Ammo Deals: 4200pc Remington Golden Bullet Ammo 22LR 36Gr CPHP $324.97 CODE FREE S&H

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Remington Golden Bullet Ammo 22LR 36Gr CPHP Sale

USA – -( Brownells has 1400 rounds buckets of Remington Golden Bullet Ammo 22 Long Rifle 36Gr CPHP for $119.99 each. That is $0.085 each a round. BUT if you buy three (3) buckets or 4200 rounds plus coupon code “35OFF350” you can pick them up for $324.97. That is $0.077 each a round. Or use the coupon codes below to save money on different quantities.

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Remington Golden Bullet Ammo 22 Long Rifle 36Gr CPHP

  • Brand Style: Golden Bullet
  • Bullet Style: Copper Plated Hollow Point (CPHP)
  • Bullet Weight (Grains): 36
  • Cartridge: 22 Long Rifle
  • Muzzle Energy: 131
  • Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 1280
  • Rounds: 1400
  • Made in the USA

Remington’s big selection of high-quality rimfire ammo has a load for nearly every application, – small-game hunting, target shooting, plinking. This versatile line includes the joint-production Remington and Eley Ltd. Competition Rimfire Target Rifle ammunition, which features a graphite-coated antimony lead alloy bullet for the serious rimfire competitor. Other loads offer a variety of copper-plated, brass-plated (BP) or plain lead bullets, both hollowpoints and round nose.

Ammo Deals: 4200pc Remington Golden Bullet Ammo 22LR 36Gr CPHP $324.97 CODE FREE S&H

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I have used these…
Extremely dirty firing and MANY loose wobbly bullets that may (and do) cause jambs in semi auto firearms.
Like musicman44mag stated FJB get them while you can.


Just bought three from another company because it was the cheapest price I could find. It was the same price as buying them here individually without a discount. This is the better deal. I know it is like what the hell can you do with a 22lr, it is not powerful enough. My point is, that I could but chose not to reload them because it is hard to do. With all the new rule changes our current Liar and Theif president is enacting, I would get some before you cannot order by mail. In addition, this purchase is a… Read more »


At these prices and considering I have at least 20,000 rds, I will have to pass. I would consider getting more if it was half this price with free shipping. and 0 tax. But I have always been a dreamer and I don’t need as many of these as I do others.


Ah, ok, I was adding on to my 5,000 which is small potatoes. I used to back in the day go shooting once a week and burn up a box of 50 9 or 40 or 357 and one of those days shoot 150 rounds of 5.56 but now with everything so hard to get, I go once a month. It’s a drag because that was about all I was doing but fishing and I have stopped doing that because of all the rules and regs that change in the middle of the day. You have to have a cell… Read more »


Yessir, I get it. I bought my last fishing license here in WA in 2016 for the very same reasons, when they said that you could not keep bass over 16 inches.


I can’t get past the fact that you cannot use natural bait in streams. Only fly’s or spinners but you can use corn in the lakes. Corn is what they feed the trout in kommiefornia and it is against the law to use it but you can grab a hellgrammite from under a rock and put it on the hook and it is legal. Go figure. We live on the left coast that is about the only way to explain it and have it make sense. People getting fined for fishing without a license in a pond that they built… Read more »