Political Grandstanding & Media Bias Rampant in Wake of Uvalde Outrage

Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke tried to grab attention by confronting Texas officials at an Uvalde press conference. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Grandstanding politicians and one-sided political reporting in the aftermath of a school shooting outrage are nothing new, and in the wake of the murderous attack at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, examples of both reinforce the notion of a nation divided, no small thanks to media bias.

Here are some troubling examples:

  • Former Congressman-turned-political-gadfly Beto O’Rourke made a fool of himself during a press event in which he attempted to confront Texas Gov. Greg Abbott—the man O’Rourke has dreams of replacing in November—and was instead escorted out of the building.
  • News agencies essentially reported half of a story when they told viewers about Senate Republicans opposing a House-passed domestic terrorism bill “which Democrats tied to the issue of guns,” according to an NBC report. Anti-gun Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) blamed Republicans for blocking debate on “common sense, strong gun safety amendments.” Missing from the coverage was mention of Schumer’s obstruction of a GOP-backed school safety measure called the Luke and Alex School Safety Act, named in memory of two victims in the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Fla.

NBC headlined its report thusly: “Senate GOP blocks domestic terrorism bill that Democrats have tied to guns.” Only deep in the story is there a mention about Schumer likewise blocking the Republican legislation.

The Los Angeles Times headlined its story, “Senate Republicans block domestic terrorism bill, gun policy debate.” Again, Republicans are portrayed as the obstructionists.

Axios similarly headlined its report: “Senate Republicans block domestic terrorism bill.”

  • Perennial anti-gun S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) went on the Senate floor to declare, “Some Republicans have suggested arming teachers. Are you kidding? Can you hear yourself? Teachers did not sign up to be soldiers. And guns have no place in our classrooms.”

“States like mine have made good progress on gun safety measures to keep our communities safe,” Murray said.

Murray ignored programs involving volunteer teachers and administrators who have taken or are willing to take special training to prevent and respond to school shootings. Called the FASTER Saves Lives (Faculty/Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response) program, this course was started in Ohio as a cooperative effort with law enforcement.

Murray failed to mention that in her home state of Washington, violent crime—including homicides—has gone up since passage of two anti-gun-rights initiatives bankrolled by the billionaire-backed, Seattle-based Alliance for Gun Responsibility.

In 2015, the year following passage of Initiative 594, requiring so-called “universal background checks,” there were 209 murders including 141 involving guns. In 2020, the most recent year for which FBI data is available and two years after passage of Initiative 1639 banning the sale of so-called “semiautomatic assault weapons” to young adults, Washington saw 298 murders, including 177 involving firearms.

  • CNN reporter Manu Raju pursued Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) down a hallway demanding to know whether Johnson would talk about background check legislation. Apparently Raju was not aware the Robb Elementary killer had legally purchased the gun he used, including passing a background check.

  • Appearing on MSNBC, far left documentary director Michael Moore suggested repealing the Second Amendment, stating, “Look, I support all gun control legislation. Not sensible gun control. We don’t need the sensible stuff. We need the hardcore stuff that’s going to protect ourselves and our children.”
  • Whoopie Goldberg threatened to punch someone if any Republican offered “thoughts and prayers” to the families of Uvalde victims. Who’s promoting violence now, and why wasn’t she called out for it?

There are numerous other examples, including various stories talking about “gun safety bills” or “gun reform” measures, demonstrating how the press has adopted the gun prohibition lobby’s lexicon substituting various phrases referring to gun control. It’s been dubbed “camo speak” because such reporting disguises the true nature of the legislation, and is also telling about the media’s own bias.

While most media are presenting a pro-gun-control approach to covering the Uvalde murders, Fox News did provide more balanced coverage, including an interview with Andrew Pollack, father of Florida school attack victim Meadow Pollack, in which he ripped authorities.

“Evidently, they didn’t learn anything,” Pollack observed. “When you focus on just gun control this is what happens. It’s happened again.”

Pollack is on to something, and it is best illustrated by the reflexive focus by politicians and the press on background checks. The best example is a report at ABC News detailing polling results that show “Universal background checks and red flag laws are widely supported by the public.”

But the media is often guilty of not explaining that a mass killer passed a background check, and maybe multiple background checks, before committing a heinous act. The Uvalde killer bought his guns at retail, from a federally licensed firearms dealer, according to several published reports, almost none of which specifically mentions that such transactions must include a background check.

To its credit, the Austin American Statesman report on Texas gun laws that recently changed included this paragraph: “The law did not change where guns are banned in the state, nor did it change background check requirements while purchasing a gun. Firearm purchases through licensed gun dealers require a background check unless the buyer has a license to carry. Gun purchases through private sellers do not require a background check.”

The routine omission of background check facts is nothing new, but not reporting them helps perpetuate a narrative that checks are a solution. For example, media reports on Isla Vista killer Elliot Rodger typically don’t mention that he passed three background checks when he purchased three different handguns in California. Reports also don’t mention he used California-legal magazines limited to 10 rounds, and while he is widely known as a “gunman,” he actually murdered three of his six victims with a knife.

Long story short, pushing background checks as a response to Uvalde or other high-profile mass murders amounts to offering a solution that would not have prevented the crime, because it evidently didn’t prevent the crime.

Another notorious case is that of Omar Mateen, the Pulse nightclub killer. According to a Wikipedia biography, he “legally purchased a Sig Sauer SIG MCX semi-automatic rifle and a 9mm Glock 17 handgun…from a gun shop in Port St. Lucie two weeks before the shooting.” He was licensed to carry in Florida, which also requires a background check.

Until the media improves its track record on reporting such details—even if it makes grandstanding politicians look foolish—the public can expect more of the same, whether it is intentional or simply a byproduct of lazy reporting.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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“Until the media improves its track record on reporting such details—even if it makes grandstanding politicians look foolish—the public can expect more of the same, whether it is intentional or simply a byproduct of lazy reporting.” Come on Dave! IT IS OBVIOUSLY INTENTIONAL!


The school board, and it’s members, should be sued for failing to arm the school personnel as allowed by Texas laws!


Hey Dave, I’m too tired to figure out the percentages of the WA murder stats 🙁 but the key issue is – have ANY of the folks screeching about evil guns said one single solitary word about banning any of the other tools used for all of the other murders? IMHO that indicates that they really Do Not Care about who gets murdered, unless it was with a gun so they can further the ban the guns from us common folks agenda.


Where are the republican rebuttals please fill readers in on how those elected in washington are fighting back against tyranny.This call goes out to the writers here at ammoland .
Again Dave good job here.


Sussman gets acquitted for lying to the FBI Democrat walks free
Only In America where democracy is one sided.

Wild Bill

Three jurors were Hillary contributors.


Any democrat politician will follow the party’s stance on the anti gun agenda. If they did not then they would not be democrats. Using this event is more of the same and it will continue daily as this political party is failing on every level. What they fail to admit is that all the laws and time spent on the anti gun stance their own policies have failed and protect no one. Democrats want to defund the police who can not protect you as you are fighting for your life. That message fails miserably sending a clear and loud call… Read more »


Thank you for writing It’s a tough world these days


the same judges and district attorneys that will go after you for killing one of their good little thugs


Young Master Beto is resorting to the mob tactics typical of democrat politicians since the Jackson era. Riot, confrontation, censorship and intimidation are the tools of these fools. They cannot discuss the problems of ‘gun violence’ or any other form of violent crime because they do not have a sufficient fact set from which to argue. Instead they attempt to substitute ideology for real ideas and hyperbole for reasoned argument. If this keeps up, and it will we are headed for a civil war just as the mobs of the 1830’s and 1840’s led us to civil war over the… Read more »


Masterbeto. New DC superhero.


Patty Murray has done so much to help the estranged folks living in WA. State. Yeah, we are soooooo very much safer than any state in the nation, all on account of her legislative actions. We gotta get her outa dis place if it’s the.last thing we ever do. Oh and don’t forget about Insley either. I heard he had come down with covid..He took the jab at least twice and probably thrice, by now. Talk about dumb!


Teachers did not sign up to be soldiers. And guns have no place in our classrooms. I’d really like to see some interviews with some of the thousands of techers in Ohio who have gone through the brutal weekof intensive training to beome quaifid to carry their own handguns in their schools as well as everywhere else they go. They DID sign up to be soldiers, militiamen, protectors, and THEIR guns DO have a place in their classrooms, on the schoolyards, lunchrooms, gymnasia, field trips. WHY doesn’t someone in media go find some of these heroes and ASK THEM? At… Read more »


Don’t forget surveys indicate 20% of teachers claim they would sign up for such a program if it was available to them. This compares favorable to percentage of general population possessing a license to carry. Of course, intentions are easy – following through is considerably more difficult. Got to wonder how many of that 20% are aware of requirements from being legal to own a gun, to skills, and paying for gun, training, ammo, etc. Have decided to reach out to local school board and find out where we stand on this issue. If they are wrong – I plan… Read more »


hope you get an affirmative , best way to protect the school is from within


The kid in TX was a legal gun purchaser the age of 18 a long gun buyer…the AR-15 has been a target of the Left for over 25 years and gives them a mission to go over…people let’s not forget Roe vs Wade is the lefts AR-15 story don’t forget that this fall…


There was another Isla Vista mass murder ~10 years earlier, but strictly by car. Also by the spoiled son of a Hollywood douche. Can’t remember the name. No one called to ban cars or anything else.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

2001, David Attias, son of Hollywood director, murders 5 by car in Isla Vista, released 10yrs into a 60-yr sentence, free in 2012. His vics are still dead.



Ah… So when did the knife & gun attack in article take place? I was thinking way back when I lived there, but might just be vagaries of memory. I do remember reading in the paper about riots – which I had not noticed being about a mile away… Most exciting thing that happened for me there was on one of the few occasions I had my car. One of a pair of bicycle cops with no lights (at night) ran a stop sign right in front of me, forcing me to slam on the brakes. Second followed far enough… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Finnky

The knife-gun-car murders were in 2014. Parents were also Hollywood trash. Dad was a director on The Hunger Games and did “Oh My God”, which interviewed celebrity douchebags about God and gave his murderer son a special credit.


So all well after we’d moved away from our little apartment under flight path at end of the runway.

Liked the apartment, my neighbors and of course my lovely wife – but did not miss having planes take off overhead. Most commercial jets followed their directed route somewhat to the side with moderate power levels and gentle climb versus lear jets and the like which seemed to stand on their tails directly over our heads.


Yep. Were you on the approach end of 25, or 7 on the Costco side?


The dimmocrats created this monster. An extremely important point here that is often missed: the left’s delusional infatuation with transgenderism. This mentally ill and very confused child killer was being told by the deranged left that he should probably be a she, or at least use the women’s restrooms. These kids are berated daily by the leftist media to change genders, or create a new one, sometimes even in school. Until this stops, more kids like this one will become brainwashed lunatics and more of these situations will occur. And the fact that we are all still supposed to pretend… Read more »


Isla Vista killer passed comifornia background check so yea worthless


That’s why we need Universal Background Checks! -sarc


Bump Stock ban…….. hmmmm!


I think they are stupid just dump 1986 infringement


Let’s compromise for a good start. Recind GCA, Hughes and parts of the NFA. I’m willing to compromise on leaving machine guns requiring a $200 tax stamp for now if they take suppressors and SBR/SBS off. As for surrendering basic light-duty carbines (patrol rifles) or standard magazines – that is a non-starter. Heck I’ll even compromise on “gun free schools”. Let teachers carry, let licensed carriers carry, and let anyone with written permission from school administration carry — but I’ll compromise in that tom, dick, harry and all the kids need to check their arms in locker at the door.… Read more »


if you think about it one trip to range is more than tax stamp on full auto


“Teachers did not sign up to be soldiers. And guns have no place in our classrooms.” Then what were the shooter’s guns doing in the classroom??? Did the teachers……and the kids,,,,,, sign up to be “bullet berms”????? Evil, Violence, and Mayhem exist….along with Burn/Loot/Murder and AntFarts. On the most terrible day of one’s life, when those bad players show up at your door….or classroom, or store aisle, one had better be ready and able to deal decisively with those bad elements, ror become another statistic. ‘Cause LEOs have proven once again…..YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!!!!! Once again, politicians with laws… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by StLPro2A

coach at parkland did what the school security would not, so I think more than a few teachers would carry


Yes. If Aaron Feiss had been “allowed” to be armed that day HE and many others would still be alive, and that twit punk kid FBI sprog would have no voice. Mr.Feiss put his own body between the crazed killer and two of his students, sacrificing his own life that they might live. All because some oliticians determined that he was “not qualified” to carry a handgun at school like he carried one everywhere else. Same thing happened at Columbine. A teacher played bullet stop so some of his students could live. WHEN will enough of these dirtbag politicians get… Read more »


Very nice !!!


Had a friend / co-worker who had been in border control, but gave in to his wife due to her fear for his safety. You know, stuff about cartel members shooting at him over the boarder and stuff like that. Thereafter he became a high school teacher before deciding he’d make more money in insurance :). He told me he’d felt far safer as BP even in midst of shooting events than he ever did in that high school. He had signed up to be paramilitary law enforcement and received (and passed) all that training. That is just one example… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Finnky



Beto Bozo is trying to use the Uvalde tragedy as a means to score some political points in the TX Governors race set for 8 Nov. Bucktooth will lose that contest against Gov Greg Abbott badly. The SOB has already lost he just don’t know it yet I guess.


background checks will never catch the one and done mental health defect, they do have a profile that has promise but no one takes responsibility for mental health they just kick it down the road and more of this happens , they get rid of guns they will drive a car or truck into a crowd same result

Dubi Loo

Maybe government screams the loudest while obfuscating because the government failed, yet again? Background checks are performed by government. Their vaulted background checks (required for retail sales since 1988) failed.


background checks will never succeed the type of mental illness that these people have builds over years and the changes of puberty exacerbate it


I think anyone who would use the poor children killed in this as pawns to further their political agenda or their careers are just as sick as the shooter. They have no desire to stop any of this, they need it to push their agendas. Absolutely Sick, Bad People.


The creatures that foment these these atrocities would abuse and kill you and yours to attain their goals!


hippy – true – and thank you for calling them what they are – atrocities. I am sick and tired of all of the lame stream media and pundits calling them tragedies. ALL of the murderous attacks were preplanned and carried out methodically. A tragedy is something that occurs due to an accident or perhaps a weather event.

Lesko Brandon

Obama was right (first time for everything) when he famously said “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to F*** things up“. I see FJB over the weekend calling for ban on 9mm handguns and have to laugh. They will push so hard for a wish list of banning everything that they will get nothing.


He’s still spouting the same Bull Scat about Canons! It seems his Dementia is progressing at an advance rate! They’ll be replacing him soon. Probably with the Cant Understand Normal Thinker, Cackles the Clown!


Can’t get rid of him until he hits 21/2 year of his presidency per the Constitution, so suck it up butter cup!!!!!!


I thought it was two years plus one day – so that Kackla can serve two additional terms.

For what it’s worth, I consider her even worse – a pretty low bar to limbo under 🙁


Have they released info on what firearms the rabid-one used? I’ve heard he had two DD-ARs and a pair of pistols, but unclear as to what he had on his person. He may well have had a 9mm, even if it remained in a holster the entire time as an inferior tool and afterthought. Makes no difference to me one way or another. Tool choice is utterly unimportant in this context. Think if he’d crashed his truck through the front of the school loaded with fuel tanks and other incendiaries. He could have started a fire blocking entry by anyone… Read more »


that is to our advantage people will see how out to lunch they are


Ban the Nine and see how that helps. Hey, a reasonably well placed .22 WRF can do every bit as much damage as a nine in such close quarters, and at half the cost or less.
Might as well ban rocks, cause folks will just start breaking up bricks and use those instead. This is NOT a hardware issue, it is all about the software controlling the hardware. Get a clue!! Or would it be more accurate to just say STOP LYING?


Tio – the gun banners want to ban any/all firearms from us common folk. The will carve out an exception for their loyal minions though.
Remember the stacks of bricks that ‘mysteriously’ appeared in strategic locations BEFORE the ‘spontaneous’ riots er um ‘mostly peaceful’ protest over the last couple of years. I for one am way to old, slow and broken to be able to defend myself from rocks or bricks.

Son of Waylon

Why does Beto always look like he’s on the toilet?


has something stuck up his as…ssss


Beto O’Rourke is a poseur
A sickening suck-up brown-noseur
With some commie wingnut’s
Fist and arm up his butt
He just cannot maintain his composure!

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

Beto? Never heard of her

Last edited 1 month ago by Cooter

I hope not one gun bill passes. Hopefully they keep fighting each other. lol


tries to grandstand and is still unable to move in the political arena as even the democrats do not care for him Progressives might be another issue either way he is nothing more than talk with little action a media fill in between segments He is anti American


Beto is just a gun grabber
Despite all his woke jibber-jabber
His argument’s senseless
He wants you defenseless
Like all Dems & RINO backstabbers.