to see a concrete example of how the vicious rhetoric from anti-Second Amendment extremists helped to save the very filibuster they sought to destroy.

The fact of the matter is that the gun owner who anti-Second Amendment extremists have deceived needs to come to the conclusion himself to some extent. If anything, the best approach will be to do everything possible to show the deceived gun owner that the characterizations that have come from anti-Second Amendment extremists, whether politicians or activists are lies.

People who feel they have been lied to and lied about tend to be disinclined to listen to those who they feel did the lying. Once they come to that realization vis-à-vis anti-Second Amendment extremists, they will be more receptive to our arguments. Second Amendment supporters need to ensure that any pretext to paint them in a bad light is so flimsy that it is easily seen through.

The fact is the stakes in the upcoming midterms include the Second Amendment. It is essential that Second Amendment supporters work to defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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A huge part of the problem is that the NRA has for generations cast the 2nd Amendment as protecting the right to hunt and to self defense. But those are subsidiary reasons the 2nd Amendment was put in the Bill of Rights, at best. The overriding reason for the right to keep and bear arms was to enable to people to rise up to defend against an invasion or to overturn a tyrannical government. Sadly, even courts won’t talk about that.

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You are partially incorrect. The very first provision of the 2A speaks to self defense; it is the second provision that speaks to the defense against tyrany. Hunting is implies in that, at the time, it was commonly necessary for survival.


When the Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment, they hadn’t just returned from a hunting trip, they had just liberated a nation.


Here in the south, we have a way of dealing with people who try to “Blow Smoke up our butts! We just look at them kindly and say…” You’re so special and aren’t you sweet!”
Yeah, you know!

Wild Bill

Yes, and another classic is “Bless your little heart!” I just love the south.


In our culture these arguments really come down to basic premises. You can get in to the weeds with people on liberty issues very easily but if make your argument one of questioning the premises of your confused opponents you might get somewhere. Think of the current controversy surrounding the now questioning and once anti-religious, anti-liberty bigot late night host Bill Mahar and you can see where I am going with this. So ask your opponents who they trust? With guns? With complete power over their lives? You will find that the Progressive New Left premises so common in our… Read more »

Wild Bill

I think that you may be interested in “The Tyranny of Good Intentions” by Roberts and Stratton. 183 pages of really interesting … where the bones are buried … history. Should be pretty cheap on one of the used book sites.


As the old saying goes: “The road to hell is paved with Good Intentions”..


My mom always said something to the effect, “you can catch more fly’s with honey than vinegar.” That approach is the way I try to act when discussing all issues. It’s a waste of time thinking you will ever change the mind of an anti anything. Instead remember whether debating someone face to face or online your words can and do influence people who overhear or read your posts who haven’t taken a position.

My problem is it takes a lot of self determination not to go Will Smith on anti 2A activists. I’m not always successful following mom’s advice.

Wild Bill

You are a very good man!


I love it. You made a new catch phrase as well as a joke. Going will smith on someone. Sad but still funny. I like he is a real Brandon too, that’s a new one I will use for years. Every time we see his name in print it should be Joe (Brandon) biden.

FJB and KH


New characterization alert! “Going Postal” has now been replaced by “Going Will Smith”. 🙂

Idaho Bob

Homosexual marriage will never happen.
Boys pretending to be girls in women’s sports will never happen.
A presidential election stolen will never happen.
The huddled masses wearing masks will never happen.
There are a lot of things that will never happen, that have already happened.
Barney, you are the problem. Then, they came for me…………..


Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong in you. Obarry Care has a special mental Illness treatment especially for you. Take advantage of it or you will never be anything, but a drain on society. As you are now.

Country Boy

Then what do you call the current Biden Regime?
Oh I know….your heros.

You’re in the wrong forum.

Last edited 10 months ago by Country Boy
Country Boy

You’re even more blind than we thought. Besides it appears you’re in the wrong forum here.


When the pa government allowed mail in ballot in direct violation of the pa state constitution, what do you call that? And the pa Supreme Court ruled that was illegal. When multiple people have sworn under oath about election issues and the various organizations completely ignore it, what do you call that ?? When the liberal news media ignored crack hunter biden’s laptop till just the last few weeks , what do you call that ?? The same laptop that crack hunter never said was not his and the NYT said was legit. Even Bill Maher said the liberal news… Read more »


guys a purple dinosaur as the name, a gay gun hating troll


If anything, the result of hurling epithets and unleashing HOUNDING abuse isn’t changing anyone’s mind or getting them to stop what they are doing. Oftentimes, they will double down. Yes, you are absolutely wright Harold and it extends to many different topics other than guns. Wild Bill pointed out your very statement to someone on this board that constantly uses aggressive tactics on a daily basis. I have changed my view in support of something I was against because of it. Shaming and harassing is no way to make change especially if the other person doesn’t believe where supporting documents… Read more »


I agree. There is another problem here. New shooters who see the ONLY need for a firearm is to be prepared for the zombies attacking. I have been a gun collector, competition shooter, NRA instructor, RSO and coach for 40 years. I have been called a FUDD a few times. BUT, I am a fervent supporter of the 2nd amendment. Why? Because I show up at the range with .22LRs, non-military firearms and have suggested that AR and AK “pistols” are not accurate. Or I have asked that ‘spray and pray” rapid fire be stopped when I run the range.… Read more »

The Crimson Pirate

You are only a FUDD if you think people shouldn’t own those ARs and AKs.. I will gladly hold rapid fire if asked. But there are drills that require it. Anyone who says it should not be allowed at all is a FUDD.


I support range owners setting whatever rules they think will make their range safe. As long as they publish so consumers know what they are buying, we can avoid those places that won’t let us practice how we want or compromise and practice what we can at that location. Typically I have found that even ranges with strict rules against rapid fire are fine with double taps, or even rapid – accurate fire. Wild shooting (spray and pray) can easily be off enough to cause damage – striking target tracks, ceiling, lights, walls, floor, etc. I’ve seen how beat up… Read more »


Spot on. But the Second Amendment is not about hunting nor is it about conventional pistol matches. It is about a ‘people numerous and armed’ in defense of tyranny. That is the point. I am also a collector, instructor and competitive shooter. I carried M-14’s and M-16s for three decades as a Marine. I don’t need some New Left Progressive twirp telling me what is save for me to have in my safe. That is the problem. See my comments above about the real problem in politics in America. Far too many in our country do not value the founding… Read more »


I see no problem in your opinion because it is exactly that, an opinion. However, I would find offense if you don’t practice what you preach and not give the same consideration to AR and AK owners that you expect them to give to you. Sray and pray is not practice, it’s just having fun at a high price but not for safety it’s the cost of the bullets. Keep your gun pointed down range at all times = down range. No one should be out there unless cease fire is called and no one at the bench, you know… Read more »

Wild Bill

The elites need not even try to repeal the Second Amendment. Judges, legislator, and police, are just ignoring it.


and have been for a long time, all the laws to control slaves moved to every one not in the club
and wb great to see you know the problem is the ones that wont keep their oath it is hard to accept but only about 3% of People police judges garbage men believe in our rights … they all believe in their own

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The Crimson Pirate

The only thing I have ever seen change a FUDD is the massive influx of extreme criticism from all of their peers and constituents. And even then the conversion will fade and the FUDDness will creep back in. See Rob Pincus for an example. You cannot change a FUDD. Give it to them full and honest, not for them, but for others watching.


Harold, well said sir.


There is a population of Gun Owners that’s fine with Capacity Restrictions, Weapons Bans and all of the other “Death by a Thousand Cuts” tactics the Anti 2A Crowd is now and has been employing. So I agree with Harold that we need to work on bringing that group into the mainstream of 2nd Amendment Preservation and Accuracy. We draw our “lines in the sand,” but very few actually have the cajònes to follow through if that line’s crossed. That needs to change and we’ll achieve more acting in unison rather than as individuals. One person standing up to an… Read more »


ship them to cuba or venezuela


Socialism is like Cancer. You can’t negotiate with it or send it somewhere else. Because it will always return. Cancer must be completely destroyed in order to save the host. Just like Socialism.


have you ever been to Switzerland , sweden ,Netherlands or Denmark ?

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Henry Bowman

Germans also believed their republic would never fall, either, but then an Austrian corporal showed up and hypnotized them.


sieg heil

Henry Bowman

Achtung Dumkopf!
[Meme courtesy of during the Aaron Zelman years]


Somehow I just knew this was written by Harold after the first few sentences. I do get your drift though Harold. But some people are like horses. You can lead them to water, …. lol

Knute Knute

I can always tell harold’s writing within a few sentences. All he ever writes are derivatives of; “Gun people have a big problem. Your government will solve it for you if you just call and write to your Conressperson enough times..” Harold, OFC, refuses to ever notice, much the less discuss, the fact that your Congresspeople were the ones that created this problem in the first place. Frankly, I wish he would discuss how he can think that those that created a problem, can also be the ones to solve it…. but he always ignores me with fervent zeal! A… Read more »

Last edited 10 months ago by Knute Knute

or beating a dead one


there is a big problem with the understanding of gun control, has anyone looked into the rapes, killing by strangulation, suicide, killing with knives, men dying in prison, from beatings, home made knives in prison, car accidents walking on the street and killed by a assailant in a robbery, kidnapping, drugs, alcohol poisoning,hangings etc, added all these up , these action far exceed GUN CONTROL OR THERE ACTIONS OR USE OF GUNS. were talking about stupid people with a gun, doing something stupid , why;ll the good people that want to have the right to protect them selfs , get… Read more »

Knute Knute

Its almost like the criminals in charge are trying to use guns as a scapegoat to distract attention away from all their failures and felonies, isn’t it? 🙂


they do nothing for mental health, the number of people that are psychotic that until they do something horrific are ignored is staggering any big city homeless

Country Boy

It’s been chipped away at for over 100 yrs. In many forms and fashions, in all 50 states. We are presently on the uprise though.


That don’t need to repeal the Second Amendment to outlaw your guns and magazines, as has been done in many states already.

Henry Bowman

Harold is basically saying that the more he’s mocked for wearing Wayne LaPierre kneepads, and being called a fudd, sellout, etc., the more he’s gonna double down and act as though he’s smarter and holier than thou.


Fudds sell 2A out for their “sporting” guns & pocketbooks (e.g. Bill Ruger & WK Coors, fathers of the assault weapon & magazine bans). More destructive than open grabbers, should be treated as the enemy, not pretend otherwise with kid gloves.


an m14 IS a sporting gun mags only hold 20 rounds gives those running away a sporting chance


Word! 🙂

Henry Bowman



It will be interesting to see how he reacts to the news about what the NRA has given to Wayne. Harold, bless his heart, still has some loyalty to the NRA, as do many other gun people. He’ll come around if people like you quit referring to him as a kneeler.


Will he stop kneeling if we quit referring to him as a kneeler?

Henry Bowman

Little Harold may be offended because he may think he’s being compared to Kamala, and if he says so I’ll apologize. Being compared to her is indeed a low blow. Harold may be a lot of things but a Democrat aint one of them.

Henry Bowman

I doubt he will even notice; and yeah I could stop calling him a “kneeler” but that doesn’t change the fact he sucks.


He can bark all he wants – yes, we should be civil. How about some examples? “Go play basketball” doesn’t help me learn how to dribble, run, shoot, evade the defense…

Wild Bill

Yes, surprisingly, I ran across one of these, here, pontificating on machine guns and how we don’t need them. Now, if memory serves me correctly … No, no it doesn’t !


When the Obama administration tried to push that crap that the second amendment was about hunting, I bought a SKS and several thousand rounds before they were banned because it’s always been about tyranny in my mind. Not everyone is brainwashed by the idiots in DC or the MSM . The second amendment is a check and balance on the idiots in charge in DC weather they want to admit it or not . ” Shall Not Be Infringed ” got it clowns . Read it and weep you odiots elitest in DC and remember who it applies to .