Drugged & Naked Hunter Biden, Hookers & Handgun Malarky ~ VIDEO

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Joe & Hunter Biden IMG Public Domain acaben, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Joe & Hunter Biden IMG Public Domain acaben, CC BY-SA 2.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Washington, DC –-(AmmoLand.com)- While Joe Biden and Democrats on Capitol Hill are making the mother of all pushes in a last-ditch attempt to pass a wishlist of oppressive gun control bills.

Joe’s disgusting and revolting son Hunter just became even more disgusting and revolting, if that is possible. In fact, Hunter has cornered the entire disgusting and revolting market, while breaking basically every rule of gun safety.

In a 2018 [NSFW] video obtained by the Marco Polo Research Group, (linked below) that I wish I could somehow unsee, the idiot son of our demented 46th president can be seen wearing nothing but a smile and a condom while cavorting about a motel room with a hooker, a handgun, and of course, his signature crack cocaine.

Hunter’s cocaine addiction has been well documented. He was a once commissioned ensign in the Navy Reserve but only served for like a minute because he failed a whiz quiz for – you guessed it – cocaine.

The sound quality of the video isn’t the greatest, but what makes it even more difficult to comprehend are Hunter’s cocaine-fueled verbal interjections, which he delivers at the breakneck speed of a three-round burst. His staccato speech combined with his eyes, which look like two piss-holes I n the snow, make it clear that U.S. President Joe Biden’s son, whom he once described as “the smartest man I know,” is feeling no pain.

As the film opens, Hunter, who is exposed au naturel, plays with himself on a bed while his “date” sparks up. Hunter exits briefly stage left and presumably dons a condom. Thankfully for America, his naughty bits have been pixelated.

After demonstrating to the young lady how he wants her to pose during their upcoming sex romp, Hunter grabs a handgun, which appears to be a Beretta Cougar handgun or possibly a replica gun? As he holds the weapon alongside his right thigh, you can see that the hammer is cocked back into single-action and his finger is on the damn trigger! It’s clear Hunter’s cocaine-addled mind can’t comprehend that he is just a few pounds away from sending either himself or his date to join the Choir Eternal. After a moment, he casually tosses the ready-fire pistol away. Thankfully, it does not discharge.

Much has been written about how Hunter illegally obtained and illegally disposed of his handgun. The video proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the young Biden lied on his Form 4473 when asked if he was addicted to drugs. In fact, the video should be the ATF’s exhibit #1 in a criminal trial for falsifying the form. Thankfully, for him, not the public at large, charges are unlikely because dad gets to pick ATF’s next director. In fact, as long as there’s a Biden in the White House, Hunter can debauch himself and as many young women as he can afford, completely unabated.

However, as long as he continues to use firearms as sex toys, there’s a good chance his next sex film will debut post-mortem.

Hunter Biden Crack, Hookers & Handguns

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I guess Hunter’s next move will be a run for the US House of Representatives. He obviously isn’t fit for anything but Pubic Office.


To bad daddy introduced him to the high officials drug of choice at a young age. I would say it screwed up his whole life but that can’t happen because he is a protected species.

uncle dudley

What I find disgusting besides this video is the fact the American taxpayers are on the hook for secret service protection for this drug using piece of crap.
The cost alone for rent of a beach house in Malibu next to where this guy is staying costs us $25000.00 per month.
No wonder our country is swirling around the toilet bowl.


And still even with documented video proof the head of the ATF is not imposing charges on Obidens turd son. That should cost him his job. I am sure he has seen or knows of this video.

So sick of rules for thee and not for me. I think We the People can sue the government for dereliction of duty on this one and have him fired.


Right. The hypocrisy and double standard here are nauseating.


fire everyone in the atf close it and fbi down start over with non partisan people fbi is so far to left as to be stasi


I’m watching Idiocracy tonight. It really reminds me a lot of where things are and are going in this country.


and Dems are dragging us there, whether we want to go or not.


Sadly, Hunter probably is the smartest person Biden knows.

Note, the Brain Trust’s booger hook on the trigger in pic. But, then, on crack, maybe he was practicing the rules of gun safety…..gun treated as loaded, finger on trigger ready to shoot, willing to destroy his foot, floor making a good backstop.

“However, as long as he continues to use firearms as sex toys, there’s a good chance his next sex film will debut post-mortem.”……proving all works out for good in the end.

Last edited 7 months ago by StLPro2A

Secret service complicit in hunter biden crimes


Any number of 3 letter agencies are complicit in the crack whore hunter and creepy joe’s lies and treason. Any secret service agent should look in the mirror, recite their oath and resign in shame for failure to uphold said oath. Same for the FBI (failing bureau of instigation).

Last edited 7 months ago by macdog