ATF Director Using 18th Century Tech to Salvage Agency’s Shattered Reputation

ATF Police Raid IMG 2nd
ATF Police Raid IMG 2nd

U.S.A.-( The ATF has beclowned itself yet again. Last month, when the agency sent Special Agents Larry, Moe, and Shemp to the home of a law-abiding Delaware gun owner, without a search warrant, with orders to inspect his guns without letting constitutional rights get in their way, they should have been prepared for some blowback.

We certainly were when we broke the story. However, no one could have predicted the magnitude of the boom, because the entire “voluntary interview,” as ATF later called it, was captured on video.

Now, the whole country is talking about ATF’s surprise raid, what it says about the agency and the constitutional violations that were aplenty. Once again, ATF has become a laughingstock – the butt of a hundred jokes. Once again, the agency has resecured its position as the pariah of federal law enforcement.

The post-raid chatter got so loud, that ATF’s newly minted director, Steve Dettelbach had to try to salvage at least a small piece of his new agency’s tarnished reputation. After all, he started on the very day los tres idiotas were begging and pleading for just a peek at a serial number or two.

Dettelbach had to reassure Joe, Kamala, Gabby, and the others who put him in charge that he was a real leader. He had to tamp down the laughter and stop the chatter. So, what did he do? He sent in the pamphleteers, of course.

Dettelbach chose a Virginia gun show as the site for his first-ever public relations campaign. He issued seven-year-old flyers titled “ATF Myths – Not everything you hear is true” to a team of handpicked staffers, whom he ordered to circulate and make nice-nice with the gun owners attending the show.

To be clear, ATF’s flyers are chock-full of lies and half-truths. NRA already published a vicious point-by-point analysis of their content, which they called “Busting ATF’s ‘Myth’-Busting.” The piece is about as subtle as a sucking chest wound, and it shoots Dettelbach’s PR campaign down in flames.

Unanswered questions

My question to Dettelbach, should he ever learn how to pick up a phone and return a call, is why pamphlets? Did he not want to reach more than 50 people?

The first American newspaper, Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick, was published in 1690, and we’ve been mass communicating ever since. If he is really interested in discussing what happened, all he has to do is call. The word will certainly get out.

The conduct of Dettelbach’s agents raises serious questions and concerns: Are these warrantless home invasions going to continue? What are the agents’ rules of conduct? What happens if a homeowner refuses to comply? And why isn’t anyone willing to talk about them – what are they hiding? These questions need to be answered before someone gets hurt.

You can tell a lot about a leader based on how they react when their people screw up – especially if they make national news. Right now, all we’re getting from ATF’s newest director are dusty handbills and unreturned phone calls.

Dettelbach owes the public answers. He works for us, after all. He may be a good leader. ATF could certainly use one. Unfortunately, right now, it appears he is more interested in shielding his agents from public scrutiny rather than the unconstitutionality of their actions or our right to feel secure in our homes.

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About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

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BATF showed up at my house several years ago with a U.S. Marshal. They wanted me to “allow” them to search my house because of an “anonymous” tip. I basically, and politely, told them to go piss up a rope. If what they said was true (big if), then it had to be from my psycho ex who was threatened by the family court judge with jail time for defaming me in front of my daughter. Before the Feds left, I asked the BATF agent, a really attractive and well “put together” blonde, if her daddy knew what she was… Read more »


Whatever law enforcement agency shows up at a residence they will not be alone, It will be well thought out while most / even criminals will be caught off guard. That is what they hope for sergeant Joe Friday aint coming in 2022 with officer Frank Ganan. Unless you are aware that you are a target of any law enforcement department / heed this warning they have some things that most americans do not have / Then their is the issue they are empowered by the law. No matter what non compliance is good for them. A person can me… Read more »


“What happens if a homeowner refuses to comply?” Answer: at 0300 the BATFE SWAT team will arrive at your front door, knock and the lead agent will mumble: “Federal Agent; open the door”. After a two second delay, the door will be knocked in by means of a steel battering ram. Your two dogs will be killed as they were a threat to the agents (they’re covered from head to toe in ballistic armor). If you show up with a firearm, you will be shot dead by the time your family members are handcuffed and kneeling on the living room… Read more »


“. . . the BATFE SWAT team will arrive at your front door . . .”   What is more likely: “. . . the BATFE SWAT team, accompanied by employees of your local sheriff department, will arrive at your front door . . . “   Then there will be a chest-thumping press release: The Constitution-abiding “civilian” was brutally assaulted and kidnapped as a part of the joint federal, state, and local Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) Program, the centerpiece of the Department of Justice’s criminal enterprise efforts. PSN is a subjective program proven to be effective at persecuting those people,… Read more »

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Wild Bill

If the porch light above your front door hangs down, you can take an old fashioned incandescent light bulb; carefully make a small hole in the glass by the area where the metal threads are, thus letting air in the bulb; use a syringe to put some gasoline in the bulb almost up to the filament; put tape over the hole so the gasoline does not evaporate; reinsert the modified bulb into the socket. Put a piece of tape over the inside porch light switch for safety. At 0300 your dogs bark alerting you. You go to the door to… Read more »

Last edited 5 days ago by Wild Bill

That’s pretty slick. Can you imagine the expressions on those scumbags faces ?

Wild Bill

It is just a hypothetical for academic discussion, only.

Wild Bill
Wild Bill

” …Once again, the agency has resecured its position as the pariah of federal law enforcement.” Say again lima whiskey … over.


Defund the infringers. Abolish the Unconstitutional agency.

Wild Bill

Yes, but what is “resecured”?


I posted this whole report waiting approval

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has created a permanent division that will oversee mail-in ballots beginning with this year’s midterm election.
The Election and Government Mail Services unit will oversee “election mail strike teams” in local communities to deal with possible problems, according to Adrienne Marshall, executive director of the newly created division.
“We are fully committed to the secure and timely delivery of the nation’s election mail,” she told media outlets on July 27.
Several months ago, the Biden administration requested $5 billion to support the USPS’s mail-in voting operations over the next 10 years.


I posted a news story you should read “waiting approval” here and at David Codrea article “it is the full monty”


Perhaps we need to declare our property as a ‘Safe Place’ and keep them out.


You don’t have a right to feel any certain way.

Anti-gunners constantly parade some blubbering kid around whining about how they have a right to “feel” safe. It’s feelings over facts, the Democrat motto. Using their warped lingo promotes warped logic.

The Fourth Amendment says you have a right to be secure in your house. How you feel is immaterial.

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do you ever hear batfe investigating anything but firearms? what about the alcohol and tobacco investigations, why do we not hear about them? change the name to BAFFA, bureau of anti-firearm and freedom activity, that would be more accurate.


Sure enough. And it could be argued that they have no constitutional authority to investigate anything to do with alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or explosives. Strikes me that these are all usurped powers, under either the guise of taxation or Federal Police (e.g.,Geheime Staatspolizei) doing whatever suits their whim.


1st priority after November elections;
Defund the ATF

Henry Bowman

Just abolish the BATF already!! Abolish them and repeal/nullify all gun control ‘laws’!!!

GOA Stop Biden

Henry Bowman,Rescind NFA while at it. Abolishing ATF,rescinding NFA will be a wonderful thing.

Henry Bowman

That was implicit when I wrote “repeal/nullify ALL gun control ‘laws’“.

Troops Obeying Orders Citizens Gun Laws.png

I’d like a link I can go to. What you supplied isn’t one.


A link to what? He underlined a quote for emphasis.

Henry Bowman

No link was offered because none is needed. I think we can all agree that a picture is worth 1000 words.


The B of A T F and E
Is the USA’s true enemy.
Their crimes go unpunished
Not even admonished
So disbanding’s the real remedy.

Our work is done ATF flag.png

fbi needs to be replaced with a responsible agency too

Henry Bowman

Nope, no replacement, just abolition!


Why? Maybe we just need to disband the whole Federal Government and start over with square one and follow the US Constitution. Actually FOLLOW it. As it was intended. Instead of the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto.

Wild Bill

Yes, maybe. Here is another bureaucrat unmasked:



My belief as well. It’s grown too big, too out of control. Fire every single one and start over. Those that try to argue, hang.


Our federal government is now worse than any gangsters in the history of our country. The atf should be disbanded for criminal abuse of the us constitution and the rights of all Americans. How many dangerous webs the government weaves as it practices to deceive the American taxpayer. Some now understand that the federal government no longer represents the people they represent the global elite. Our election process is tanited the lie continues by Liz Cheney and her band of nitwits that think we the American people do not understand what has taken place. If the midterms become a battle… Read more »


After the NJ governor race in 2021 I can not rule out election fraud on a level never seen before. Democratic states are now going into emergency status do to a virus can you believe that another virus.

can you say venezuela? there is no chance maduro won but there was more votes than registered voters bet the count in nj would show the same


Those illegals have rights. So they have a right to vote. Imagine that. lol


There is a reason that “they” don’t listen to the people anymore. There is a reason they ignore the provisions of the 2nd amendment. The reason is that the lynch pins to the Constitution were removed in 1903 & 1913. In 1903 the blatantly UNconstitional Dick Act, which was a blatant act of TREASON, eviscerated states rights with the ending of STATE militias. Those first 13 words of the 2nd Amendment are perhaps the most IMPORTANT 13 words in the whole Constitution. A well regulated MILITIA being NECESSARY for the SECURITY of a FREE State. It is the ONLY place the… Read more »


Spot on & good night.