Biden Claims’ the USA Is A Killing Field

Anonymous Snitch Group to Dox ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Trump Voters
Anonymous Snitch Group to Dox ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Trump Voters, iStock-1267413669

WASHINGTON, D.C. -( On Monday, President Joe Biden claimed that everyday places in America are killing fields while celebrating the passage of the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.”

The President signed the gun control bill into law last month. Biden said that this bill isn’t the end to his anti-gun agenda, but it was “an important start,” hinting at further gun control actions the President will push Congress to pass. In the past, Biden has said he wanted a ban on most semi-automatic rifles, magazine capacity limitations, and a ban on body armor. Democrats in the Senate will start applying pressure to their Republican colleges to pass such prohibitions and restrictions.

The President hosted anti-gun activists and victims of mass killings from Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Tucson, Sandy Hook, Parkland, Santa Fe, Uvalde, Buffalo, and Highland Park. He vows to keep pushing his anti-gun agenda but did take a victory lap by pointing out that the new anti-gun legislation is the most extreme anti-gun act since 1994. In 1994, Bill Clinton passed the “assault weapons” ban that sunset in 2004. Biden would like to bring that ban back and expand it.

Biden claimed the new legislation would have saved lives if it was already in effect. The President did not offer any data to back up his claims, nor do we expect the President to provide any. Gun owners are still waiting for the President to release the proof the canons were banned during the signing of the Constitution, a claim he has made on at least four occasions even though it was constantly debunked.

“It will not save every life from the epidemic of gun violence, but if this law had been in place years ago, even this last year, lives would have been saved. It matters. It matters. But it’s not enough, and we all know that” Biden said during public remarks.

The “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” provides funding for so-called “Red Flag” laws.

Gun-rights advocates and civil liberties activists have scrutinized these laws because of the lack of due process in these laws. These groups claim that statutes such as extreme risk protection orders (ERPO) run afoul of the Constitution and violate several provisions of our founding documents.

Another part of the act that concerns gun rights groups is the closing of the so-called “boyfriend loophole.” The new law states that if someone “dates” or have “recently dated” a prohibited person, they too become prohibited from having a firearm. This law could put a stalking victim in danger. Most stalkers are ex-boyfriends of girlfriends. If the stalker was prohibited, their victim is now stripped of their gun rights, removing the most effective tool for self-defense.

Many have also pointed out that this is guilt by association. Many totalitarian regimes use one’s associations against them. In North Korea, if a family member is found guilty of a crime, the whole family is punished for that person’s apparent transgressions. This law punishes the significant other for the crimes of their partner. Many have also compared the law to China’s social credit score.

During his press conference, the President was interrupted by Manuel Oliver. Oliver lost his son in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School attack and has become an anti-gun extremist. He does not believe that the President has done enough to push for gun control. Biden is the most extreme anti-gun President in history, but Oliver will not settle for anything except for a repeal of the Second Amendment.

Biden said he would continue to push for more gun control. The Bruen decision could put any of the President’s wish list for gun control measures in the crosshairs.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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YEP! I agree that with all of the WANTON KILLERS Biden and his REGRESSIVE, not progressive, cabal commies are turning out of prison, the death count is increasing.
Let’s lower the death rate in America. Those “lawyers, attorneys and judges” who LET WANTON CRIMINALS or TERRORISTS out of prison, or allow entry into America from Foreign countries MUST be held PERSONALLY and FINANNANCIALL RESPONSIBLE for any assault committed by their released FIEND(S)!

Mystic Wolf

The problem is not oneof the provisions in this procrime bill will do anything to stop crime, if a thug wants a gun they are not going to the gun store to get one like the DEMONcrats think, the thug is going out to the alley and get one there. The only ones thesebills are going to hurt are those that are law abiding, they don’t want anyone under 21 to have a gun then change the age for the military to 21 because in the military you learn how to use a gun and in some areas you are… Read more »


HOW much does Xiden get? 10% goes to the “big man”! According to Xiden Jr..


RE: title” biden claims USA is a killing field” it should only happen in D.C.


Chicago, N.York, Baltimore, Kaifornia and other HOT SPOTS ran by DemoKKKrats and their LAWLESS politicians and lawyers.

Idaho Bob

Democrat lead hellholes are killing fields, the rest of us seem to be doing just fine.

Mystic Wolf

Yeah just look at shecago and baltimore just to name two those cities that are ruined by DEMONcrats are the real killing fields, the DEMONcrats have no remorse for the crimes they commit, a DEMONcrat can commit murder and nothing is done to them they can violate the CONSTITUTION a thousand different ways and nothing is done to them. The DEMONcrats are being protected by satan and his demons, thus is shy i call them satan worshipping DEMONcrats because they are demons in disguise.


IE: S. Rich, Politicians who commit SUICIDE with two bullets in the back of the head, Government ASSASSINS on snowy roads, Government ASSASSINS at Ruby Ridge, Government ASSASSINS at Branch Davidian compound, governmental arsonists at ranches, government bombing outside of a government building, Twin Towers, building #7 are a few examples.


Perhaps we should be looking at exactly who is doing the shooting. Race and ethnicity count in everything else.


We all know the answer to that question. What race was that punk POS that recently attacked that bodega owner in NY ? It’s wonderful that the older gentleman successfully defended himself and killed that worthless POS.


Race and ethnicity have an impact.
Mental Health, Physical health, Familial relationships, Generational taught HATRID of others, Associations, Tutoring by the FBI, Schooling, Indoctrination/brainwashing, Teaching that there is no God.


The Biden administration is corrupt & installed by the elite.

Those political party members who are now for a global one world government have revealed who they are in both the democratic and republican parties.Let’s give them a identify “THE ELITE” as that is who they are.

Last edited 1 month ago by john

They are not elite, they are allowed to harm us since our bread and circuses is religion and consumerism.
We have devolved to feudal times again only with better sewage, and only people who deserved to be called peasants, are the ones who called the government crooks of their time noble.


Godless elites! At least they FEEL they are elite. There are many DemoKKKrat and Repuckican IDIOTS running the government at this time. They are SCREAMING, LOOK AT ME — YOUR LEADER! NOT!! These IDIOTS are only TEMPORARY EMPLOYEES! They have broken their Oath-of-OFFICE! REMOVE THEM!

Pro 2nd

Ah so the fake president Biden says guilt by association if your family member does a crime the whole family is guilty. Okay you fake president We The People demand you step your ass down from the presidency because by your own admission your own law you and your family are guilty for the actions of your son Hunter, we all know your involved 100% in his illegal activities so fake President Biden step down We The People have spoken.


I learned about these tactics in school many years ago. They are part and parcel of a term called “Creeping Gradualism!” This being the work of Communists throughout history!


If your enemy has the guns, then you have to use intelligence, until you get the guns. Older folks surrendered our Liberty for false security, like we were warned material driven cowards would do, like they did during the Founders’ time as well. Think of how many cowardly folks have said confiscation is when they would fight back, and their cowardice turned our rights into a government privilege. All the while, they made it to where a socialist enforcer can murder or harm us armed Citizens for being armed, and not acting like a slave to a socialist enforcer, who… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by WeWereWarned

in every demorat controlled shity , the idiots shoot at each other and rob the fools that voted for fjb every day

Green Mtn. Boy

I could care less what the idiot wrapped in a moron and smothered in imbecile sauce want’s, he’s done and after the supernova this November,that will become clear to all but perhaps the braindead idiot. FJB

Pro 2nd

Unless they have perfected cheating. I think they will steal the election again and be there permanently. Case in point just look at CA that putz by all reasoning should have lost but last minute he stayed as governor that alone should have woken you up to our country is lost now. No one can stand in the Globalists way. Civil War is the only out this country has.


Not yet but even the left admits it could become a reality later. Why, because they want it for justification to exterminate all constitutionalists that will not comply.

FJB and his NWO