White House Moves to Strangle U.S. Ammunition Supply

Last night, news broke that the Biden Administration is taking behind-the-scenes steps to further strangle the already constricted market for ammunition in the United States. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Last night, news broke that the Biden Administration is taking behind-the-scenes steps to further strangle the already constricted market for ammunition in the United States. The move could result in a reduction of the commercial production of 5.56 caliber ammunition by over thirty percent.

The move, if completed, would dramatically reduce the availability of ammunition for America’s most popular rifle (and, not coincidentally, the one most targeted by gun prohibitionists).

Supplies would undoubtedly plummet and prices would undoubtedly skyrocket, putting the availability of ammunition for self-defense, training, and competition out of reach to many Americans.

News of the move was broken by Larry Keane, the general counsel and senior vice president at the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the leading trade association for America’s firearms and ammunition industries. Keane on Wednesday night published a tweet, which stated: “The U.S. Military is actively considering shutting down the sale [of] M855/SS109 ammo from Lake City to the commercial market.”

The cartridges mentioned in Keane’s post are very popular forms of 5.56 caliber ammunition, the most common caliber for the AR-15.

Close followers of Second Amendment issues will remember that these same rounds were targeted by the Obama/Biden administration under the guise of relabeling them “armor piercing ammunition,” which is banned from commercial sale by federal law. The resulting (and righteous) furor from the Second Amendment community was so intense that it culminated in Obama’s ATF director, B. Todd Jones, quitting his job. Jones had been the first and only confirmed ATF director since Senate approval became required for that post.

Lake City is a sprawling ammunition plant in Independence, Missouri, originally established by Remington in 1941 to manufacture and test Ammunition for the U.S. Army. It is currently owned by the government and operated by private contractors and produces well over a billion rounds of ammunition per year.

Ammunition in excess of the government’s requirements has long been made available to the private commercial market. Lake City’s output, according to some estimates, accounts for one-third of the 5.56 caliber ammunition available to U.S. consumers.

Of course, gun prohibition advocates have a long-standing desire to ban the AR-15 and other types of semiautomatic long guns outright. Joe Biden in particular loves to brag of authoring the so-called “assault weapons” ban that Bill Clinton signed into law in 1994. Congress, however, allowed the ban to expire 10 years later, after a Department of Justice sponsored study was unable to substantiate any significant crime reduction benefit from it.

Needless to say, this attack on America’s ammunition supply is just the most recent in a long line of anti-freedom attacks by the Biden Administration.

NRA will be working to fight this effort to crush America’s ammunition supply, just as we did with the last attack on M855 ammunition, and will provide updates as more information becomes available.

About NRA-ILA:

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess, and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit: www.nra.org

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

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Brandon & Co. are now swearing this didn’t happen.

Stay tuned.



Evasive denial. The claim I’ve repeatedly seen is Biden ordered it to stop selling to the civilian mkt, not shut down completely.

Wild Bill

I’m thinking that is logistical preparation for war with China.


I thought the Military was phasing out M855 in favor of M855A1 which has a lead-free steel-cored projectile instead of the lead core with a steel penetrator like the M855 we all know and love. This new projectile fits many legal definitions of armor-piercing (whether it really is or not) and would be illegal in many states, and likely federally. I understand that traditional M855 was specifically exempted from being classified as armor-piercing. Although it is highly convenient for the current administration’s agenda, it might not be a conspiracy. The changeover decision predates the current administration. Since the Military likes… Read more »


I saw this bullshit coming 35 years ago and stocked up on ammo and reloading components. FJB


NRA quotes Larry Keane as if he’s pro-2A.

“Our ATF partners.” -NSSF

“No Position” on red flag capitulation. -NSSF

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“White House Moves to Strangle U.S. Ammunition Supply”
Of course – it is plain who they view as their enemy and greatest obstacle to their agenda to transform our nation into a global EuroSocialist type state.


Well SOMONE has done an excellent job of crushing the PRIMER supply! I have not been able to obtain small pistol primers for 2+ years now. Unless I wanted to pay $180 for 1000 at one show I found some. Which is INSANE.


It’s insane alright. I guess it just comes down to how bad you want/need them primers.


Not that bad. I could shoot 100 rounds a day for the the next 20 years and not run out.


Brother,if you have 730,000 small pistol primers you are in damn good shape.


BTW,check out MidwayUSA.


I have. Always out of stock 5 minutes after notifying they are in stock. Same with Grafs.


Only in the states, for fun go look at the Canadian cabelas web site and check inventory on Canadian physical and mail order. They are completely stocked with primer, powder and ammo in Canada and have been for years all the while we had shortages and high prices.


Out of stock too. And $119.00 a thousand. About 3 x what it was before this crap.


One more reason to go to .300 Blackout!


told ‘ya.


I’ve long thought the GOV was behind our ‘ammo shortage’ so this is nothing new…


That would be just great, for a pathetic, useless, loser, nobody, (“poor”) such as myself. it has taken me several months, just to be able to have a very very small cache of less then 400rds 5.56 ammo as it is, because of the prices, and lack of cash. now that ammo is finally starting to drop in price, becoming more reasonably priced. which I still cannot afford. Biden pulls some BS like that, making it impossible for the poor’s to be able to afford anything from the firearms industry, guns or ammo. I may as well give up and… Read more »


It will never happen to you if you say it never will.

uncle dudley

President Harry Truman was from the Independence area and he was vice president in 1941 when this plant was started.
Remember his saying after he became president, “The Buck Stops Here”.
I guess Biden is trying to screw everything up, what a putz.


During WWII, there were several of those plants. In my high school days and shortly thereafter I was feeding milsurp .30-06 to my 03A3. Purchace price at my local gun shop was $0.10 per round. Head stamps included SL (St. Louis), DEN (Denver), RA (Remington), WRA (Winchester), and of course LC (Lake City). All of them are gone or switched back to civilian production. And the folks wonder why DoD has to buy ammo from our allies to keep the Army’s guns fed.


Minor correction Henry a Wallace was the VP in 1941, Truman became VP in 1945.

Desert Rat

Harry wasn’t elected VP until 1944.


Y’all need to stop posting questions asking whether dickhead Joe has thought about reducing imported Ammo or raising taxes. There are most certainly trolls on all of these sights that are feeding these ideas to him. We could be our own worst enemy.


So is he going to restrict the import of IMI, PMC, Bear, Tactical Imports and other brands or just raise the tariffs so the playing field is level with the US production that he artificially made weaker.


If you’re shooting a Garand, Prvi Partizan makes a pretty good clone of a 30-06 M2 ball. The cases even measure the correct thickness and weight which is important in generating the correct initial pressure curve.

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Not shooting a Garand, only 06 I have is an old Winchester Model 70 that kicks like a mule. I reload 100% of my practice ammo and most all of my long range target rounds. I’ve got my ass up on my shoulders about these prices and swore I wouldn’t pay it, Thank god I stockpiles bullets, powder and primers immediately after O’bummer got elected. I’m good to go for a long time yet!


This is Bidens way of controlling the supply chain in the ammo world which affects the civilian purchasers of America…his goal to weaken our supplies and raising the prices like gas for our cars and trucks.


It’s going to get him kicked out of office in a couple years if he doesn’t die of old age first.


Think that moron will stop at 5.56? Musket balls will be on that list if that idiot continues to rule.


Is that the fully auto musket ball shooter that uses 3,000 round clips and shoots all of them in 30 seconds? Or all of them, even the single shot that only holds one round. LOL, What a moron obiden is. So glad I stocked up on everything right after obummer took office. I have enough for me and my neighbors too.



I stockpiled bullets, Primers and powder right when O’bummer got elected. I didn’t do anything with it for years except keep it dry and cool. Heck it cost my 18 cents a round to reload 9mm and you could buy factory ammo on sale for that. NOT NOW. Now I’m churning out rounds by the thousands for all my weapons. My friends and relatives are like vultures when they show up wanting to buy anything and everything.


We both did the same, smart thing. After things cooled down and he had been in office for a while I did it all over again. My gun parts, reloading supply and tools are my gold. I will trade for food later when the SHTF. The wife and I are looking at property in SD. We have already decided that when we get there we will no longer talk guns. We are going to say we don’t like them and leave it at that. I am tired of arguing with these spitting mad leftists that can’t control themselves when you… Read more »


my gun room is a walkin from my master bedroom hard walls on all sides built as hurricane or other disaster safe room
caves can be great storage for black powder several hundred pounds had to build a “pump” house to keep it in florida water table is too high to have usuable caves

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AZ Lefty

So where is there actual Conformation of this? Sounds like the NSSF wants to justify their member charging 200% retail mark up on ammo

Knute Knute

Boy are you crazy today. Forgot your meds again?


Confirmation, Comrade. Confirmation.


No confirmation, only the mass-spreading of his “tweet”. Until it is verified, a “tweet” is only one man’s/woman’s opinion.

Mystic Wolf

The letter is out! The biden monster put the word out yesterday to stop selling to the commercial market.
Since he cannot legally take our weapons from us he will make it so we just do not have the ammo, but you can bet the thugs and gangs will have more than enough as they get their ammo from mexicow.

Desert Rat

The communist Biden regime will supply the thugs and gangs guns and ammo just Obama did during Fast and Furious.


Next he will get a law passed or just have the BATF make a regulation which limits the purchase of spare parts to licensed FFL holders only. I can see that coming down the pike!


If LaPew’s grifters hadn’t stolen $BILLIONS since their 1997 coup d’etat (thx to Workman’s betrayal), Biden wouldn’t be in office. Oh, and…

“Our ATF partners.” -Larry Keane, NSSF, which took “No Position” on the RINOs’ recent gun control betrayal.

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Knute Knute

Hey, What happened to the downvote posse that follows you around all the time? Zero downvotes in over an hour. What, did all the trolls take the day off today? 🙂


The Prissy Posse? Mommie called them in for dinner.


They must be hanging around. I just upvoted you and it stayed the same.

Knute Knute

Yup, they’re back. Like a bad penny, one can’t get rid of them. They showed up right after I posted this. I guess more like the Devil. Mention his name and up he pops? 🙂


They never really left. They couldn’t resist this series most recently. They LOVE the Globalist moron, GW “Guest Worker” Bush.

Von Clownwits Occupy.png
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Oh my! They didn’t like that. Let’s see how they like this:

Von Clownwits Surge.png

Its time. Its long overdue. Destroy the Communists who have taken over America. Restore America back to the people and put the tyrants in a pit. Its time to save yourself from the Communist takeover of our Republic. OUR REPUBLIC. ILLEGALS AND COMMUNISTS ARE ENEMIES OF THE CONSTITUTION AND FOUNDING PRINCIPLES OF OUR REPUBLIC.



How many of you remember this moment?


The American People, the ones who signed the Constitution of the United States as “We the People”, paid for that plant to be built. We pay for it to be operated to produce ammo for the military that we also pay for. And we’re willing to pay additionally for the part of the plant’s output that the military doesn’t need.

Mr. Biden, that’s our ammo. Keep your hands off of it!


the contractor running it should shut it down and leave moth ball it and sue government for breach of contract ,the overage is where the money has always been

Mystic Wolf

The ammo they sell commercially helps to pay for that plants operation without itthat plant is going under as the government does not pay for any ammo.


The morning is coming that we awake no longer a free people it is closer than you think. The system is corrupted the elected no longer trusted the legal system overcome with liberals. Our borders overrun with illegals

The republic is now in the hands of a one party abusing its power,America has been sold out to a global world government.

For christ sake read the UN Agenda 2030
Good Night

Knute Knute

I’d take the position that we have not been a free Country since Congress exempted itself from the ‘laws; it passes. About the 1950s. We are just only waking up to notice it now. This is the parable of the goldfish. If you take a thimble full of water out of his bowl each day, he won’t notice until the air is touching his back and his belly is touching the bottom. The same as a frog in water, heated up slowly, will be boiled alive and never even notice. IF, however, you drop the frog in already boiling water… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Knute Knute

and we either start taking back what is ours by force when necessary,by pushing them back every time they try to come toward us we make them go back 10 steps not one


Careful, that’s domestic terrorism

Knute Knute

But in Biden’s world, just being alive and breathing is terrorism. I guess he is THAT afraid of us. Their fear is so intense that he and his handlers can only feel secure if they are the only living creatures left on Planet Earth, just as is carved into the ” Georia Guidestones”.
Anybody that hasn’t heard of that should look it up, and read a little bit. Educate oneself, instead of just believing blindly in CNN. Remember, when the blind lead the blind, they all end up in the ditch.


Not terrorism.


cant be my family chased out one government, freedom loving


Im old and white ,have white/black gun owning friends some are very good at blowing things up and chemistry is my friend yea i fit their bill


It was SO incrementally that this happened: http://libertyzone.com/Communist-Manifesto-Planks.html

Knute Knute

Another example of us no longer having the rule of law is just 8 news items down on this site: https://www.ammoland.com/2022/06/miami-police-gun-buyback-violates-state-federal-international-law/ Yeah… but nobody in government cares. Because they get to violate their own laws with impunity. The ‘laws’ (statutes actually), only apply to us, the people. The rulers have another standard, which is basically like the feudal Samurai. Whose rule was, Samurai and the Lords get to do whatever thay want, steal whatever they want, and destroy whatever they want. The peasants’ job was just to put their neck on the chopping block whenever they get the order. And,… Read more »

Wild Bill

I have never been to one of these “buy back” events, so I an ignorant of the details. Do the buyers follow federal law when they purchase. Do they have a FFL on staff or what?


They don’t need anything. They take the guns no questions asked even from felons because they don’t care who you are. They are the law and because they are they are allowed to break it with impunity. Sucks to be us, huh.


i knew it would happen, just didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime. Fortunately I’m old and don’t have much time left here…


The hoarding of ammunition will begin immediately.

Biden is a puppet unfit for office .
The democrats are no longer working for the American people. The rino republicans have sold out the party.

Agenda 2030 Transforming Our World


“The hoarding of ammunition will begin immediately.”

Begin? Seriously, Dude? Where you been? Some of us have been stocking up since Obama was elected!

“Fred”, who used to sell milsurp M14 goodies in the old “Shotgun News” (and founded the Appleseed Program) used to say “Buy It Cheap and Stack It Deep!”

You’re too late to buy it cheap but better late than never.

Not too late to go to an Appleseed Shoot either.

“Project Appleseed can help transform you from a person with a rifle into a principled and skilled Rifleman.”



You misunderstood read the article some of us have been making our own since Johnson was president . Catch up

I will be just fine


been making for that long ,learned to make black powder and gun cotton but a stash i did not need till jimmy the idiot was elected


you are late to that party I started in the 1980s

Mystic Wolf

The satan worshipping DEMONcrats never were on the side of the people, remember this and remember it well! The word demo comes from the Latin word of de’mos which translate to the word DEMON. What we have ruining the nation at this time are DEMONS from the deepest pits of he11, these things we have in congress ( a bunch of baboons) would sell the people down the river in an instant if it meant them getting a few million bucks. Those in office are SATAN WORSHIPPING DEMONCRATS with satan as their overlord. The biden monster is 100% doing satan… Read more »


would not be surprised to find mark of the beast on obummer

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