Is it the Gun or the Person that Causes Violence?

AR15 pile of Guns Rifles SMG iStock FabrikaCr 949369336
AR15 pile of Guns Rifles SMG iStock FabrikaCr 949369336

U.S.A. –-( Recently we’ve heard a lot of claims and counter-claims about modern rifles. We can call them “modern” but these guns are not new. Honest gun owners use them every day. Occasionally, some criminals use them as well. About one-out-of-eight gun owners have a modern rifle. As we’d expect, rifles are used in armed defense about an eighth of the time.

Semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifles were introduced to the civilian market here in the USA in 1905. That was 116 years ago. The US military adopted them three decades later during World War II. The only thing unique about the original M-16 was its plastic stock. Rather than being a fire-breathing monster, the M-16 is noted for its low recoil. The civilian version, the AR15, was introduced in 1956 so it has been with us for over six decades. If the AR brought innovation to the civilian market it was its adjustable stock. The AR can be adjusted to fit people of smaller stature in seconds.

The AR is the gateway rifle, the Volks-gun. I think that is why the democrats want it banned. Here are two recent news stories that involve a modern rifle.

A homeowner with an AR-15 stopped two intruders.

It was mid-morning when a homeowner in Brownsboro, Texas heard the sounds of breaking glass coming from inside his home. The homeowner grabbed his AR rifle and went to see what was happening. The homeowner saw two strangers in the middle of his house. The defender told the intruders not to move. The second intruder, a female accomplice, ran away. The defender let her go and called 911.

Police arrested the male intruder. The homeowner pointed out the broken glass near his front door. Police took the intruder to jail and searched the neighborhood for the second robber.

The defender was not charged with a crime.

The homeowner did not press the trigger as he defended himself. That is the usual outcome and happens 80-percent of the time we use our gun for self-defense.

There are exceptions when we need to shoot.

A woman with her concealed carry license stops mass murder by a felon with an AR-15.

A woman with her concealed carry permit was attending a graduation/ birthday party at an apartment complex in Charleston, West Virginia. The party had spilled out into the parking lot with about 40 people at the celebration. At about 10 at night, a man drove through the parking lot and people shouted for him to slow down.

This driver took offense and came back a half hour later. He climbed into the back seat of his car and started shooting at the crowd with his AR rifle. That is when our armed defender shot back several times. She stopped the attacker.

No one else was injured. She called 911 and remained at the scene. Emergency medical services declared the attacker dead at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds. The attacker was a convicted felon with a long criminal record. The police are investigating where he got his firearm.

It looks like gun control laws don’t stop criminals from using guns, but there is more we can learn from these two news accounts. AR rifles do not turn honest homeowners into enraged murderers. Our neighbors only use lethal force as a last resort. These rifles do not make criminals into unstoppable killers. Modern rifles are mundane.

The sad news is that honest reporting about ordinary citizens defending themselves doesn’t make money for the mainstream news media. The media needs to say that a particular piece of steel, plastic and aluminum is unusual. What else will keep us watching through the commercial advertisements?

About Rob Morse

The original article is posted here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, at Second Call Defense, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob was an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.Rob Morse

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Weapons just can’t fire without a human finger pulling the trigger.
Now, some of those fingers attached to humans should never touch a weapon, those fingers seem to be the problem.


You’re right. There are no inanimate objects that can do anything good or evil without some degree of human manipulation. Firearms are the only inanimate object that the democrat socialists believe have minds of their own.


Drove to NRA Convention – Houston over Memorial Day weekend, Except for a Kimber Micro 9 and Sig 365XL, my EDCs, I left all of my arsenal “home alone.” Upon return, I wholly expected to find every neighbor, kid and dog with lungs shot out lying in the street of hip deep blood and gore. However, I noted that not a shot had been fired, nary a neighbor shot by my scary little friends. Good guns, good guns, well done. Guess I just have an arsenal of lazy, under-achiever, conservative guns.

Last edited 21 days ago by StLPro2A

The lady in WVA who took positive action at the birthday/graduation celebration is to be commended for her quick thinking and bravery. However, the sad part of the event was that she ever needed a firearm permit in the first place. She was born with a permit. It’s called the 2nd amendment to The Constitution Of The United States. BE PREPARED!

Desert Rat

I took my AR out of the safe and leaned it up against the front door jamb and told it to go out and shoot someone. It didn’t move. I put a round in the chamber. Still nothing. So I put my old Remington riot gun next to it. Maybe they would encourage each other to get busy like FJB said they would. I added a .357 and a 1911. Still nothing. I think all of my guns are defective. I think I’ll file a lawsuit against the manufacturers for defective firearms under the product liability laws.


Of all inanimate objects its only firearms that the socialists think have minds of their own. But these are the same stupid assed lunatics that think men can get pregnant.


I do believe that my guns are the laziest weapons in the country. My gun safe is almost always locked and I’ve never seen one weapon try to sneak out. When the safe is locked, I think no weapon can sneak out because it’s locked from the outside. I’ve checked my ammo frequently and no weapon has ever attempted to purloin even one round. The only thing I can surmise from this is that weapons and ammo don’t really sneak out to kill people, as uncle Joe and many others state. Ergo, they’re all complete liars (Not that we didn’t… Read more »


I asked my 9mm if it would kill an asshole for me. Her response was :”sure, but you’ll have to pull my trigger’. Guns can ‘talk’, but they can’t act without help. BE PREPARED!

Last edited 22 days ago by ExGob

I have been around guns for some six decades and have seen absolutely NONE of them develop self awareness. They cannot load themselves, remove the safety, aim nor fire. That requires a person who ultimately makes the decision to use that gun and whether that is for a good reason or for an evil one. Just like a computer and software has an EULA in place, the user determines what it is used for. Even so called ‘smart guns’ – if they should ever become fully reliable – will not be self aware and able to function without an end… Read more »


The day of this tragedy, I unlocked my Gun Safe, put a camera on them 24/7. Not a single Gun has moved on its own volition.

The problem isn’t Guns. The problem is Evil, and Cowardly Individuals that Target those incapable of defending themselves.


You mean none of your firearms jumped out of that safe and went on a killing spree on their own ??? Go figure that !


Can’t imagine this truly still being posited as a viable question. I guess some people need to be bludgeoned consistently to learn.
A tool vs. a fool.

The singer or the song ? The Indian or the Arrow ?
The Religion or the Priest ? The Spoon or the Type of Food ?

Last edited 22 days ago by Tank

So now we can sue car manufacturers cause their car causes wrecks, anything used as a weapon the manufacturers are now liable.


l got a paper cut. l’m going to sue Georgia-Pacific or Weyerhaeuser.


Stupid Question. C’mon man.


I’ve owned guns for almost 50 years and NOT one single time did one jumpp up and do ANYTHING on it’s own!

Green Mtn. Boy

It’s always the nut behind the butt.


Neither. It’s the Democrat.


Source please.



Rebel VA

Would like to see an updated list!


This title is insulting to all readers here. How could even begin a article with such nonsense.


And your “repair” would have been?


Guns do not commit any act >>>> Only people do It the same as asking about hammer violence chevy violence “:Okay Then:”