California: Anti-Gun Bills Eligible for Floor Votes

NRA-ILA California
On Thursday, both the Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committees took up their suspense files prior to the fiscal deadline. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A. -( On Thursday, both the Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committees took up their suspense files prior to the fiscal deadline, passing a number of anti-gun bills and one pro-hunting bill. These bills will now be eligible for votes on the Assembly and Senate floor in their respective chambers.

Assembly Appropriations Committee

Assembly Bill 2571, introduced by Assembly Member Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (D-16), bans advertising or marketing firearms or ammunition in a way that is “attractive to minors,” replacing the language in current law banning specifically “advertis[ing] to minors.” This vague term can potentially ban all firearm advertisements or activities involving firearms, such as hunting and hunter education. Though minors may not purchase firearms or ammunition from dealers under state and federal laws, many minors do use firearms for legitimate purposes under adult supervision and instruction, such as for hunting, competition shooting, and recreational shooting. Advertisements appealing to adult shooters and hunters also appeal to young shooters and hunters. While these young shooters and hunters are not buying firearms or ammunition themselves, their mentors do often include them in the process when shopping to teach them about selecting equipment that is safe and suitable.

Assembly Bill 1769, introduced by Assembly Member Steve Bennett (D-37), prohibits officers, employees, operators, lessees, or licensees of the 31st District Agricultural Association from entering into any agreement to allow for the sale of any firearm, firearm parts, or ammunition on property or buildings that comprise the Ventura County Fair and Event Center or properties in Ventura County and the City of Ventura that are owned, leased, operated, or occupied by the District. This imposes a one-size-fits-all restriction to prevent officials from deciding how to use venues.

Assembly Bill 1621, introduced by Assembly Member Mike Gipson (D-65), expands what is considered a “precursor part” under existing law and requires serial numbers on those parts. Further, it expands the definition of “firearm” for purposes of criminal and regulatory penalties to include “precursor parts.” And finally, it prohibits the possession, transfer, sale, or advertising of milling machines that have the sole or primary purpose of manufacturing firearms. Unfinished frames or receivers are not regulated as firearms under federal law; however, they are already regulated under state law and are limited to being transferred by licensed vendors in California. Such restrictions continue to cut off access to law-abiding individuals who are looking to acquire firearm parts in accordance with existing law and continue to discourage law-abiding hobbyists who like to build their own firearms, such as to suit their own needs, for the pursuit of the craft, or to explore emerging manufacturing techniques.

Assembly Bill 1594, introduced by Assembly Member Phil Ting (D-19), creates a private right of action against firearm industry members for failure to implement “reasonable” controls. This intentionally vague term can subject the industry to crippling lawsuits regardless of whether there is any actual violation of law. The firearm industry is already highly regulated through federal and state laws, with violations carrying stiff penalties. This is the latest salvo in gun control advocates’ long-running effort to circumvent the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which ensures Americans have reasonable access to firearms. The PLCAA does not prohibit lawsuits against the firearm industry for knowingly unlawful sales, for negligent entrustment, and on traditional products liability grounds.

Assembly Bill 2552, introduced by Assembly Member Kevin McCarty (D-7), imposes additional restrictions upon gun shows, including requiring vendors to certify that they will not display, possess, or offer any unserialized or unfinished frames or receivers or any attachments or conversion kits that can convert handguns to short barreled rifles or “assault weapons.” Unfinished frames or receivers are not regulated as firearms under federal law; however, they are regulated under state law and are limited to being transferred by licensed vendors in California. Such restrictions continue to cut off access to law-abiding individuals who are looking to acquire firearm parts in accordance with existing law.

Assembly Bill 2156, introduced by Assembly Member Buffy Wicks (D-15), reduces the number of firearms a private citizen can manufacture in a year from 50 to no more than three. In addition, it prohibits private citizens from using 3D printing to make firearms, precursor parts, or magazines. This arbitrary ban on 3D printing only harasses law-abiding hobbyists who wish to explore this new and emerging manufacturing process. It does not impose a similar ban on legacy manufacturing methods, such as milling, stamping, casting, welding, or injection molding, all of which are proven methods for making reliable firearms. It is already illegal under federal and state law for prohibited persons, such as felons, to possess firearms, including ones they make themselves, regardless of manufacturing method.

Senate Appropriations Committee​

Senate Bill 915, introduced by Senator Dave Min (D-37), bans state officers or employees, operators, lessees, or licensees from entering into any agreement to allow for the sale of any firearm, firearm precursor parts, or ammunition on property that is owned, leased, occupied, or operated by the state. This imposes a one-size-fits-all restriction upon all state-owned venues, to prevent their operators from deciding how to use them. In addition, this prevents tax-paying businesses from renting taxpayer-funded venues for lawful activities.

Senate Bill 1327, introduced by Senator Robert Hertzberg (D-18), creates a private right of action that allows individuals to file civil suits against anyone who manufactures, distributes, transports, sells, or imports firearms banned in California, as well as precursor firearm parts. Current law allows for remedies for illegal activities by firearm dealers and manufacturers. The language contained in this bill, along with the rhetoric surrounding it, betrays the political purpose of its sponsors. The bill is aimed at using the gun issue as a political football, making clear that the legislation would become inoperative should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn Texas’s recently passed abortion law or if that law is repealed by the Texas Legislature.

Senate Bill 1384, introduced by Senator Dave Min (D-37), requires all licensed firearm dealers to have a digital video surveillance system meeting certain standards, to have general liability insurance coverage of at least one million dollars, and to require certain training for all employees annually. California’s firearm retailers are responsible businesses that are heavily regulated by the federal government and through complex California laws and regulations. This proposed legislation only serves to pile more unnecessary costs and regulatory mandates on them.

Senate Bill 865, a pro-hunting bill introduced by Senator Bill Dodd (D-3), increases the maximum eligible age for a reduced-fee junior hunting license from 16, to 18 years of age. Youth 18 and under were previously eligible to purchase reduced fee junior hunting licenses until 2020 when the law sunset. This will positively impact hunter recruitment and outreach by making it less expensive for 16-17 year-olds to try out hunting. Many of these teenagers will either become lifelong hunters or gain a new understanding of hunting and its importance, both of which will be valuable to maintain our hunting heritage into the future.

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If you have a “D” after your name nowadays it is safe to assume they mean to bring you quicker to Death.


and if you think they (commiefornia) will repeal this bill if texas removes the “don’t kill babies” bill you are not just an idiot but a useless idiot.


As a Kommiefornia subject(for now, once my wife retires we plan to relocate) I’m so glad our legislators are devoting all their time and energy to gun control rather than making the state more business friendly. How exactly do they propose to enforce the “limit” on homemade guns? The only way the state knows about PMF’s is if one asks for permission, which entirely defeats the purpose of building your own gun.


Damn this should really put a hurting on Hollyweird. lol

Captn John

No sane person would live there. God put the fault there so what is He waiting for to drop it into the ocean?


Are you looking forward to the deaths of 8.5 million children and 6.0 million adults who voted for Trump?


quit trusting the science. lol


vaccine will kill them first


Nothing can save California it is the poster child for the destruction that democratic socialist party’s policies will do to our nation. The whole state only has 13% registered republican voters. Can You Say Marxist By design

California is operating with a two trillion dollar debt. It has the highest tax rate in the country.


I’ve heard Kali. is even trying to devise a way to tax former residents that move out of state. Kali is gone.


NYS has already tried this a residents moved to another state

Captn John

VA already does that!


In a nice way I say that they can blow me, that is why you have a good account doing your taxes


Huh? VA charges taxes in the state where you live, but you have the option to take a lesser amount but non-taxable.


They tried that but lost in court. When I retired, the law was that you may move out of state, but Cali had first tax rights, over where you move to. Six years later, when my wife retired, it had changed. Much rather pay Utah taxes than California’s.


Haven’t they already implemented that tax? There theory being that residents received benefits such as education before exiting the state – and state should recoup it investment in those individuals. For a long time, they’ve taxed your income in the year you leave proportional to the time you spent in the state, as in since at least 1990 when I left. Unemployed, with no unemployment in California. Moved to Texas about two months into the year where I earned a pretty good salary (more than what a fast food worker makes now! – f inflation). California took 2/12s of what… Read more »

uncle dudley

With all the problems California has they sure do turn a blind eye to them.
Why not work on your homeless problem or the drug abuse problem and lets not forget their illegal alien problems.
But they jump on the old stand by, make it harder for honest people to use firearms or even own them, communists run the state.


All of those tings you listed are not the problem. They are symptoms. The politicians are the problem and if you take that to its logical conclusion it’s actually the people that voted for them so I say they can live with it. Just keep them there.


we dont need more demoncrats in florida


You mean, “we don’t need ANY Democrats in Florida.”


they want their tax agents to be safe when the kick you out of your Arizona home


Is that why their politicians fight so hard to implement federal bans? Right now if one flees to Arizona, one can arm up as soon as one has established residency – likely just requiring getting an address and an AZ-drivers license matched to it. Their tax agents will not be at your door that fast. Would suggest taking classes with rented guns immediately, as skills take more time to acquire than arms do.


They are working on the drug abuse problem, like Oregon they are making all drug use legal.


mass too! school buss drivers carry narcan and that started more than ten years ago 2,000 deaths per year their big brag , only went up 1% since covid cape cod hospitol has a whole emergency center just for ods


Thank GOD we moved to the Free State of Idaho in 2004!!!!!!


Don’t advertise that.


Yeah……Idaho SUCKS!!!!! Don’t come here!

Dogma Factor

Who in their right mind would move to a state that’s below freezing eight months of year and the summer high is likely only 60 degrees if your lucky. California is nice and warm all year long and look at how much beach front they have. No beaches in Idaho just snow and ice and long cold winters. Idaho’s even play curling in the summer for fun because the ice never melts. I really love California you can go surfing on Christmas break.


Too bad LaPewCo stole $BILLIONS in member donations that could’ve saved California.


Wild Bill You will have to await approval again!!!! Facts are important

The four families of Pat Brown, William Newsom II, John Pelosi, and J. Paul Getty have dominated California politics for over sixty years


The four families of Pat Brown, William Newsom II, John Pelosi, and J. Paul Getty have dominated California politics for over sixty years. Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, and Dianne Feinstein are all sponsored and closely connected with these families. At the present time the state of California is operating with a two trillion dollar debt. It has the highest tax rate in the country.


Yet they continue to lie to the constituents (who believe this) saying they continue to have a surplus of funds and that they are the richest state in the union. They could be.


Hi Dave I do not think so lets start with water that california has been taken from up river . They are a arid state that cannot sustain crops without water for neighboring states, Over the years they have do to miss use and drought now run out of fresh water. The toxic plumes from the dried up lake beds need to be sprayed down with trucked in water or the air that they will breath will become so contaminated it will lead to DEATH There is a water shortage but no shortage of pools in the rich neighborhoods where… Read more »


The government of the State of California has been in control of four connected families since 1958 except for the eight years that Ronald Raegan was governor. The current governor Gavin Newsom is the son of Ron Pelosi the brother of Nancy Pelosi’s husband. His parents were divorced and he has his mother’s maiden name as his family name. The story starts with the election of Pat Brown as governor of California. He was sponsored by a wealthy man named William Newsom II. Governor Pat Brown awarded the contract to operate the Squaw Valley Resorts to William Newsom III and… Read more »


Have you forgot about Gov Arnold ? “I’ll be back”

Wild Bill

Good article.


In 1981 I was President of My jr high firearm club, we shot rifles, shotguns and handguns. I brought rifles Shotguns and handguns to school, with ammo on a regular basis,, on the school bus..
Eureka, ca Winship jr high.

It’s funny to Me , the comments about how liberal California is, after I moved to Montana at the end of 1981 I tried to start a shooting club/team at My New Montana high school and that went over about like oil and water. There was no way the school would be involved in any way…


Yes there was a rifle range in ou high school today that would be impossible We also shot under the boy scouts flag and at local gun clubs at the kids shooting program. Life was much better than.


Kommiefornia has had 40 years of socialist rule since then. The people voted in this mess and I say wall the state off and let t hem deal with it.

Last edited 1 month ago by Hazcat

I do seriously question the voting part. Did they ?


California the land of make believe home of the same 4 democratic crime families that have run that state for over 80 years. DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO the democratic credo.

Wild Bill

Can you tell us more. Who are these four crime families?

Don’t laugh. This is what the Clintons, Bushes and Kennedys evidently had in mind for our republic (and maybe still do).
Which brings us to California and the curious familial relationships of Gov. Gavin Newsom, 53, and the concept of “auto crazy” (autocracy with a twist), involving four families bound by blood, marriage, extramarital dalliances, money and politics.

Wild Bill

That was an interesting history.


cut it off let it sink into septic tank