Gun Talk with Hickok on “It’s Federal Season” Podcast ~ VIDEO

U.S.A. -( Federal’s “It’s Federal Season” connects with one of the most popular YouTube figures to talk guns, ammunition, and making videos.  Guest host Julie Golob connects with Hickok45 for an in-depth conversation on a variety of topics including Hickok’s entry into the gun industry, what ignited his YouTube channel, and a day in the life of Hickok45.  This is an epic episode between two of the firearm industry’s best Ambassadors.

“Being an average guy is the reason that I believe we’ve excelled,” Hickok45 told podcast host Julie Golob.  Hickok, a retired middle school English teacher, started his run as a prolific content provider in 2007 and has seen a lot of changes during his tenure of making videos. “I take a lot of pride in providing an honest look at firearms,” says Hickok45, and viewers, more than 6 million subscribers to his channel, have consumed his insights to the tune of nearly 2 billion views.

Golob and Hickok45 continue their discussion into the Tech Talk segment and Hickok45 talks about his favorite cartridges and the Federal and CCI ammunition he trusts to run in his firearms.  If you don’t know Hickok45’s story, you won’t want to miss this conversation.

Episode #33 “Gun Talk with Hickok45”

For this episode, besides listening on the Federal Premium website or Talk North podcast network, you can also subscribe to Federal Ammunition’s YouTube channel ( and tune in for the discussion.

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GunTalk Hickock
Federal’s latest Gun Talk podcast will feature Hickock45 as its guest. IMG Federal Ammunition.
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I love this guy. He is a total Glock man but when he tried the Springfield XDM he could not knock it and actually liked the gun. I bought two because he was the one who put the final nail in the coffin on who’s new brand of gun I was gong to buy because I didn’t like how Glock felt in my hand, Sig and Kimber was to expensive and I didn’t like how the Smith M & P felt either. I trust what he says because he is honest or at least he was 8 years ago when… Read more »


He is STILL honest !


Right on. Have a great day.


I don’t get why these Butters are always getting interviewed. I mean, this is a guy who believes in “reasonable restrictions” like the NFA, supported bans on accessories, and supported companies who worked against the 2A as long as said companies got their exemptions.


Cool videos nice toys great backyard range having a lot of fun as it should be. All and All good stuff


Awesome person and patriot that makes GREAT informational video’s.
His son John is very lucky to have him as his father…He puts the truth out there even with him admitting a few of his bias leaning firearm favorites.
Fair and honest reporting just like FOX. Two of my favorites…..