Illegal Votes are far more Dangerous than Illegal Guns

Illegal Votes are far more Dangerous than Illegal Guns
Illegal Votes are far more Dangerous than Illegal Guns

U.S.A.-(– Illegal votes are far more dangerous than illegal guns. Illegal votes threaten the very structure of the United States. They place organized criminals and incompetents in power over the criminal justice system.  At the national level, they can determine who controls the military and the intelligence services. This places all of society at risk.

If you doubt illegal vote trafficking is a problem, see 2000Mules. It removes 95% of any doubt. Once a vote is paid for or leaves the proper chain of custody, it is an illegal vote.

Trafficking in illegal votes has long been a feature in Democrat politics, particularly in crowded urban areas, where it is most easily accomplished.  City governments control the police in urban areas. It becomes very difficult for police to enforce voting laws that are subverted by the political machine. The machine controls police salaries and promotions. The political machine appoints its leadership.

Immigrants in Democrat-controlled urban areas are particularly susceptible to having their votes trafficked. They often come from countries where political corruption is expected. It was true with Tammany Hall, it is true today.

As the media has become an arm of the Democrat party, trafficking in illegal votes has become easier. The local police are controlled by the people who gained power through vote trafficking; the media is unwilling to expose the people whose politics they approve of.

The 2020 election shows the severe danger from illegal vote trafficking. An illicit and criminal administration has come to power, propped up by a media which has become the propaganda arm of the state.

Here are the results:

  • An insane method of extracting our troops from Afghanistan. 80 billion dollars of equipment turned over to the Taliban, the Chinese, and anyone who is willing to go there and pay bargain-basement prices.
  • A horrific war in Ukraine, which would have been prevented if the legitimate candidate were elected. Tens of thousands dead as a result. The war is ongoing. The administration appears unconcerned with the threat of nuclear retaliation.
  • Hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on schemes meant to enrich the politically connected, which result in inflation, impoverishing the poor and middle class.
  • Direct attacks on the Bill of Rights to include freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms. While not yet successful, these are meant to keep the current regime in power.
  • Historic increases in the homicide rate resulting from the deliberate demonization of the police. Several thousand are dead as a result.
  • Economic chaos which results in impoverishment for tens of millions of Americans.

Illegal guns do far less damage.

There are relatively few illegal guns in the United States. Nearly all the guns in the United States are legal. Guns that are illegal for most people to possess fall into three broad categories.

There are fully automatic firearms, of which there is a limited supply by law. Some illegal automatics are smuggled in, and some are made at home or in small shops.

There are short barreled rifles and shotguns, which require a $200 tax and a significant regulatory burden to legally possess. They are exceedingly simple to manufacture. A hand saw and 15 minutes is sufficient to shorten the barrel on a shotgun. A little more time is required to shorten the barrel on a rifle.  Use a power cutter and the time is reduced to a minute.

Illegal short barreled rifles and shotguns are crude pistols. Ordinary pistols are legal, plentiful, and effective.

Ordinary rifles, pistols, and shotguns can be made illegal to possess by removing an existing serial number. Removing the serial number does nothing to make them more lethal.

Outside of those three categories, there are a few extremely rare examples that are difficult to legally possess. There may be a small number of rifled firearms of more than .50 caliber, “not suitable for sporting purposes,” which are illegally possessed.  The .577 and .600 Nitro Express elephant rifles are exempted. There may be a few shotguns of greater than 10 gauge which are illegally possessed. They are such a tiny number, that crimes committed with them are virtually non-existent.

What are the consequences of illegal guns? One may argue illegal automatic firearms result in a few more illegal deaths and nonfatal casualties in a given year, simply because more projectiles are likely to be fired, from illegal automatic firearms.

Against this conjecture is the likelihood such shooting will not be aimed, and thus far less likely to hit someone. Shooting the same number of projectiles from legal to possess semi-automatics only takes a few seconds more, and is more likely to be controlled and aimed.

The vast majority of guns used in crime are legal guns. Of the top 20 gun makes and calibers confiscated by Chicago police in 2014, none were models which were illegal to own, buy, or sell.  All of them were handguns. Some may have had serial numbers removed. Most the people committing crimes with them probably possessed them illegally, but the guns themselves were not illegal.

In Minneapolis, in 2018, the police showed what type of guns were confiscated, most of them in traffic stops. Of the 704 guns confiscated, only 10% were rifles and shotguns. Any illegal short barreled rifles and shotguns would be a small subset of those.  Only 112 of the 704 were seized in connection with a crime of violence.

Some devices are illegally imported to make illegal automatics. In 2019, it was reported 256 illegal switches were ordered by people in the Chicago area. It was not clear how many years they were covered with the number. About 6,000 firearms are confiscated in the Chicago area every year.

An  AP story found 78 instances of automatic gunfire in the first 9 months of 2022, totaling  935 rounds in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.  In the story, 1 person was killed in incidents traced to automatic fire, and ten people were wounded. The story reported the number of gunshot victims was approaching 550 for the period recorded.  Given the relative scarcity of the devices, 2 percent of victims seems plausible.

The number of people shot could have been the same or higher if legal semi-automatic guns or even pump shotguns were used in the crimes.

Assuming, for the sake of argument, automatic guns doubled the number of people shot in those incidents, about 1% of those shot would be attributed to illegal guns.

One percent is about 200 homicides and about 800 nonfatal firearm injuries per year. The numbers are likely much, much smaller.

Those are very small numbers compared to the death and destruction caused by illegal vote trafficking. Illegal vote trafficking  results in criminal and/or incompetent leadership by definition. The leadership does not appear to have the best interest of the voters at heart.

It takes a lot of money to run a widespread illegal vote trafficking organization. Over half a billion was spent in 2022.

When you are contesting the control of an economy worth several trillion a year, half a billion is chump change.

Just as the Tammany Gang gave a few scraps to the immigrants they used to fuel their illegal vote trafficking, so the left gives a few scraps to their voting base.

The country suffers immensely.

Illegal votes are far more damaging then illegal guns.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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Illegals are illegal any questions their description say it all.

Word games undocumented Gun Violence Woke Gender Neutral Gender X identities created by the democrats to forward their agenda. None are real !!! just a play on words.


Patrick Byrne’s excellent work “The Deep Rig” is a wonderful compliment to “2000 Mules” and shows the mathematical model of the greatest crime of the century, the 2020 election. Trump won. He also has a book coming out.

And is it not amazing that after Georgia passed its so-called Jim Crow voting reforms they still had record turn out. Amazing.


Finally, someone explains in depth the Liberal phrase “illegal guns” is as stupid as the all-inclusive “assault weapon”. They want to place the onus on the gun, an inanimate object as opposed to the human being who can decide to or not to posses a firearm which for them may be prohibited by law. In short, an “illegal gun” is one required to be registered under NFA but isn’t or one that has had the serial number removed. A subset of the last would be (I think) an 80% receiver completed by an individual without a serial number who later sells it.… Read more »


You are allowed to dispose of your legally owned PMFs. (I’ll give AFT that acronym as it is pretty innocuous). You are not allowed to make them for purpose of sale without manufacturer-FFL, in which case you must serialize them – but if made for your personal use it remains legal when you decide to move on. As for NFA – pay attention… #FJB and #FATF are feverishly working to redefine every firearm as something covered under NFA. After all, who do you know who always shoots a pistol with a single hand? Glocks are meant to be held with… Read more »

Qui Bono?

Sorry, Dean, but you’re barking up the wrong tree. None of the multiple public and private investigations, and no court – including the Supreme Court – has found any credible evidence of widespread voter fraud that could have changed the outcome of any election. To continue insisting otherwise is disingenuous and irresponsible. If gun owners want to obtain more favorable outcomes at the ballot box, they need to do a better job appealing to their fellow citizens, not by undermining confidence in the validity of our electoral process.


This fall it will become blatantly obvious.


Yeah ok. Keep your head in the sand. It takes time to collect evidence. Watch 2,000 mules then let me know what you think. If you already watched it & still feel as you do ? There is no amount of proof that would suit you. You apparently live in a fantasy world. lol As the visibility of the “glitches” found in Dominion Voting Systems continues to spread across multiple states, and the longstanding issues surrounding Election Systems & Software start to re-surface, one critical question has yet to be asked, “How did they manage to corner the U.S. election… Read more »


Qui Bono Who SECURES US elections ? Any idea ? I’ll give you a guess ? Guess who they work with to ensure they are secure ? The same people bringing Illegals into the country at night via airplane. All at the expense of tax payers. Hell why should the tax payer foot the bill for border patrol ? Or Homeland Security for that matter ? Both are useless. Have been for decades Back to elections IT-ISAC secures USA elections & many others around the world. It’s a $5 trillion nonprofit working with Dominion & Homeland Security. And many other… Read more »




Are you saying illegal votes exist but it’s okay as long as it’s not “widespread” or it doesn’t change the outcome of an election? I would think no legal voter should have their vote cancelled by an illegal vote. In the past Democrats denied that there was ever any “irregularities” in voting until irrefutable evidence was found. This forced them to fall back on “the amount of voter fraud found was not enough to change the outcome of any election.” Probably or possibly true, but again no legal vote should be cancelled by an illegal vote.


Sure thing. That’s why observers in four states were told to go home because vote counting was being stopped due to the late hour.Trump was far ahead in all four. Then miracle of miracles Biden won those four states. Not to mention all the illegal voting law changes unilaterally made by state elections boards in violation of state law. None of those votes are valid.


“2000 Mules.” Idiot!

Wild Bill

I saw, on TV, an MIT mathematics professor demonstrate to a House committee how impossible it was for FJB to come from behind that way.
There will never be any in court evidence as long as the marxist socialists are in charge.


You have to be kidding. The actual audits of ballots only count votes. They are not forensic. In courts today we have evidence of ballots being reproduced on copy machines and dropped in unlawful drop boxes. It is on tape. The evidence is overwhelming.


I don’t know what rock you have been under. You have not been around to be informed. The election was as fraud as can be. The leftest covered it up and people are not standing up for the real world. Get a life cause you do not have one.


widespread voter fraud that could’ve changed the outcome”

Deflection. EVERY single illegal vote is treason, an attempted coup d’etat that should be vigorously prosecuted & punishable by death.

Even ONE illegal vote is too much.


How many votes would it take?

537 votes in Florida separated President George W. Bush from President Al Gore.

537 votes.


Well researched as always, Dean and spot on.


trumpeting for fjb I see

Last edited 2 months ago by swmft

FJB ??

Wild Bill

F___ Joe Biden.