Leaked Documents Show FBI’s Definition of a Militia Violent Extremist is YOU!

WASHINGTON, D.C. -(Ammoland.com)- Leaked Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) documents provided to AmmoLand News and posted on lawyer Steven Stamboulieh’s Twitter account show that the FBI considers most of the Second Amendment community to be possible Militia Violent Extremist (MVE).

The documents were sent to all ATF field offices to guide agents in identifying signs of what could be signs of MVE. These signs include the “Boogaloo” flag or terms like “Big Igloo.” The Boogaloo movement started as a meme referencing the 1980s movie, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, as the second American Civil war. The term has proliferated gun culture and taken on a life of its own.

Another symbol that might suggest an MVE to the FBI is the anarcho-capitalist (ancap) flag. The flag mixes yellow as a symbol of capitalism with the black flag of the anarchist. Anarcho-capitalist believes in replacing the state with minimized public service supplied by companies competing through the free market. Ancaps thinks the services will be cheaper and of higher quality due to competition instead of government monopolies.

The FBI also views the Punisher Skull as a sign of extremism. The skull comes from the Punisher comic book which anti-hero Frank Castle takes his murderous revenge on the criminal underworld. The skull has been used in several movies and a successful Marvel series. It has also been used by SEAL Team 3 and multiple law enforcement organizations, including the Punishers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. The Punishers LEMC has numerous FBI Agents as members.

Punisher Skull On Uvalde Police Officer's Phone Makes Headlines 2022
Punisher Skull On Uvalde Police Officer’s Phone Makes Headlines 2022

Another symbol that the FBI believes represents MVEs is the Spartan Helmet. This symbol has been used in many areas of mainstream culture. Hundreds of cross-fit gyms and “tough mudder” competitions use the helmet.

If someone participates in one of these races, they might be suspected of being an MVE by the FBI.

The FBI also considers any symbol referencing the Second Amendment as a sign of possible MVE.

Many gun community members have stickers or decals referencing the Second Amendment. Some think this is equivalent to a writer with a First Amendment sticker being considered an extremist because they COULD write something inflammatory. To many, this designation is problematic.

The resistor symbol is one of the most used symbols in electrical engineering and is found on nearly all electrical diagrams. According to the FBI document, the electrical resistor symbol could also signify an extremist. The Bureau claims that extremists use this electrical diagram as a sign of resistance. The FBI also claims that a black American flag or a black and white American flag could signify an MVE. The law enforcement agency says the flag means “no quarter given,” a well-known pirate term.

The FBI also claims that the historic Alamo flag is also a sign of violent extremism. The flag features a canon with the words “Come and Take It” printed below. The phrase comes from the last stand of the 300 Spartans against the Persian armies.

AmmoLand News MolonLabe Webpage Screengrab 8-2-22
AmmoLand News MolonLabe Webpage Screengrab 8-2-22

The FBI also considers the phrase “MolonLabe“, the tag line on the bottom of every page of AmmoLand News, as a sign of extremism because it translates to “Come and Take It.” It is also the slogan of the Greek Army.

According to the FBI, other imageries also indicate extremism, including iconic American symbols like the Gadsden Flag and the Tree of Liberty.

Both have been referenced by numerous books, TV shows, and movies throughout history. The Founding Fathers used both symbols as signs of resistance to British rule. Even more, puzzling is the inclusion of the Betsy Ross flag as a sign of possible extremism. The flag was one of the first American flags used after independence was declared from the British Crown.

The FBI also considers all revolutionary symbols as a sign of extremism. The FBI memo includes the exact image of the Minuteman used by the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL). Other gun groups use the Minuteman, such as Gun Owners of America (GOA). The Minuteman represents always being vigilant to safeguard our rights.

To the FBI, it means that you might be a violent extremist.

The document also contains several quotes from the founding fathers and text from the U.S. Constitution as signs of militia violent extremism. The quotes are numerous and well known is Second Amendment supporters. Also, the military’s oath during its swearing-in ceremony is considered a sign of extremism.

It also includes several people that, according to the document, are considered martyrs to the violent extremist, including Duncan Lamp, who was killed by police serving a warrant because Lamp had a gun that was illegal in Maryland, and Vicki Weaver, who was killed by an ATF sniper while holding her baby. Marvin Heemeyer is also listed. Heemeyer went on a rampage through a town in a “Killdozer.”

LaVoy Finicum, who the FBI shot during a siege at a wildlife refuge, made the list as an “MVE martyr.” Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed woman wrongly killed by Capitol Police during the J6 unrest, for which no one was held accountable, also is listed in the FBI document.

It also considers the Three Percenters to be part of militia violent extremism. The Light Foot Militia also gets that label along with Oath Keepers. Several high-profile Oath Keepers were arrested during the Capitol Protest over alleged voting irregularities. The FBI considers these groups to be a danger to the American public.

Most interestingly, the FBI considers talking about the ATF’s Waco Siege or Ruby Ridge as a sign of violent extremism.

The two events were the most significant failures in federal law enforcement history. The raid on the Waco compound to arrest David Koresh was done after notifying the press. Instead of arresting Koresh on his morning jog, the ATF brought in tanks. The ATF raided the compound because they believed the religious sect had machine guns. The report was false. After missteps, the ATF raided the compound and used flammable gas. The compound burned down, killing many men, women, and children.

At Ruby Ridge, an FBI sniper shot Randy Weaver’s pre-teen son and then killed his unarmed wife while she was holding a baby. The siege was over a sawed-off shotgun that an ATF confidential informant pressured Weaving into making. The agents that killed Vicki Weaver and her son were never named.

Many see this document as the FBI making Second Amendment supporters into an extremist. AmmoLand News reached out to the FBI for comment, but it was not returned at the time of publication.

FBI U LES Militia Violent Extremism Document Page 1
FBI U LES Militia Violent Extremism Document Page 1
FBI U LES Militia Violent Extremism Document Page 2

About John Crump

John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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The Crimson Pirate

A couple of things; The black flag does not symbolize “no mercy”. A solid red flag does. The term Jolly Roger actually derives from the French for “pretty red”. A pirate would raise his personal black flag on approaching potential prey in the hopes that they would surrender without a fight based on his reputation. Failing that he would strike that flag and raise a solid red flag signifying no quarter. The “come and take it” flag with the cannon is not an Alamo flag, it is the Goliad flag. At Goliad a small group of volunteers stood with their… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

They have weaponized the irs as well and not just by adding 86 thousand agents to audit every last person on the lower end of the pay scale but by actually arming them. America is RAPIDLY turning into a POLICE STATE. They are looking for any possible reason, no matter how illegal or assine to disarm the entire nation. No wonder they want to label us terrorists, they fear that the day will come when the American citizenry has had enough and will stand up and fight back. That is the very, the exact reason that the second amendment was… Read more »


The fbi and batfe will find after Trump’s reelection They Just Defecated in their cheerios ! Trump may get mad but he also gets even ! He also doesn’t forget .


Under the watchtower of supreme liberalism, even weekend campers are “investigated” as militias.


“When the government fears the people, you have liberty”. Sound familiar?


Kind of like DHS putting out an internal advisory that the Border Patrol would be most likely to support an armed insurrection. I guess being able to think freely without supervision terrifies the powers that be.

Wild Bill

Yes, and now with eighty-seven thousand new IRS agents coming on board, the government will be able to peer into the lives of every American, every year, through tax filings and financial records.


Yes, and the first person you see decides what is a legal and what is not. When you protest the second person can either support the wanted action or refuse it siding with you or compromise. If it were law there should be no compromise or agreement other than what the first person said if they were following a tax law as written. It’s a big scam. They are going to use the IRS to try and make us comply with their NWO. People get worried when they cannot work anymore, are retired and depend on seeing that check in… Read more »


I laugh the va calls why dont i use my benefits medicare sends letters irs asked why I did not take any of the handouts these agencies need to go


Yes, they want us depending on them for too much and anytime you do you sell your soul to them and become more dependent on them to the point that they have you by the BALLS and that is how they would like everyone to be. No independence. Don’t grow your own food, don’t raise your own meat and don’t have any chickens for eggs. Live in the city and don’t drive to the store take mass transit while I fly around in my jet spewing more carbon into the air on one trip than you do with your car… Read more »


The FBI is quickly gaining a reputation as a politically directed Gestapo and losing its good old, Elliott Ness reputation as the protector of a virtuous and honorable America. Of course, it would be a big error to think that it was ever pure and angelic. Crime investigation includes huge gateways to play both sides of the game.


and way too many power hungry nuts , Im arresting you for not having Id walking does not require id …dont get smart with me…many of them are so stupid that this remark has only one answer.. a cant get to your level of stupid…so anything I say will be to smart for you


and yes there are more than a few police that think you have to have Id at all times riding a horse nooo walking nooo riding a bike nooo they should really give an iq test to prospective police and a quiz on rights would cut down on bad incidents

Wild Bill

Yes, weed out the Barney Fifes.


Part of defunding the police is so that they can promote people that are not as qualified and they can create a force of people that just follow orders and don’t think. They are doing the same thing with our military.

Henry Bowman

This may as well be a SPLC handbill. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a left-wing hate group that is funded by leftist billionaires to demonize and marginalize conservatives and right-wing culture. In both this document and SPLC propaganda, we see the targeted behavior conflated with a bogeyman such as neo-nazis or KKK. In this instance, the bogeyman is “violent militias”.

This broad brush of tar is nothing less than outright slander.

Bad word to Tyrants [Militia] PNG.png
Wild Bill

Yes, and many libtards that have been programmed by the public school system will believe it.



Henry Bowman

Your remark is the exact opposite of the truth and shows what a communist pr!ck you are… It makes no sense whatsoever.

Billy Madison Game show host Everyone Dumber No Point God Have Mercy.png

My remark is a smart-ass remark. I would think you have read enough of my writing that you would have caught that. It’s how the left views the right. Double Standards. My remark only stands true for a deplorable like me while on the other hand and democrat could say it and it would be ok. Just like democrats don’t break the law while smoking crack, showing us guns and screwing a whore. Just like pelosi and obiden have their sons do business deals that undermine America and enrich their mommy and daddy’s. I am surprised that you would think… Read more »

Henry Bowman

When you say what a leftist POS would say, and make NO indication that you’re being sarcastic, mixups can happen. I’m on here rather often, but not so often that I catch what everyone’s saying… and I certainly do not read every comment closely enough to deduce when sarcasm is used.

That being said, I’ll remember in the future that you speak fluent carcasm and translate accordingly! Sorry for the rough treatment, and if the comments section allowed late-term deletions, I would remove it. Chalk this up to me not having enough coffee before reading comments….


LOL. NOT enough coffee and reading with only one eye. Can’t say I haven’t done that too. Take care.


Music,re-read your comment. I don’t suspect it came out as you intended at all.


Thanks Ope. I was being a smartass. Read what I said to Henry and it will be clear. Thanks for doing what he should have done.


“I like you, Music!” ~Ope-TEX-Bruce-Will-FordWill et ilk.



These are the people that have been on the forefront of changing meanings of words to attack our history . was the gay 90s a period of rampant homosexuality……..No it was a period of growth and prosperity the word gay was hijacked because the word queer which is descriptive of abnormal behavior, or dandy …the term common in the era before but turned by its use by regulars to disparage colonists into something else left homosexuals in need of a “nicer” term they dont like homo too literal needs to be flowery ….whatever …regulated meant practiced or timed so (a… Read more »

Idaho Bob

This isn’t a new idea on behalf of the leftist Government. While the Muslim in Chief was in office they released a document titled: Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment. Here is some of what this document used to determine if you are a right wing supremacist. if you are against abortion if you are against illegal immigration if you reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority if you are a Returning veteran if you don’t’ support governmental policy changes if you are focused on the economy if you are… Read more »


Wow, can you provide a link to this list? I knew that the muslim was racist because he promoted racism and divided our people with it but I never knew there was a list highlighting what the Marxist racist left think is a racist. Crazy.

If you don’t support governmental policy changes, if you are against the restrictions on firearms? Sounds more like Hitler to me than an American.

Idaho Bob

Cut and paste this: HSA_RightwingExtremism_Report_april2009 You can still download the document.


Thank you. I will check it out.