Armed at Home, in Your Yard, and as You Drive

Carjackers Stopped by Armed Driver - Armed Citizen Stories, iStock-595328708
Armed at Home, in Your Yard, and as You Drive, iStock-595328708

U.S.A. -( You probably didn’t see these stories covered by the mainstream news media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor Tony Simon joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or did they have a plan?

First Story- Are you armed as you drive?

You and your girlfriend are driving down the street. It is the middle of the afternoon when you pull into a small strip mall to buy something. A strange woman pulls her car into the parking lot near you and starts shouting at you. She waves a gun around and then points her gun at you.

You’re armed. You present your firearm and shoot your attacker through the open driver’s side window of your car. Your attacker drives away. Seconds later, a police officer runs up and stops you. You’re arrested for shooting at another driver. You tell the officer what happened. Your girlfriend gives her testimony too. The officer checks the security video from the nearby stores.

Your shots missed your attacker but hit her car. Your attacker’s car is identified in the security video. She is arrested for menacing with a firearm and held on a thousand dollars bond. Your attacker says you cut her off in traffic. The police officer was investigating a crime scene in another part of the parking lot when he turned to see you shoot at your attacker.

You are not charged with a crime.

Second Story- Are you armed at home?

You are at home with your children and other adults. It is 9 in the evening on a weeknight. Your doors and windows are locked. A stranger smashes his way through your front door. You own a gun. The news reports don’t tell us if you were carrying or if you had to go grab your gun. You shoot the intruder one time. He stops so you stop shooting. You and the other adults in the house call 911. You check on your children.

Police arrive and you put your gun away. Emergency medical personnel say your attacker is dead. You give a brief statement to the police. So do the other adults.

You are not charged with a crime.

Third story- Are you armed around your home?

You are working in your garage on a weekday afternoon. A strange man walks in and puts a large knife in your face. He says something but your attention is focused on the knife pointed at you. You own a gun. You’re carrying concealed. You present your firearm and shoot your attacker. He drops the knife. You back up and call 911. You stay near your garage and wait for the police. You holster your gun and give the police a statement.

Emergency medical services declare your attacker dead at the scene. You are not charged with a crime.

Fourth story- Are you armed in public?

You are attending an outdoor party at an apartment complex. Some of the teenagers just graduated and some of them were having a birthday party. About 40 people are here. It is after dark when someone drives quickly through the parking lot. People shout for him to slow down. The driver leaves. He returns a while later and parks. A minute later you hear shots and see a muzzle flash from the back of the car. People run for cover.

You own a gun. You have your West Virginia carry permit in your purse and you’re carrying your firearm concealed tonight. You look to make sure no one is in the way. You present your handgun. You put several shots into the window where the attacker was shooting. You stop shooting because the attacker has stopped shooting. People are running for cover and that seems like a good idea if the attacker starts shooting again.

You holster your gun and stay at the scene. The police approach the attackers car. Emergency medical services declares the attacker dead at the scene. You move forward and give the police a statement. They ask to see your ID and for you to stay there while they talk to other witnesses.

After a while, the police return your ID and verify your contact information. You’re free to go. The chief of detectives says you may have prevented a mass murder. The amazing news is that no one except the attacker was injured.

A discussion of each story is at the Self Defense Gun Stories podcast webpage.

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About the only time I’m NOT armed is when I shower, even then I have a pistol close at hand. As an owner of more than one firearm, I usually dedicate a particular firearm for a particular task. Paranoid? No, experienced and prepared.


If any of these situations occurred in Boulder CO as of today, the victim/s would become a felon and their 2A rights stripped for life.


Vote those pieces of crap out of office and fix the 2nd in CO.


State laws, policy, legislation or executive orders, etc., do not trump the US Constitution.


In a dream world.

In reality, Maris Herold would ruin the Constitution-abiding person’s life.

She probably has a defaced American flag as a bumper sticker on her car.


She put several shots into a open window not into the person Bullets tend to continue on their path. It reads “You look to make sure no one is in the way” Nor She looked to make sure of the target and what was behind it.


Second paragraph shows that the woman checked to see if there were any innocent people near before she started shooting. Please check or reread the story before you commnet that she was lucky to not have hit an innocent bystander.


Removing violent criminals from society one at a time.


Lots of Court Money and Prison Money saved in 3 out of 4 cases, removed from sociaty!!!!!!!! One at a time!!!!


First story Unbelievable in all aspects.
Second story at least the attacker is dead this time.
Third story At least the attacker is dead again
Forth story the women shot through a window unable to see the target lucky that a bystander was not killed, she got lucky

Taken action is sometimes necessary If you are going to get involved and shoot . shoot to kill.


Had not heard before that she shot blindly. I do agree she was extremely lucky to not have hit any innocents – however if someone is shooting a rifle at a crowd, some risk is acceptable in order to stop them. Even if all you can see is the muzzle flashes, you’ve got a pretty good idea where the perp is. Article says she looked for bystanders before shooting, and I’d guess she looked beyond the car as well. Hitting uninvolved third parties, is a valid concern for any DGU. It is necessary to do all you can to insure… Read more »


I have to agree. If I’m being shot at, and all I can see are muzzle flashes, I’m shooting at the area of the flashes.

Last edited 21 days ago by TGP389