Reloaders: Assorted Gun Powders Back InStock ~ These Will Sell Out Fast, $24.99 & Up

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Accurate LT-30 Gun Powder Sale

USA – -( Attention ammunition reloaders! Brownells has multiple gun powders brands back in stock at the time of this posting and we know how fast they will sell out. So get on this one quick. Brownells Edge Members get FREE Shipping on all their orders. Use the coupon codes below to save even more on your orders.

Including the popular powders:

Good Luck on These:

Powders Back InStock

The Alliant, IMR, Winchester and Hodgdon Powder family of products are the broadest and most trusted names in the reloading business. Whether you’re pursuing big game animals or paper targets. Select from the following categories to find the right powder for you.

Reloaders: Assorted Powders Back InStock ~ These Will Sell Out Fast, $24.99 and Up

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every time they get new stock they bump these to top rather than post new kind of lazy

Wild Bill

I think that these sold out months ago, judging from the comments from … months ago.


Here’s some sites I go to for powder, Hodgdons then click on “smokeless powder” at bottom of page as they sell factory direct. I used to hit this site 3 times a day when I was looking for powder. Best price is when the product is available in the 8# jug versus 1# (limit 5). They have all the powders under the Hodgdon name (IMR Winchester etc). Brunos Shooting Supply in Phoenix has everything (bullets, powder and primers) just got to shop your price point. For primers go to TargetSportsUSA as they have primers now @ $599 per 5000 which… Read more »


I remember when the pric of powder went from $2.98 to $3.25, We stood around saying how will we be able to reload. We never heard of Haz Mat charges.

Son of Waylon

Yeah me either, and you have to sign for it too! Delivered by fedex, if you work and are not home, they will send it back after 3 attempts!!!!


midsouth has had a better selection and prices for this whole covid bs


Out of stock on every powder I checked at Mid South.

Dogma Factor

Where’s the 4166 as shown in the Ammoland tease photo? By the way Hodgson’s has stopped manufacturing black power by closing down its plant. Goex is no more…

WI Patriot

I have yet to see 4166 in the wild…

WI Patriot

I’ve yet to see 4166 in the wild…starting to think it’s a unicorn…


Buy some(!) of any component you think you might need, when you can. Then, when other components (primers) become available, you are not looking for the stuff you didn’t buy when it WAS available. Simple! Buy it when you find it. Then buy the other stuff when you find it too.


What good is powered if you can’t get primers? Inquiring minds would like to know!

Lowdown Larry

Simple, what good are your primers going to be when you don’t have any powder because you never bought components with your way of thinking. As everyone has been saying, buy what you can when it comes around.

Wild Bill

No, no … if he wishes to refrain from buying, then by all means … let him refrain.


When you have one part, but not the other, why would you buy more of the one you already have? It’s THAT simple. I have plenty of every other component but, primers.


I’m with you! I have plenty of powder for what I mostly shoot but, I only have one pack of small pistol and one pack of small rifle primers. I do have a good supply of large rifle primers but, I mostly reload 9mm, 5.56 and, 300BLK. I saw a few at a gun show a couple of weeks ago but, the price tag pissed me off to the point that I wasn’t giving that douche a damn penny. He wanted $125 for 1,000 primers. My bolt action .308 doesn’t shoot that fast so, I don’t spend a lot of… Read more »


You do realize that the inventory doesn’t sit there waiting on you to buy it right? As soon as it shows in stock people start snapping it up so by the time this notice is posted they are likely out or close to it. Nowadays ammo and reloading supplies sell out within minutes of being posted. Don’t blame Ammoland or Brownells because you’re late to the party.


Could have been handled a little better…..





WI Patriot

Pay it or GFY…


Just to clear this up, my comment is from 5 months ago and was a reply to a comment back then that isn’t even showing up anymore. I have no idea why it’s still shown.

It is NOT a response to any comments that were made recently. Gotta look at the time stamps guys.


Glad you pointed that out. Plumb craziness.