Gun Deals: Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol $212.99 INSTOCK FREE S&H Rebate & Sale

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Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol june2022aa sale rebate

USA – -( Kentucky Gun Co has a sale on the Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol where you can pick this pistol for $212.99 after a rebate and FREE shipping. That is a crazy cheap price.

Taurus Rebate Info found online here.

Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol

A new standout in concealed carry performance. The Taurus G2c series was engineered specifically for everyday carry-and it delivers. With its streamlined, ergonomic design and rugged, compact polymer frame, you’ll find the G2 series strikes the perfect balance between comfort and confidence in any situation.


  • Item # 1-G2C931-12
  • Frame Size Compact
  • Capacity 12
  • Action Type Single Action w/ Restrike
  • Caliber 9mm
  • Height 5.10″
  • Width 1.20″
  • Weight 22.00 oz.
  • Barrel Length 3.20″
  • Overall Length 6.30″
  • Front Sight Fixed
  • Rear Sight Adjustable

Safety Striker Block, Manual Safety, Trigger Safety, Loaded Chamber Indicator

Gun Deals: Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol $212.99 INSTOCK FREE S&H Rebate & Sale

The Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol is well-reviewed:

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What’s to discuss. I want one.


Put a few bucks more and get you a Smith M&P, Glock, or something else more likely to go “bang” every time. Yeah, I know, there are some great, reliable Taurus handguns out there, somewhere. From among several owned by friends, I have yet to see one.


Maybe it’s your friends not the gun. I have friends who couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a shotgun and then blame the gun. I own a Taurus P945 and the gun in the article and it is a great pistol. I am 77 years old and been shooting guns from the age of 12, and hope you noticed I said guns as in hundreds, military and others.

So, not my comments are not to offend you but to only give my thoughts and opinions.


Nope, it’s the guns. Latest example, a friend was gifted with a recent model 9mm Taurus semi-auto by his grandfather. It shot okay with FMJ’s he had in it. I gave him a box of Federal HST’s and it wouldn’t chamber them, even manually from the mag. Poor feed ramp design and possibly metallurgy on the feed ramp. I have seen many similar issues with Tauruses, usually 9mm or .380. People think they are saving money by going cheap and buying these things. If your life is at stake, they might be the most expensive gun you ever bought.


Agreed. The G2c is a great little gun and my wife and I each carry one for EDC. It is very reliable and accurate enough to draw and rapidly put all 13 rounds into a USPSA silhouette at combat ranges. I also have a G2s for very non-permissive environments. As the saying goes; “it’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools.”


I have 2 Taurus G2Cs for the price of a Glock and they outperform both Glock and Smith n Wesson so maybe pick better friends lol


No they dont..get a job buy a $500 carry pistol
You get what you pay for, not even gonna ask if you have a nice 1911those are like over a thousand dollars OMG!!


These new Taurus’ are better than many glocks imho. I don’t own one but would stake my life on this going bang when needed in a carry situation. No question.The world isn’t a video game where how cool a gun is matters,I own approx 18 guns depending on configurations,I have an m&p shield9,Xd9,several Glocks,sigs,etc.I consider every gun I own trustworthy & I’ve shot plenty of taurus & heard countless owners opinions,these are terrific guns. Not the Saturday night special anymore that they used to be because unless you’re rambo with a handgun you are not going to be dumping hundreds… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Relic

Please try to keep up with the times. Your info on taurus products is about 10 years out of date. I carry a G2C EDC and it works great.


My wife’s first carry piece was a Taurus .380. She put about a hundred rounds through it and it worked fine. A year later she again took it to the range and it started neither cycling right nor firing. Sent it back to Taurus for their lifetime warranty and when it came back, it was a different gun. It now never misses a beat and for such a small weapon is surprisingly accurate out to 11-15 yards.

Wild Bill

With all due respect, you are responding to Grigori’s post from a year ago.


I have 2 Taurus pistols. You get what you pay for.


I just picked one up from Acad for 240. It has a strange grip angle for my hands.