Gun Control Mayors Conspire Against Gun Makers

By Larry Keane

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U.S.A. -( Democratic mayors from the largest cities aren’t going to idly stand by and allow the U.S. Supreme Court to reaffirm Americans’ Constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) is the gun control kitchen cabinet of billionaire Michael Bloomberg, ever on his quest to deny God-given rights to law-abiding Americans even while he enjoys them. Following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Bruen, Bloomberg summoned his coterie to New York City.

Reporting for Duty

The cattle call included a who’s-who of gun control mayors. Many have defunded their police, and restricted gun rights, and some have already been rebuffed by courts for misguided local policies.

Baltimore Democratic Mayor Brandon Scott joined the meeting, as did St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones, Little Rock, Ark., Mayor Frank Scott and Buffalo, N.Y.,  Mayor Byron Brown. Kansas City’s Mayor Quinton Lucas attended, too – he was just named “Gun Sense Lawmaker of the Year” by Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety for his participation in a scheme by mayors to sue gun manufacturers.

Democratic New York City Mayor and MAIG co-chair Eric Adams took the lead and professed the group’s endgame – driving a lawful industry to shutter by taking legal action against manufacturers and retailers who “let guns fall into the wrong hands.” “We must have an ‘all hands on deck’ moment.”

Mount Vernon, N.Y., Democratic Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard added, “This is what we’re seeing because of the proliferation of illegal guns, crime guns that are in our communities.”

“Crime guns” and “illegal guns” are, in fact, illegal. To the mayors, it doesn’t matter that firearms lawfully sold at retail, where the buyer must pass an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification, are only a tiny sliver of the guns used to commit crimes, according to data. Nearly 90 percent of firearms used by a criminal being sentenced for a gun crime last year in federal court were illegally obtained, says the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) 2021 U.S. Sentencing Commission report. For Bloomberg and the MAIG members, facts be damned.

Lawsuits Galore

St. Louis’s Mayor Jones said it’s the manufacturers’ fault, not the criminals. “If this were any other industry that was as deadly, then the government would have already acted to make sure that we got rid of whatever was killing our citizens,” Mayor Jones said.

Mayor Adams repeated their pledge to go after gun makers by filing lawsuits under local “public nuisance” laws like in New York, New Jersey, and California. The laws are an attempt to blame firearm manufacturers and retailers for the criminal actions of a remote third-party or criminals.

Law-abiding citizens in these cities have something else in mind – namely, their Second Amendment rights. Lawful firearm sales have reached record levels over the past couple of years, including over 1 million firearms sold for 34 months in a row. Little Rock’s Mayor Scott said the mayors need to ignore the actions of the federal government and the Supreme Court, terming the will of the people “inaction on guns.” “This is left to local leaders to solve the problem,” he said.

History Lesson

Bloomberg’s MAIG could learn from history. In the 1990s, then-Secretary for Housing and Urban Development Andrew Cuomo tried to put the industry out of business through “death by a thousand cuts.” He violated antitrust laws and conspired with big city mayors to politicize law enforcement purchasing if firearm manufacturers didn’t go along with antigun “code of conduct” schemes. NSSF, along with several manufacturers, successfully sued the now former disgraced governor and his co-conspirators.

It led to enactment of the bipartisan Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) in 2005, signed into law by President George W. Bush. The PLCAA said the firearm industry could not be sued for the unlawful actions of criminals who use a previously lawfully-sold firearm to commit a violent act. It is akin to Ford being sued for the actions of a drunk driver who was driving an F-150. Legal Professor Victor Schwartz recently wrote, “The PLCAA remains a commonsense law that protects against unsound attempts to radically change a fundamental liability law principle.”

A new report shows Americans are fleeing major cities in droves. The Top 10 are all run by Democratic mayors, including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Seattle, and others. It’s a lesson Bloomberg’s MAIG hasn’t learned. They should focus on keeping residents safe and protecting rights instead of going soft on criminals while wasting efforts on misguided attempts to squelch rights.

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” “Crime guns” and “illegal guns” are, in fact, illegal. “. Bull manure, Larry. “Illegally used” and “illegally possessed” yes, but the guns themselves are not illegal. Would you ever use the term “crime baseball bat” or “illegal hammer”?



All are probably tied in with the black gangs and cartels.

We are the target.

PS. Go to hell Bagel Brain Bloomberg


IF, by their logic the manufacturer of a firearm can be sued for illegal use, it would follow that one should be able to sue mayors for allowing so much illegal crime in their cities caused by their constituents. The firearm manufacturer has as much less control of the final use of his product than the mayors have over criminals. The mayors control the police forces in these cities which are to control crime. To be a democrat is to have a mental disorder.


In the 90’s Sci-fi series Babylon-5, Writer J. Michael Straczynski wrote a couple brilliant scenes that perfectly illustrates what is going on. In the first, a principal character is whipped nearly to death at the behest of an evil dictator. The second scene takes place in the next season, roughly a year after the first and the dictator is now dead. In this second scene our principal character is presented a whip and the opportunity to exact revenge on the whipper from the first scene. His response to the former oppressors was a question, “which do you blame for the… Read more »


All of them are pieces of useless Democratic crap.


Create a problem then offer a solution,,,, which puts more power into your hands.

That’s a pretty neat trick.


Only politicians and bureaucrats let guns fall into the wrong hand because their laws are as stupid as they are.


fall into….dont you mean deliver giftwrapped like fast and furious?


I THUMBS UP FOR @swmft’s comment. My UP VOTE did not show up! THIS IS CENSORSHIP ON DISPLAY!


again, leftists/progressives/democrats/liberals want to blame an inanimate object and not the criminal committing the crime. Why is that? mostly because it is their constituents committing those crimes and they want their votes. another reason is because they want people to be afraid of those scary looking and sounding guns and sheepishly blame the inanimate object and want to get rid of them, herd mentality. you can’t control a country when the private citizens are armed, and that is their ultimate goal.


Same names same democratic losers as yesterday there cities all under siege by criminals. The law means nothing to the democrats every article speaks of the same attacks that have been going on for decades. The democrats are in a uncertain place not sure if they can win in Novembers midterms or if the will need to alter the election results once again. The media continues to sell the socialist democratic propaganda which is told over and over till it becomes what is their idea of the truth. The elite in Washington contine the train wreck they that they themselves… Read more »


Americans who believe and live by Our American Constitution MUST GET OUT AND VOTE for a person who SUPPORTS Our Constitution – as it is written!


I vote always it my duty as a honest law abiding American What a politician supports to get elected and what they will do once the obtain office is now questionable.

There are democrats masquerading as republicans research into every candidate takes time most just vote for their political party that they belong to .

Those pesky democrats have learned this trick the republicans have not.


Any recommendations?

Say, why are these politicians always advocating some sort of an INCREASE in the size, cost, reach and power of government as solutions to problems created by the government????


I like that line… “those who value free over freedom” we should all use it often. As well as “criminals don’t obey the laws”.