NEW This Week on Shooting USA – The Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge

The Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge
The Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge

Nashville, TN -( What happens if you compress the range, the targets, and the propellant for a precision rifle match? The answers are provided by Utah Airguns holding the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge. 100 yards of tiny targets for the best rifle shooters to attack with air power.

Plus, the celebrity Sporting Clays charity event raising a quarter million dollars to benefit Special Forces personnel and their families.

And the story of one of the most significant pistols of the 20th century. The Walther P-38 is now one of History’s Guns. More Info…

Wednesday 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific, 8:00 PM Central on Outdoor Channel.
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On The Sportsman Canada Channel.
Our Same Show, the Same Week, as in the USA.

Shooting Ranges and Competitions are open and happening.  Grab some of your ammo stash and get out there shooting again. And wherever you go, Stay Armed in dangerous times.

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Defending the 2nd by Example in the 28th Year

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