Biden Doubles Down on Threat to ‘Ban Assault Weapons’

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Joe Biden is doubling down on his threat to ban so-called “assault weapons” if Democrats retain control of Congress. IMG NRA

U.S.A.-( Joe Biden is doubling down on his threat to ban so-called “assault weapons”—a term even the Associated Press advises against using—and the key to getting this done, according to a weekend tweet, is to “elect more Democrats to the Senate and keep the House Democratic.”

Biden was at a Democratic National Committee grassroots rally in Maryland, where he told the audience, “We just passed the first significant gun safety legislation in 30 years in this country. And I promise you, we’re not stopping here. I’m determined to ban assault weapons in this country.”

However, according to a report in American Military News, when Biden led the effort in 1994 to pass a ten-year ban on semi-auto rifles and standard capacity magazines, the results were inconclusive as to whether the ten-year prohibition actually accomplished anything. The story referred to a 2004 report in the Washington Times, which had obtained a then-unreleased copy of a report by the Department of Justice National Institute of Justice. That report stated, “We cannot clearly credit the ban with any of the nation’s recent drop in gun violence. And, indeed, there has been no discernible reduction in the lethality and injuriousness of gun violence.”

And according to a 2021 report by, “President Joe Biden claims the 10-year assault weapons ban that he helped shepherd through the Senate as part of the 1994 crime bill ‘brought down these mass killings.’ But the raw numbers, when adjusted for population and other factors, aren’t so clear on that.”

In Maryland, Biden pledged, “Will we be a nation of unity, of hope, of optimism, not a nation of violence, anger, hatred, and division.”

Yet he immediately promised to make political war on essentially one-third of the population because they are gun owners. Millions of them own modern semi-auto rifles, which Biden has vowed to ban during his presidency. He has never backed away from that position, and he is making it clear if Democrats retain control of Capitol Hill, he intends to make that one of his legacy accomplishments.

However, there may be political and judicial storm clouds on his horizon. In late June, a week after handing down the landmark ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, the Supreme Court granted certiorari (review) to four significant Second Amendment cases including a case from Maryland known as Dominic Bianchi et al. v. Brian E. Frosh et al., led by the Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The case challenges the Maryland ban on so-called “assault weapons.”

The court vacated the original ruling by the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and remanded it back for reconsideration “with instructions that it apply the justices’ broad interpretation of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms,” according to the Maryland Daily Record. Because the Supreme Court granted certiorari, it’s a certainty that if the case comes back, the court will hear arguments and then hand down an opinion whether such firearms are protected by the Second Amendment.

It would be impossible to ban a type of firearm protected by the Second Amendment.

In Maryland, Biden told his audience, “This November, we have to ask every candidate, ‘are you for banning assault weapons or not?’ and If you’re not, we’re not going to vote for you. Period.”

Grassroots gun rights activists look at the issue differently. Candidates who do support a ban on semi-auto rifles are the ones to vote against in November. One good way to identify those individuals is whether they are identified as “gun sense candidates” by the various lobbying groups, as noted in GUNS Magazine.

Biden and other anti-gunners are pulling out all the stops.

On Sept. 15, according to The Guardian, Biden is hosting a White House “summit…aimed at combating hate-fueled violence.” High on the agenda of this “United We Stand” event is so-called “gun violence.”

The Guardian report says Biden “will deliver a keynote speech at the gathering, which the White House says will include civil rights groups, faith leaders, business executives, law enforcement, gun violence prevention advocates, former members of violent hate groups, the victims of extremist violence and cultural figures.” Noticeably absent from that list are representatives from the firearms industry and gun rights organizations.

The Federalist reports two new studies suggesting white people own guns and oppose gun control legislation because they are racists.

The political rhetoric is clearly ramping up in preparation for what is likely to be a bare-knuckles battle over control of Congress, which will be the only way to derail Biden’s gun control agenda. If Democrats are still in charge after November, Biden evidently figures there will be nothing stopping him.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Idaho Bob

Unified Nation? I cannot be united with people: 1) Who don’t know what a woman is. 2) Who think men can get pregnant. 3) Who allow full grown men dressed as women to parade partially nude, or fully nude, in front of their children. 4) Who only allow free speech when it is officially approved by their ideology. 5) Who want to take my ability to own firearms from me because guns are scary (except when their body guards are armed). 6) Who have no respect for the founding Fathers and the Constitution. 7) Who hate God. I can disagree… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by Idaho Bob
Wild Bill

That is well said!



It’s too far gone.


This deserves some commentary.


Boom, what do you think about that idiot in the WH?

Wild Bill

His handlers have lots of weapons at their disposal: the house, the Senate; lots of rinos; the deep state; and of course, the puppet himself.
If we don’t stick together and work hard, we are in trouble.

Roland T. Gunner

I’m nobody, but I would not piss on him if his diaper was on fire.


“Weapons of war” in the hands of civilians is literally the point of the Second Amendment.


Considering the Bruen decision it would seem any ban would be unconstitutional


As we’ve seen some leftist state (Ca. N.Y.) legislators have been trying very hard to find ways to get around Bruen. Even if they are found to be unconstitutional (of course) they will buy another couple of years to infringe on our rights.

Roland T. Gunner

Haven’t we been saying that since 1934?


Laws don’t matter. One way or another… That’s what we’re seeing.

…just like they said…… “By any means necessary.”

Ppl keep thinking these cool new supreme court ruling are going to save us. They’re not.

Roland T. Gunner

I hate this! I know “AFT” has their nose up my ass; but I can’t help myself: i LIKE my nation “divided”. There is “free” and there is tyrrany. If you are on the other side of the divide, it is because you are on the WRONG side, against freedom. I HATE that arrogant, STUPID sonofabitch usurper in OUR White House, Well, I just deleted about 5 page-inches of text, before the bottom of my bottle of scotch got me a 3rd visit from those Nazi assholes. If you are a current or former LEO who comes on here to… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by Roland T. Gunner

Gunner. They do indeed, eat their own!

Roland T. Gunner

Their mothers should have drowned them at birth.


A couple of points. 1) yes joe we can imagine what you can do if ya get total control of the HoR and the senate – y’all had that in barky’s first term, how did that work out? 2) the “results were inconclusive” regarding the ’94 AWB – IIRC there was a grand total of FOURTEEN convictions under its provisions. I call that pretty conclusive in how ‘effective’ it was. Never mind that slow joe STILL cannot come up with a cohesive definition of what an “assault weapon” is any more now than he could in ’94 but he sure… Read more »


More of the left accusing the right of what it does. So tired of the lies and BS. I hope they don’t have it rigged to the point that they win again. All MAGA people are racists bla bla bla etc. etc. etc. and all the media channels push it. They are on a path to make it where anyone in opposition of what the left believes is a terrorist and needs to be eliminated. We cannot let them run over us like that. It has to stop or we will become the NWO that the left wants so much.… Read more »


Sometimes it’s our own children who push for the leftists agenda. That would make me sad (and sick).

Roland T. Gunner

My son knows better. He knows I would leave everything in a trust for my wienie dog.


You can’t own guns. You can’t own a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle. You can’t charge your electric vehicle without permission. You can’t work or travel or eat out unless you are vaccinated. You can’t say anything critical of the political left. You can’t pay for your children’s education unless you also pay for someone else’s. You can’t heat or cool your house as much as you want. You can’t … you can’t … your can’t … etc. etc. etc. One more: you can’t explain to me why some people vote the way they do. It is inexplicable.


Word to the wise, come this November just remember to “smell” the ballot; if it looks like, and smells like feces-it is! Keep putting these DemoRats in power, and we’re screwed!


I just don’t understand why anyone would vote for what they’re selling. They need to feed division, hate and anger to succeed. Along with massive smear campaigns against all rivals. It’s really sickening to watch…

Wild Bill

I think that you, both, have your finger on the pulse. I note with interest that Kevin Costner opens his big mouth and now “Yellowstone” is cancelled.

Wild Bill

I read it this morning on Yahoo news. Suspiciously … I can not find it again.
Your article in the October issue of Guns magazine on page 62 is terrific!


Mr Workman, thank you for another great article too.


Time to come home.


In Maryland, Biden pledged, “Will we be a nation of unity, of hope, of optimism, not a nation of violence, anger, hatred, and division.”

If that’s true then why does he express so much anger and hatred, cause so much division and apparently support violent groups such as antifa and blm?

Wild Bill

His handlers wrote one thing one day, and something else, after he had power.

Wild Bill

Dementia. I could be wrong.

Capn Dad

You’re assuming of course that biden is president….however he is merely the mouthpiece for the teenagers in the White House that are actually running the country.


No, I am sure that Biden is the official president. Who is actually making the decisions is a different issue and I’m sure it isn’t him. Besides, my statement said nothing about who is or isn’t president… just his statement and how it doesn’t match his actions.
Then again, if the quote in the article was actually quoted correctly, it was worded in the form of a question and not a statement… but that isn’t anything to be surprised about with Biden.


I’m not surprised. Biden was right at home in Moronland ! Drive through it, you’ll see what I mean. lol




Yes, they are the same people INFESTING the State. The wealthy from surrounding States are building new homes (NVR) in their little golf club communities. Wealthier Welfare recipients = Govt.employees. Also the need for illegals & legal immigrants, cheap labor. Build homes, cut grass, etc. I used to deliver these stick built prefab homes across the East Coast. Va, WV, Md, Del, Pa.

Last edited 6 months ago by Arny

There will be a swing back to Republican power but everthing we lose now will never be recovered no matter what promises are made. The convention of states could fix this corruption that has infected our representation. If we continue to trade R&D presidents but do nothing to purge the corrupt lifers in congress, we might as well give them up now.


A convention of states could fix things, but would it? Keep in mind who the Blue states will send. The same ultra leftist people they now send to Mordor. Who will the Purple states send? The same “moderate” go along to get along people they send to Mordor. Who will the Red states send? Maybe they’ll send people who want to put FedGov back in the box the Founders built for it. Then again, maybe they’ll send the people who have sold out for Federal grants to the states for our entire lifetimes. Don’t look for a convention of states… Read more »

Wild Bill

In an Article V convention, we could lose the entire Bill of Rights.


There is a reason George Soros is is such a big supporter and promoter of an article V convention of states.

Wild Bill

Yes, at the last convention of states, the delegates through out the Articles of Confederation and set up the nation for the War Between the States.


We must be me more active in supporting politicians who support the Constition and the 2A!

Roland T. Gunner

Are “politicians who are active in supporting the Constitution and the 2A” really a thing? Because I’m not seeing them.

Matt in Oklahoma

Maybe he ought to worry more about Buffalo hats cause last I looked that was what took them out


What is all this nonsense? The Bruen decision precludes banning types of firearms. The Marxist Democrats ignore court decisions they don’t like. They violate the law when doing so. Our federal government and some state governments controlled by Democrats are lawbreakers with little or no authoritative legitimacy. As a consequence, sadly, we are so close to states seceding and/or civil war.

2A Gun Guy



If it passes, does that mean the ATF won’t sell any more AR-15s or AK47s to drug cartels?


Awaiting for approval.


Joe’s acting like “Rs” do in power. “We’d like to keep our word but we don’t have enough majority yet. Send more $! Vote D!”

Last edited 7 months ago by Russn8r