Speaking with Chuck Nadd, Candidate for Florida Agriculture Commissioner

Speaking With Agriculture Florida Commissioner Candidate, Chuck Nadd
Speaking with Chuck Nadd, Candidate for Florida Agriculture Commissioner

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- The Florida Agriculture Commissioner is a powerful position. The Commissioner oversees Florida’s concealed carry permits. Gov. Ron DeSantis vows to get Constitutional Carry to pass, but Republicans are reluctant to vote on it in the Florida Legislature.

Senate President Wilton Simpson has prevented the Constitutional Carry bill from coming up for a vote, even though he claims to support the measure. Simpson is also running for Agriculture Commissioner as a Republican. The NRA has endorsed Simpson, but that doesn’t mean he is pro-gun. The Florida Republican was the author of the anti-gun “Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act.” The bill banned all “enhanced” triggers and introduced a red flag law in the Sunshine state.

Chuck Nadd wants to rain on Simpson’s parade. Nadd is a son of an immigrant who escaped the crushing control of socialism. He attended West Point and flew Blackhawks during his two combat tours in Afghanistan. Nadd is also running for Agriculture Commissioner as a Republican.

Nadd used his GI bill to attend Harvard Business School, where he graduated with distinction. After getting his degree, he returned to Florida to open a small business. Nadd’s life is the American Dream. From a son of an immigrant fleeing an oppressive government to an Ivy League graduate, Nadd’s story is inspirational.

I had a chance to talk to Mr. Nadd about his service, his life, and why he wants to replace Nikki Fried as Agriculture Commissioner.

John Crump: I always start with the same question. Why are you running for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Service?

Chuck Nadd: I am running to preserve Florida’s freedoms. We need a true conservative, a veteran, and an outsider to stand beside Governor DeSantis on the Florida Cabinet and to defend our Constitutional rights.

John Crump: You are the son of immigrants that escape socialism. How did that shape your worldview?

Chuck Nadd: My parents raised me to never take anything we have for granted here in the United States. This is why I went to West Point and joined the US Army, it is why I volunteered to go to Afghanistan twice, and it is why I am standing up for Floridians’ freedoms in this race.

John Crump: Why did you decide to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point?

Chuck Nadd: I chose to attend West Point both because my parents raised me to love our country and because of September 11, 2001. Coming home from school that day, I could have told you that I would be joining the military. West Point was an incredible way to both get a college education and launch my military career.

John Crump: How was it flying Black Hawk helicopters and Guardrail spy planes?

Chuck Nadd: There is nothing quite like the vibration of a combat helicopter’s rotors or the hum of a plane’s engines. Becoming a pilot was a dream come true. Being able to fly both Black Hawks and Guardrail spy planes, particularly during my two tours to Afghanistan, was an honor. Serving as a pilot in combat was an incredibly powerful way to serve the country that had given my family so much opportunity.

Speaking with Chuck Nadd, Candidate for Florida Agriculture Commissioner

John Crump: Why did you decide to attend Harvard Business School after your time in the service?

Chuck Nadd: I’m actually still serving in the US Army Reserve, but I decided to transition from active duty because my wife Shannon and I had two children. My goal in attending Harvard Business School on the GI Bill is to build and grow businesses that serve Americans without the leftward tilt we see from too many large corporations today.

John Crump: What makes you want to run against Wilton Simpson?

Chuck Nadd: Wilton Simpson does not have Floridians’ best interests at heart. He has consistently blocked constitutional carry, he was an author of the MSD Bill that brought red flag laws to Florida and raised the age of gun ownership to 21, and he has voted in favor of driver’s licenses and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. He is not a Conservative.

John Crump: Does Florida have an issue with anti-gun Republicans?

Chuck Nadd: Yes, I have been a Floridian my entire life, and promises have consistently been made by politicians that have not come true. We need representatives in government that understand that our Constitutional rights are not up for negotiation.

John Crump: Do you carry a gun?

Chuck Nadd: Yes, and I have since 2011 or 2012 after I moved from West Point to Alabama for US Army flight school.

John Crump: Do you believe in Constitutional Carry?

Chuck Nadd: Yes, full stop.

John Crump: Give us your best pitch as to why residents of Florida should vote for you.

Chuck Nadd: Florida Conservatives want someone who will defend their rights and who will stand up to the corrupt Tallahassee establishment. Ronald Reagan reminded us that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” My opponent does not believe in our values and has shown time and time again that he will roadblock our priorities, particularly Constitutional Carry. We need a true Conservative, an Outsider, and a Veteran to serve as our next Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

To find out more about Chuck Nadd’s campaign, visit https://naddforflorida.com/.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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Mr. Simpson is a politician from a rural area of Pasco County, Fl. He has many restaurants (8, I think) . He likes his political power (don’t they all?) and the profits from his restaurants. While he may have agricultural interests he surely does enjoy the power of senate president (like turtle Mitch) and would not want to see permit less carry in Florida pass him by as a future agricultural commissioner.


he already has my vote and financial support.


I’m not a Floridian so I can’t vote for him but I will sure donate to his campaign.


Thanks for the link! Donated

Chuck Nadd Campaign
610 S Blvd
Tampa FL 33606

By check he gets 100% of the $. By card ~96%.

Primary is Aug 23, lots of time to call NRA-ILA & chew’em out. 800-392-8683

DeSantis hasn’t endorsed. Urge him to endorse someone with Nadds, not Marion Hammer’s corrupt anti-gun pet Wilton “Red Flag” Simpson! Or at least stay out of it.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Also another betrayal by Trump, who endorsed Simpson with a corrupt cop union & the corrupt Chamber of Commerce. No surprise: Trump supports RED FLAG himself.


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Keep writing about the same old same old
Florida republicans are stalling the passage of constitutional carry at this point it is as plain as the nose on your face / Pass it already/
Desantis please call a special session behind closed doors till it is passed bring it out signed. Chuck Nadd maybe a alright guy Chuck thank you for your service to our country. He will have his hands full with the old guard republicans that are stalling.


I have been setting most the blame on Florida Governor DeSantis about the failure of CC getting passed into law. Maybe I was wrong to do that after learning of what he’s up against from his own party. That’s what makes it particularly bad too…..traitors in your own party.


Good afternoon I do not live in florida so it is up to those residents to pressure the elected in that state. I just happened to vist there last week on the east coast and I have to say. The Hilton we stayed in was packed and not the cleanest place I have ever stayed. Children were as kids should be crazy at the pool. Florida is wide open Desantis has had his hands full with the virus and the woke climate with the magical rat that is disney. There are some old Rhinos in the republican heard in florida… Read more »


you are welcome to visit any time ,and yea the hotel staff in most areas are not yet back to pre covid cleanliness obummer and friends gave so many people an out to do nothing for two years


Yes sir this is true Thanks


Nothing stops you from lobbying Florida pols. Smart politicians tell staff never to blow off potential donors from other states. It’s in your interest: FL rights indirectly affect every state. More states with ConCarry, better for everyone. Directly affects non-residents who go there & want to carry. And it’s a constitutional issue. The constitutional oath ain’t just to residents.

I just gave Nadd $100 & I don’t live there. Think he’ll return my check?


Your generosity should be welcome Chuck Nadd will appreciate that.
I have enough going on in my life, Florida will continue on without me. Their new lanes and the Sun Pass is as far as I go giving money to Florida.


How long does it take to email or call compared to 100 posts a day in an echo chamber?

Last edited 15 days ago by Russn8r

it would be nice if you would email DeSantis , he gets a lot from the anti gun crowd every one that pushes for a friendlier culture is a help. I can tell you care or you would not have looked. the money is on us in florida but visitors pay the bills so they listen

Dogma Factor

DeSantis is on the record saying he’ll sign CC if it ever reaches his desk. He also predicted CC is likely to reach his desk this year. The problem is within the Florida legislators not DeSantis, so if you live in Florida you need to be hounding your representatives to pass CC.


I don’t live in Florida but I have many family and friends that do. I’m still hounding all state legislators to work with Governor DeSantis and the citizens of Florida to get CC passed into law.


Bobby McCallum is the guy who could get this legislation over the line. If he provided testimony to the legislators (or even just issued a statement), it would take away all their excuses.


Bobby McCallum:
At Florida Sheriffs’ Association: (850) 877-2165
At Levy County Sheriff Office: (352) 486-5111

“He’s elected”
“He’s on our side”


Sounds right. I’m a DeSantis donor. Seems to me if he called a special session specifically for CC and pushed hard, it’d be difficult for Simpson & Hammer to torpedo. Maybe I’m overestimating his clout, or the determination of the saboteurs.

I figure the easy thing for him is to wait for Simpson to term limit out.


Have you written or called DeSantis to tell HIM that?


Downvoters don’t want Constitutional Carry


simpson needs to be out on his ars


Wonder how the Fl Ag dept ever got control of CCW’s.


the position of ag is appointed so it moved to next logical dept with elected leader


It’s really not surprising that the NRA would support that gun-grabbing trash either.

moe mensale

The Agriculture Commissioner is elected, not appointed. The carry license program used to fall under the elected Secretary of State until 2002 when State became an appointed position.

Dogma Factor

The director of agriculture is not appointed it’s an elected post. The current holder of the office is a big advocate of legalizing Marijuana and holds a (recreational) medical Marijuana card for her personal use. It’s also odd that she holds a Florida CCW so apparently she’s committed a felony while filling out her 4473. She’s quite a liberal pothead while claiming to be a questionable republican with her eyes on the governorship.


Of course the NRA would support the scum who is preventing CC from advancing in Florida.Simpson also banned enhanced triggers and got ERPO’s passed in Florida. These are all things the former NRA would support.

Dogma Factor

You have to remember the NRA is a big supporter of Red Flag Marco Rubio, that alone should tell you that the NRA is not the Second Amendments best friend.