Ammo Deals: Magpul PCC PMAG D-50 Gl9 Magazine For Glock $99.95 FREE S&H CODE

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Magpul PCC PMAG D-50 Gl9 Magazine For Glock

USA – -( Brownells with a great buy on the Magpul PCC PMAG D-50 Gl9 Magazine For Glock for just $99.95 after a coupon code “AmmoLand10” at check out. Brownells Edge Members get FREE Shipping on all their orders.

Magpul PCC PMAG D-50 Gl9 Magazine For Glock

A Dedicated Magazine for Your Pistol-Caliber Carbine

It’s no secret that pistol-caliber carbines have taken the firearm world by storm these past few years, and those guns that run Glock magazines have been some of the most popular options on the market. That’s because Glock pistol magazines, in addition, to being incredibly reliable, also have expanded capacity, and Magpul is building on both fronts with its D-50 GL9 Magazine designed for Glock-compatible pistol-caliber carbines.

Just like the company’s D-50 and D-60 rifle PMAGs, this Magpul D-50 GL9 PCC PMAG uses a similar construction, which makes it proven and reliable. Holding up to 50 rounds of 9mm, the drum configuration of the magazine makes the overall height manageable, and the unit features a ratcheting mechanism that aids in loading. There’s even a rear window that gives you a glimpse of how many rounds are remaining, and a high-visibility follower lets you know when you’re empty.

Each Magpul D-50 GL9 PCC PMAG can be taken apart easily for cleaning and maintenance, and the mag even features a dependable bolt hold-open element. This magazine will lock the bolt to the rear on all guns designed to lock open with a Glock-pattern magazine. Users should be aware that this magazine will not work in Glock handguns, due to the weight of a fully-loaded PMAG. All of Magpul’s magazines are made in the USA.

Ammo Deals: Magpul PCC PMAG D-50 Gl9 Magazine For Glock $99.95 FREE S&H CODE

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50 rounds of 9mm is a lot of lungs.

Brandon is going to have a hissy.


No one needs 50 rds. lol


they are right I have been shooting rats using 10/22 and 25 rounders are way too small have a 110 drum and it is just about right


fjb and all the demoncrats and rinos that support him


Talk about bait and switch: Magpul says it is for a G19 and in the last paragraph it says it won’t work on a real Glock, only on ‘other guns’ that accept glock mags. Oh the horror..


it is for ar 9 that use glock mags and some off the home built clones they have better mag retention


Yeah, I know…, however they said G19 in the beginning so I consider that to be a deceptive ploy… How many would just go online, see the G19 and order it?


I have seen an upgrade for mag release that is supposed to fix the retention at lone wolf maybe ,dont remember had a build party for a bunch of people that asked (younger generation has no tools and dont know how to use them; felt like i was teaching a shop class


The fact that they showed it mounted in a glock at the title page for the video is what really threw me. The generation after me still could use tools, but what I see of my grandchildren shows that it really wasn’t passed on. It is a shame too, because with the way things look right now these teenagers are in a world of hurt. I had my son over to the house a couple of months ago and we were putting together a new AR build. His two sons were over with him and had absolutely no interest in… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by Oldman

and every thing is so poorly made have to fix new crap ten times more frequently than the old beat up american made stuff. printed circuits are pretty but fail too often in the real world


Looks like it should be in the tool dept at home depot next to the Makitas.