NC: Second Amendment Supporters Will Be Better Off With Cawthorn Loss

North Carolina Governor Vetos Volunteer Security in Churches Co-Located with Schools, iStock-884214706
Second Amendment Supporters Will Be Better Off With Cawthorn Loss, iStock-884214706

North Carolina – -( Second Amendment supporters should not buy the spin that will come from some about the defeat of Madison Cawthorn in the primary for the 11th Congressional District in North Carolina. His loss wasn’t because of a plot. Sure, some establishment types were trying to beat him, but much of his somewhat surprising primary loss was due to his own mistakes, particularly his irresponsibility in exercising his Second Amendment rights.

Yeah, you read that right: Madison Cawthorn was irresponsible with his firearms on those two occasions involving carry-on luggage at airports. Loyal AmmoLand News readers should agree that is carelessness at best. True, Cawthorn didn’t have a negligent discharge like Bob Barr, shoot someone in the face like Dick Cheney, or replicate the horrific Alec Baldwin incident, but responsibly exercising our Second Amendment rights is a slightly higher bar than avoiding those types of incidents.

Seriously, such poor judgment is something we’ll be better off without in the long run. That type of stuff is ready-made fodder for the likes of Shannon Watts and other anti-Second Amendment extremists. Defending the Second Amendment is hard enough without those who hold themselves up as leaders and/or representatives doing something stupid.

I will admit that Cawthorn was a strong Second Amendment supporter. He certainly had a fighting spirit, but he also had a lot of other baggage that in the long run, would have harmed the fight to protect the Second Amendment. AmmoLand News readers would not hesitate to call out unsafe firearms handling at a range or in the home. Cawthorn needs to face the consequences, and they include losing this primary.

All the times Cawthorn owned an anti-Second Amendment extremist were canceled out by both of those screw-ups involving carry-on luggage.  Don’t get me wrong, Cawthorn is young, and maybe in the future, he can make some sort of comeback. I wish him the best. But in the short term, he is going to be a cautionary tale for Second Amendment supporters due to his own poor judgment.

In the future – and there is a lot of future ahead for Mr. Cawthorn – he may run for office again. In that event, Second Amendment supporters have to insist he show he has matured and learned from his mistakes. They also should insist on some level of common sense from those who hold themselves out as leaders in general.

This loss in a primary election will hold important lessons for Second Amendment supporters as they seek to defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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Oh Harold.. maybe, just MAYB, hyou ave it all wrong, again? On WHAT “second article of ammendment” basis are we rightly demanded to disarm completely whenever we board a commerical aircraft? (or for that matter trains and busses and ferries too)? Yu talk about ‘safety” WHAT ws unsafe bout his actions? Sure it bent a few uffichul fokes outta a=shape, Example: The Portland Oregon area have this public debacle nown as “The MAX”, a light rail system that was crammed down their throats agaisnt their will by money grubbing pawl a TU+ISH uns. I’ve never ridden it but know many… Read more »

Idaho Bob

Madison was a breath of fresh air. The only reason he lost was because he dared to expose, it seems, Harold’s buddies, in DC. North Carolina will be worse off and, yes, America will be worse off for the loss of Madison representing us.


2nd amendment “rights”?? Gee Harold, why is it that you get posted and I get ignored? Are you related to Fredy? I just don’t get your posts. You are always such a compromise. Cawthorn had the RIGHT to carry those firearms on the plane in luggage as long as he wasn’t shooting up the plane. The 2nd amendment makes it CLEAR with SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. His RIGHTS were infringed upon. Not his “2nd amendment rights” which don’t exist. We have UNALIENABLE rights that are given to us by BIRTH and GUARNTEED by the Second amendment. Please go and read… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by CourageousLion

Apparently some want to pick and choose what the 2nd amendment covers. Is SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED so hard to understand?


This must be the end times, I actually agree with something Harold wrote.
I have to go wash my mouth out.

Now if the nra would just get rid of the baggage and embarrassment that Li’ Wayne LA PU brings to it.

Right Harold ? ? ?


What is it that you agreed with? I can’t find hardly a word that was written. Help me out.


nice stealth sarc piece, there.. I like it.


“Don’t get me wrong,” Harold Hutchison “is young, and maybe in the future, he can make some sort of comeback. I wish him the best. But in the short term, he is going to be a cautionary tale for Second Amendment supporters due to his own poor judgement.”



Unfortunately for the readers of Ammo Land he seems to have managed to weasel his way in as a writer even though his way of looking at life is that of an uneducated public school indoctrinated dolt.

Wild Bill

I like your style, man!


“He had a fighting spirit but a lot of other baggage that would’ve harmed 2A.”

You mean like outing “Republican” orgies? That “baggage” is why your GOPe heroes took him out.

True, he was foolish with guns. Worse, he opposed the Hawley-Cruz emergency election audit & did some Rodney King “can’t we all just get along”, so I won’t cry about him losing.

But only “Rs” have a phony perfection standard. Dems can do any crime & get renominated long as they play ball. Only if they question corruption will the party turn on them. e.g. Trafficante & Blagojevich

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

Trafficant was an excellent example of a elected official being framed and charged with crimes due to his outing of the Banking Cartel that is right now screwing us over royally with the inflation that is being caused.


Banks are not causing inflation. It is simple supply and demand. Federal deficit spending doubled the amount of money in circulation while pandemic caused massive reduction in goods and services available.

Money supply up, demand up –> inevitable inflation

Frankly I’m surprised it has not been much worse.


no, governments cause inflation with reckless/wasteful spending and the printing of money they want for that. has nothing to with supply and demand. just wait, it is going to get worse, probably much worse,


It IS supply & demand. Jacking up money supply jacks up nominal demand and inflation. Double whammy when Biden cuts supply of real goods at the same time.

M = Money
V = Velocity of Money
P = Price
V = real output or GDP

Thus M/Y=P/V
Assume Velocity constant. Jack up Money while contracting real output, and Price has to rise.


Downvoters are clueless on macroeconomics.


YEP. MV=PY. Still true after all these years! Milton Friedman is looking down, smiling, saying “I told you so.”


Let me clue you in… “The Federal Government, with the cooperation of the Federal Reserve, has the inherent power to create money–almost any amount of it.” ~ The National Debt, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, p. 8 ALMOST? Why only ALMOST? What keeps them from creating ALL they want? You? Me? Your dog? A full moon? “…Keynes argues that inflation is a ‘method of taxation’ which the government uses to ‘secure the command over real resources, resources just as real as those obtained by [ordinary] taxation’. ‘What is raised by printing notes, ‘ he writes, is just as much taken… Read more »




For once, I have to agree with Harold. It feels weird saying that, but I do.


Even a broken watch is right twice a day.




Well. Except he’s wrong.


No shit man. I really didn’t expect this to be a piece I would agree with given his shilling for the NRA, but here we are.


What is it that you are AGREEING with him about?


good question, Lion!


Been a day. And still no one can seem to define why they agree with Harold. lol


I can only assume it’s because Harold thinks 2A supporters will be better of because of the Cawthorn loss.