Subway Aftermath: 51% of Voters Doubt More Gun Control is Answer, Says Poll

NY Subway Shooting Another Massive Gun Control Failure
Subway Aftermath: 51% of Voters Doubt More Gun Control is Answer, Says Poll

U.S.A.-( A new Rasmussen survey shows more likely voters “don’t think stricter gun control laws would help prevent shootings like the one Tuesday” in the Brooklyn subway than people who want more gun laws, as the suspect, in this case, has now appeared in court and is facing federal charges.

According to Rasmussen, 51 percent of likely voters don’t believe the attack that left 29 people injured, including ten with gunshot wounds, would have been prevented by stricter laws. The poll was conducted April 12-13 and released April 14, revealing only 38 percent believe tougher gun laws would help prevent mass shootings.

One major grassroots gun rights organization says these poll numbers reflect what they’ve been saying for years.

Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms saw the survey and told Ammoland News, “It is significant that Rasmussen pollsters also learned that 59 percent think it’s not possible to prevent the kinds of shooting incidents like what happened in Brooklyn. This is why we have always supported expanded concealed carry by law-abiding private citizens. If history has taught us anything, it’s that violent crime does not happen on a prearranged schedule, and criminals or madmen do not call ahead to warn their victims.”

The Rasmussen poll results also reinforce the belief that Democrats reflexively think more gun control is the answer to all violent crime. Democrats (65%) are far more likely than Republicans (23%) or Independents (38%) to believe the U.S. needs stricter gun laws, the survey revealed. Likewise, Democrats (61%) think stricter gun laws would help prevent mass shootings, while only 18 percent of Republicans and 32 percent of Independents share that opinion.

“Clearly,” Gottlieb said, “the majority of Americans don’t think adding restrictions on the rights of honest citizens is going to make a difference to people who are determined to commit mayhem. That has never been the case, and never will be, regardless what kind of extremist solutions are proposed by the gun prohibition crowd.”

Rasmussen broke down the survey results by race and gender as well.

“Women voters (47%) are more likely than men (37%) to believe the U.S. needs stricter gun control laws, but majorities of both men (66%) and women (53%) think it’s not possible to completely prevent mass shootings,” the veteran polling firm reported.

“More Black voters (54%) than whites (40%) or other minorities (44%) believe the United States needs stricter gun control laws,” Rasmussen added. “Similarly, more Black voters (54%) than whites (32%) or other minorities (44%) think stricter gun control could help prevent shootings like the one in Brooklyn.”

Subway shooting suspect Frank James is being held on “permanent detention pending any potential bail packages that the defense may present in the future,” according to Fox News. Prosecutors had wanted him held permanently pending actual trial.

James, 62, has been charged with a single count of committing a terrorist or other violent attack against a mass transportation system, Fox reported.

The suspect was arrested following a 30-hour manhunt after he apparently called Crime Stoppers and revealed his location. He had also been spotted by several people. He allegedly left a gun at the crime scene which had been legally purchased at an Ohio pawn shop some years ago, according to Fox News. The pistol, identified as a 9mm Glock, may have jammed. The suspect apparently violated several existing New York laws by carrying concealed without a license, and opening fire, wounding several people. All of those would be state charges, indicating James will be facing a lot of court time for the foreseeable future.

Perhaps significantly, another recent Rasmussen survey found that 61 percent of likely voters “believe the problem of violent in America is getting worse. Only 11% think the crime problem is getting better, while 26% think the problem is staying about the same.”

Even more important, especially to Democrat majorities now facing a potential drubbing in November, Rasmussen found a whopping 81 percent “believe the issue of violent crime will be important in this year’s congressional elections, including 46% who say the crime issue will be Very Important.”

“Only 35 percent of voters rate Biden excellent or good for his handling of crime and law enforcement issues,” Rasmussen said.


About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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And then there’s “push polling” where the question isn’t designed to get information from the person being polled. Rather it is designed to implant new ideas and/or feelings in their head.

Q: “Does knowing that Candidate Smith has been accused of eating live puppies make you more or less likely to vote for her?”

A: “Uh….. She what?”


I used to construct push polling for my county GOP when I was the chair of the candidate and issues committee. 20 years ago those like you wrote worked with a lot of people, not so much any more since people are more internet savvy. Now it seems instead of using push polling, the media still does it because they have an adequate platform to make push polling work, the latest most effective opposition tool is the “focus group tested” word salad, (products of the Delphi Method, more on that in a minute). The late great Rush Limbaugh instructed us… Read more »


The savvy no longer pick up the phone. Caller ID is the bane of polling and telephone canvassing in general. The folks who pick up the phone generally lack the mental awareness to realize they are being duped. And creating lists based on cell phone numbers is a nightmare. Long gone are the days of effective telephone canvassing of any type unless you are working lists that are composed of your folks. And then you are only preaching to your own choir.

Deplorable Bill

Polls are sometimes jaded by the questions, how they are put forth and the timing of them relative to the event. Polls are one thing and common sense is something else. Last I heard there were 12 people shot. Twelve or 29, this much is true; Everyone there in that subway car except the attempted murderer was trapped with nowhere to run and no cover to hide behind. What a sick feeling that must have been waiting for your turn to get shot and/or killed. What a sick feeling watching people get shot and not being able to do anything… Read more »


If firearms, ammo, knives, etc were banned tomorrow, the criminals will still obtain them and use them against the law abiding citizens.

Desert Rat

If guns & ammo were banned tomorrow, government would supply them to the criminals to continue the agenda of the enslavement of the American people just like Obama/Biden/Holder did in Fast Furious. Everything that happens is government directed to the detriment of the people.


james – they would NOT ‘need’ any tools of any sort – all they would have to do is run in packs (not that they don’t already do that anyway) and they could do anything they want to us mere mortals. Very few of us could protect ourselves against brute force. That is especially true of us old broken down folks.


Some polls are so stupid or one sided. First off, where was this poll taken. Was it taken in a predominantly democrap society? Of course the number of people that think more gun restrictions are not needed is low. Do the poll in the middle of fly over country. What do you want to bet that 75 percent of the people would say more gun laws would not do any good and the ones in place didn’t work and new ones wont prevent more attacks like this. Disarm the democrats for a safer America, do it for the children. I… Read more »


m44 – polls are sort of like the entertainment business – know your audience – or the real estate business – location location location. As you intimate – pollsters are VERY adept in their methodology and using techniques to get the ‘desired’ results.
Most of us realize that the criminal broke numerous laws BEFORE he fired the first shot yet there are still people who ‘feel’ that just one more law would have stopped him.


I have made a new goal in my mind and I FEEL it does include one more law. Three times with the use of a gun in a rape, robbery or theft and it’s’ the death penalty mandatorily shown on television hung by the neck until dead in front of the court house where he was found guilty. Murder gets murder period and there is no waiting time wasting tax payer dollars. Children that are 13 shall be tried as adults when committing a crime of this fashion and no purging the record when they turn 18. If we could… Read more »


What could go wrong?


Gee, I thought you would approve because that would mean one less demonratt socialist around to procreate and stop the making of more little socialists that would vote for a graduated tax base and for people with big houses and lots of money to pay higher property taxes and especially one less walmart shopper? I am surprised you didn’t make that correlation.


It would be great if socialists (and people who hold core socialist beliefs) saw the light and embraced capitalism. It would be great if people stopped committing violent crimes. For those people who do commit violent crimes, it would be great if government employees did a better job of arresting, convicting, and incarcerating them (and not letting them out early). I’ve got nothing against Walmart shoppers. That being said, I didn’t choose my location to live based on being close to a Walmart and it’s not a problem that the nearest one is not close. I don’t want to see… Read more »


Lol. Played you like a guitar, AGAIN. Later dude.


Yeah, that was brilliant.


Stop feeding the trolls. At minimum, disengaging from the wonder twins is beneficial to your mental health.


You don’t understand what a troll is – a troll is not someone with whom you disagree.


Wonder Twins! That is about the best definition of the Tag Team I’ve heard so far. I think we ought to let it ride and have it memorialized on Ammoland for future generations, so they can see NOT how to go about political comments.


“Wonder Twins! That is about the best definition of the Tag Team I’ve heard so far. I think we ought to let it ride and have it memorialized on Ammoland for future generations, so they can see NOT how to go about political comments.” ~ Oldman

Is that your example of how to go about making political comments?


Sorry, you are right, I just hate reading pages and pages of arguments and when I join in I am only making it worse but I am so sick and tired of reading the SOS day after day, month after month. Yes I am welcome to leave but I aint goin nowhere. Yes I will stop now.

Wild Bill

No one wants you to go anywhere. Whomever would I ask my bizarre reloading questions?


I second that. Everyone has an opinion and they should state it, not inviting the so-called trolls to an argument that will go nowhere, other than name calling and obnoxious arguments that are there for nothing other than trying to soothe their own egos. I know it’s hard but it is the only thing for us to do. (ignoring the wonder twins, ie)


Polls are always in the favor of those collecting the information as they target those that will answer to there point of view. NYS has a lot of hunters and shooters ccl are easier in the rural parts of the state the five boros suck it takes a lot to have ccl there which is unconstitutional. Those Fu-k sticks keep voting democrat so it is more of the same here is the rub there are a lot of folks that have handguns unregistered from where ever they buy them in NYC. Criminals do not abide by the law neither does… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by john

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time. We have had our fill of the neo-Marxist rants from the Progressive New Left. Gun control is people control. There are little to no reasons to control people who exercise (divinely inspired) self control. And trying to exercise people control by controlling or eliminating physical objects and materials is a pipe dream of the early Progressive (also Marxist) movement. Folks are now getting it. In Progressive Utopias like NYC the problem is people control. Bad people control. The revolving door, zero consequence approach… Read more »



Its a good thing the Democrats don’t give a rats a$$ what people want or think.



There is nothing ‘democratic’ about today’s democrat party. It is full on Frankfurt School, Progressive New Left. Gone are the Happy Warrior liberals like HHH. Mao is their God.


If 51% “doubt it’s the right answer” then, the other 49% “know it’s not”. Criminals already know they’re not supposed to commit crimes with guns but, they don’t care.


Bernie Ghoetz is the answer. Paul Kersey is the answer.


I’ve seen this before in businesses that have a rotten core. They keep firing lower level employees thinking that’s where the problem is, working their way up the hierarchy until there’s only the top person left, and the rot’s still there.

Desert Rat

It looks like I have joined the ranks of the censored on AmmoLandNews for relating to the criminal activities of a previous Glorious Leader and his minions when they ran guns to the drug cartels.


Anybody can ask a question is such a manner that the consensus of answers are easily manipulated just like in Legal System of Law whereby Attorney’s ask leading questions.

So we are to be-LIE-ve a 6 corporation Zionist MSM driven agitprop/propaganda non-stop blitzkreig since Smith-Munda Act passed in 2012 that somehow a “poll” is organic, natural & legit or accurate ? That’s Risible

Manufactured numbers zero doubt especially when you factor in guns sales numbers & over 10 million + new gun owners.

Last edited 9 months ago by Tank

…..49% of voters think more gun control is the answer.

there……fixed it for ya

Wild Bill

Even thirty-eight percent believing that tougher gun control laws would have prevented this kind of incident is really scary!
Good article. Worrisome info. Thanks for informing us.

Wild Bill

Well said! I’m stealing it!!


Probably the same @38% that think Biden is doing a good job and will vote for him AGAIN!


We DO have a BIG problem in this country. There IS a common denominator! It’s NOT guns. It’s NOT White Supremacy. We are not allowed to mention it, we are supposed to look the other way and pretend it doesn’t exist, as we listen to Effin’ Idiots and DANGEROUS political ideologues babble on about “GUN VIOLENCE” and “WHITE SUPREMACY”! BLACK CRIME AND VIOLENCE! BLACK CRIME AND VIOLENCE IS THE GREATEST THREAT OUR NATION FACES! They are starting to call Black crime and violence – “MASS SHOOTINGS” – in order to use it as the new justification to DISARM LAW ABIDING… Read more »