Armed Citizens Save Lives at Home, as they Shop, and as the Drive

Parents, Children, and Grandchildren - More Self Defense Gun Stories
Armed Defenders Save Family, Save Strangers, and Save Themselves

U.S.A. -( You probably didn’t see these stories covered by the mainstream news media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor David Cole joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or did they have a plan?

First story- Are you armed when you shop for groceries on the weekend?

You are shopping at the grocery store at 10 on a Sunday morning. A strange woman attacks you. You can’t get her to stop. You are carrying your legally owned firearm. You present your handgun and shoot your attacker one time in the leg. She stops attacking you so you stop shooting. You shout for help. You holster your firearm and wait on scene for the police.

You give a brief statement to the police when they arrive. You don’t know your attacker or know why she attacked you. The police interview witnesses and look at security video. Police arrest your attacker for assault causing bodily injury. Your attacker is taken to the hospital. A bystander was injured by a fragment of your bullet that went through your attacker and then hit the floor. He was injured in the foot.

You are not charged with a crime.

Second Story- Are you armed early in the morning?

Your boyfriend attacks you at home. You try to run, but he grabs you outside your apartment. You shout for him to stop, but he doesn’t stop. You shout for help, but no one comes to help you. He has one arm around your neck and is hitting you with his other arm. You draw your firearm and shoot your attacker three times at closer range. Now he lets go of you. You run for safety and call the police.

The police are already on their way because of your neighbor’s calls to 911. Emergency medical services transport your attacker to the hospital. The police interview witnesses who saw your attack.

Your boyfriend dies of his injuries at the hospital. You are not charged with a crime.

Third story- Do you have a firearm nearby at night?

You and your partner are at home asleep in bed. You hear someone in your house. Both of you get up. One of you is armed. Both of you check on your baby and see a stranger standing near your child’s room. Your gun is up in a heartbeat. You order the intruder to stop. Your partner checks on the baby and calls the police.

You put your gun away when the police arrive. Both of you give the police a brief statement. Your intruder broke into your car and used the remote garage door opener to get into your garage and from there into your home.

Your intruder is charged with felony residential burglary. Your intruder is out on probation for a previous burglary and is held on a $100,000 bond.

Tag- no shots fired.

Fourth story- Are you armed as you walk across the store parking lot?

You and your friend are leaving a large shopping center. A stranger runs up behind you and pulls his shirt up over his face. The stranger also pulls a gun from his waistband and tells you to hand everything over. He takes your friend’s bag and takes your backpack. The stranger then runs to a car that was parked nearby. Your friend isn’t having it and he runs and yells at the robbers. The robber points his gun at your friend.

You own a gun. You’re carrying concealed. You present your firearm and shoot the robber. The robber drops his gun and the get-away-car drives away. You check on your friend and holster your gun. Then you call 911 and ask for the police.

911 also gets a call from the people in the get-away car. They stop and ask for emergency medical treatment. EMS takes your attacker to the hospital. The police find your friend’s bag and your backpack in the car.

Your attacker is charged with 9 other robberies in the last few weeks. He was out on bail on electronic home monitoring awaiting trial when he committed the other robberies. Your attacker is 17 years old.

You are not charged with a crime.

A discussion of each story is at the Self Defense Gun Stories podcast webpage.

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Will criminal in story 4 be reformed, or simply be processed as a juvenile to continue his life of crime? I’d bet second option, and that he will be more careful about armed victims – being more likely to shoot first. Much as I dislike violence, I always appreciate perpetrators taking concrete temperature challenge.


naw he will get better at it till someone kills him


The victims did not use situational awareness, and he did good not drawing on a drawn gun until he could, since he did not have the skill to win. You have to create a distraction on a drawn gun, or draw and shoot instantly. The threat used the threat of violence, not real violence, as evidenced by not dropping the victims and rifling their corpses. That is a hesitation on the bad guys part, that can be capitalized upon, but requires to draw and shoot in under a second, which is not hard to do at all. A small 9mm… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by WeWereWarned

Dusk is at 4pm? Heck I don’t even walk my dog until after 9 when temps are finally getting down to mid 90’s. Suns still visible until ~8 and it’s bright out until closer to 9. It is legal to use deadly violence in protection of property, but generally a poor choice. In some more rural parts of Texas juries will side with you in ensuing civil trial – but in many (if not most) urban areas the deceased’s family is likely to win judgement against you. Even if they lose, you will be out attorney fees as well as… Read more »

Xaun Loc

The criminal in Story 4 will almost certainly be charged as an adult in Texas, but keep in mind that the Criminal-In-Story-Four is also going to be listed in the statistics as a Child Victim Of Gun Violence.


The most Important piece of Info in this whole story is re holstering or putting your firearm as soon as Law Enforcement arrives. Innocent civilians have been shot by law enforcement, because they were still holding a firearm when Law enforcement arrived at a call. Because they were unsure of who the perp was or how the person holding the firearm is involved.


That is the greatest tyranny by law that you older folks traded our Liberty for. You older folks redefined Liberty to mean absolute subservience to the government, because you didn’t have the home to say no during Nam and fight the real enemies of the Constitution the government and its supporters of that time. Sir, that is squarely on conservatives, who have made it to where a socialist enforcer, who has no legal duty to help us Citizens(not civilians), can murder us armed Citizens for being armed. Think of how evil and unAmerican the older conservatives were to do that… Read more »


Prejudiced much? You lump all “older folk” into a single bucket at a time when older can include many who were children during our involvement in the Vietnam war. Even during the war, younger people were largely in opposition to the war – engaging in a wide range of protest from peaceful to violent. Claiming conservatives pushed “all cultures are equal” is a bit facetious. However preventing government from weighing in on religious practices is a conservative attitude – and definitely a position supportive of liberty. Allowing sub-cultures to impose their own religious edicts on their “own” members is an… Read more »