Ammo Deals: AMEND2 AR15 30 Rnd Magazine MOD-2 10-Pack $79.99 Flat Rate S&H

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10Pc Amend2 AR15 223 Rem/5.56 30 Rd Magazines july2022aa

USA – -( Kentucky Gun Co has great prices on a ten (10) pack of Amend2 AR15 223 Rem/5.56 NATO 30 Rd Magazines at just $7.99 each and  $11.99 Flat Rate shipping. The more you buy, the more you save on shipping. These have surprisingly good reviews, should MagPul be worried? Check prices here and online here.

Amend2 AR15 223 Rem/5.56 NATO 30 Rd Magazines

The Amend2 AR15 Mod 2 is a sturdy polymer magazine with a textured grip, anti-tilt follower and heavy duty non-corrosive stainless steel spring. It is a light, durable and excellent alternative to the standard M4/M16 USGI aluminum magazine. Made in the USA.

  • Sturdy Impact resistance polymer with textured grip
  • Anti-tilt super follower
  • Heavy duty, non-memory, and non-corrosive stainless steel spring
  • Material able to cerakote

Made in the U.S.A.

Ammo Deals: AMEND2 AR15 30 Rnd Magazine MOD-2 10-Pack $79.99 Flat Rate S&H

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They are great mags never had an issue with feed lips over loaded storage BUT my only complaint…had to cut my own slots for a stripper clip loader to fit on them as they dont come with any slots cut.


Sold Out, of course…


I have a lower which must be a little out of spec. Empty P-mags do not drop free without shaking or a tiny tug. Steel or alum8num does drop, possibly from being slicker. Anyone experienced with hexmags have an idea how they compare?

Of course if I start practicing retaining empty mags instead of dropping them, it won’t matter anyway.


Could be the magazine release assembly.or.maybe just the spring. My AR10 does that too but no big deal with empty mags. I don’t think your lower is out of spec.


Just incase it might be the release, try turning the lug that holds the detach bar so that only half the lug is threaded. This will make your release bar stick out more when you push it. It also makes it easier to push. The only problem could be that the bar might slip down and go over the bumps that hold it in place causing it not to go back in and then no mag would stay in place. Some locktite blue would fix that.


I posted a comment yesterday the same as yours regarding the P60 mag. I too have the same problem. I think it is because they are not as slick as metal. Everything fits, and locks, it’s just the mag dump that has the problem. This is a crazy idea but I think if you put a heavy coat of Armorall on them that they will slicken up and maybe fall out. I will have to try that with a few of them and see.

Polar Bear

Can these be used in a Smith & Wesson AR 15 Sport 5.56 that uses PMAG 30? The PMAG’s work well but it’d be nice to have extra magazines.


Yes. Pmag is just another brand. I use them in my vehicles because they do not corrode but for shooting fun I use metal mags from PSA.


Now this is the price of a 30 rd. mag that makes sense. I own a 4 pack of these and they are very good. I even have a couple of ten rounders and have never had a glitch with them either. I have one ten rounder that has had itself loaded for 13 months and it functioned flawlessly after that. The only problem I have with them is that I paid more for the ten rounders than these are selling for now.


This is the best price I have seen on any mag for 8 years.


I agree. The fact that they are great mags makes it even better.


Why Are they Selling them SO CHEAP? Do they KNOW Something WE DON’T? Like =They got a LETTER From the Fed’s / ATF? warning them to STOP PRODUCTION ON ALL MAG’S for AR- RIFLES OVER 10 ROUNDS???????I can Only Imagine If I were A Manufacturer of Magazines & at the Current Time Having a “TYRANNICAL DICTATOR” & A “bully of the Likes of the ATF> BANNING ALL MAGAZINES for All Semi-Auto Firearms Which Hold More Than “ten rounds” (in our federal Courts As we speak!) if I had An INVENTORY So High that IF & WHEN these TYRANNICAL LAWS Take… Read more »


Pay cash and leave no info. As with FRT AFT will demand sales records so they can pursue existing owners. I certainly have no plan to “turn them in.” Even if Kackla gets her way and adds standard mags to NFA. Stainless pistol mags cost quite a bit more than AR mags and i’m not handing those over either. 10 years plus $250k each for possession —>> getting caught is no5 an option. These idiots are working as hard as they can to inspire insurrection.


Do the magazine’s lips handle being stored long term fully loaded? Do they take any dust covers?


The first question has caught my interest. Have you experienced problems with loaded plastic mags? Do they stay in your car and get really hot during the summer? Is that when you have the problem? Are they getting deformed from the heat?

If so, I need to switch all of mine out.


I have had problems with amend2 mags having issues being stored loaded over time. The gen 2 version is better but still not good. I have had issues with MOST poly mags other than Magpul. I test all mag brands before I buy more than a couple. After being loaded for an extended period of time (usually a few months) the lips push out making the mag difficult to insert and remove even after empty. I have a magpul that has been loaded for about 10 years now and still works correctly. If anyone knows of another brand that can… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Jason