Virginia: Sen. Morrissey to Introduce Comprehensive Gun Ban in 2023

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Senator Joe Morrissey (D-16) announced that the first piece of legislation he will file for next year’s session will be an “assault weapons” ban bill. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A. -( Senator Joe Morrissey (D-16) announced that the first piece of legislation he will file for next year’s session will be an “assault weapons” ban bill, to ban many commonly-owned rifles, shotguns, and handguns that law-abiding citizens use for self-defense and sport.

Back in 2020, anti-gun extremists already tried and failed to pass such a comprehensive ban when they held majorities in both chambers of the General Assembly. It was considered too extreme by some in that majority, and it was ultimately defeated by a bipartisan vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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Does that comprehensive gun ban apply to criminals or exclusively only to the law abiding ?


Just the law abiding. Meanwhile criminals will get real automatic weapons from all the illegals Biden is letting through. It will probably come from Afghanistan.


Or be a left over from fast and furious.

Autsin Miller III

That is hilarious. Sad and pathetic that it’s true but also hilarious. Just one more law will fix it, right? Well said Michael J.


I second that.


Obviously, criminals just need the right laws in place to stop using guns in crimes. The law abiding just need to understand, it isn’t personal. Think of it as trickle down law enforcement.


So criminals will break the law while democrats continue to dismantle the US Constitution. Stupid people elected by the people


Elected by stupid people.

Wild Bill

I’m thinking that dismantling our Constitution is the product of intent and planning. I could be wrong.

Dave Briggman

You have no idea,


Won’t fly. The Supreme Coart already ruled the AR platform is “common use” and can’t be regulated.




What an absolute nutcase!!! I hope he can’t LEGALLY own firearms…

Dave Briggman

He’s under TWO protective orders right now…


Not surprising that this clown’s district is just south of Richmond, VA. There are a LOT of liberal loonies in that town & once they make some money they move out “into the country” & turn it into a cesspool. Everything folks have said here about him is true. He has been disbarred. He IS a pedophile….uh….wait….she’s “legal” now. He IS a POS, but the voters voted him back into office. Maybe that has more to do with the republican party of Virginia allowing too many seats in both houses to run unopposed recently, but I digress.

Dave Briggman

Folks…I think it would be best to draw a picture of the legal career this assclown has had. He’s been disbarred TWICE. He’s punched lawyers in open court…he assaulted construction workers at his house. This website appears to have been created by the father of the woman who is now Morrissey’s wife…he began having sex with her and impregnated her when she was 17. Take a look at this: Also notice that two of his own radio show producers have obtained Emergency Protective Orders against him…and this serial liar wants to make sure you have no further legal access… Read more »


why are there so many creepy people named joe?


Anger issues galore! I hope he doesn’t have any firearms in his possession…


put him in a low voc rubber room with a comifornia safety label


Let him be the one who comes to TRY and take them.


Politicians in Virginia and elsewhere seem to lose a lot of sleep over firearms that statistically kill fewer people than bare hands or knives. Considering almost all are owned by legal owners who have a history of being law abiding, I have to wonder how more laws will impact the gun crime statistics in a positive way. The state run media sure has a successful way with building the platform for these power craving oligarchs to influence low effort voters. I worry for Virginia. I had hoped to see some of Northam’s oppressive laws repealed but with gun control, you… Read more »


the only way for laws to decrease crime is for the criminals to spend more time in jail

Dave Briggman

Weird…the comments I had made last night trying to illustrate exactly who this guy is weren’t allowed to be posted….disappointing.

Anyhow, simply google “joseph dee morrissey” disbarred, secretary, jailed” without the quotes.

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

Dave: Welcome to AmmoLand News. Your comments had links so that causes our system to hold them for review. Sorry for the delay.

Dave Briggman

Ah, thank you, sir.

Here’s one more about Morrissey…this guy was a former prosecutor for the City of Richmond, Virginia…and he beat this man so badly that a jury awarded the guy $1 MILLION:

Dave Briggman

Here’s Morrissey on video going off on his producers, watch him instantly go ballistic…just weeks ago.

Last edited 7 months ago by Dave Briggman

Thanks for the link proving that he is an ass hole. What a jerk. He needs a new show on the sidewalk of NY and a can that says need help looking for dollars.

Divino Vocamen

January 14, 2022 Gov, Ralph Northam granted a “Pardon ” to Joe Morrissey for the underage sex crimes …

Dave Briggman

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