Madison Gun “Buyback”: 483 Firearms Turned Over

Screen shot from video released by Dane County Sheriff’s Office

U.S.A.-(– Video and numbers from the gun turn-in event organized by the Dane County Sheriff’s office in Madison, Wisconsin, on August 13, 2022, have been released. The Orwellian term “buyback” was used, although the guns had never been owned by the police. You cannot “buyback” something you never owned.

There is a video released by the Sheriff’s Office of the guns turned in, shown at

The haphazard and careless display of jumbled long guns makes identification most problematic.  There appeared to be at least one M1 Carbine, one of the Lee Enfield Service rifles, and, likely, a Springfield 03 or 03A3 service rifle.

Included in the jumble of long guns were a smattering of air guns. There were numerous shotguns and .22 rifles.

As reported by

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office shared the following details about the event:

  • 266 cars came to the event
  • 577 total weapons were surrendered, including:
    • 333 long guns, including rifles, shotguns and 11 assault-style rifles
    • 95 handguns, including revolvers and semi-automatic pistols
    • 93 pellet/BB/paintball guns
    • One crossbow pistol
    • 55 homemade weapons (3D, slam guns)
    • 380 lbs. of miscellaneous ammunition

The Sheriff’s Office stated $43,380 in gift cards were handed out.

From the numbers reported by the Sheriff’s Office, there were 483 firearms of all types turned in at the event.

Over eleven percent of the firearms turned in were homemade (ghost) guns.

There was no information about how much was handed out for the homemade firearms. The advertising for the event stated $200 would be paid for “ghost guns”.

AmmoLand welcomes comments from anyone with personal knowledge of the event.

There was local opposition to the event. Anthony Hamilton is running for Sheriff to replace Sheriff Barrett this November. From

“This event was virtue signaling and political theater of the absolute worst kind,” Hamilton said, standing in Olin Park in Madison next to two damaged stolen cars that he called “a symbol of the failure of political infection in policing.”

“That money could have been better spent to make a real difference and save lives,” the candidate said. “Nearly all of these guns were handed over by older white women. Not the demographic the sheriff said he was after.”

Sheriff Kalvin Barrett issued a statement in defense of the event. From

“We’re very pleased with the results from this effort to interrupt the access to guns in our community,” Sheriff Kalvin Barrett said in a statement. “It’s important to remember that we will never know if we have prevented an injury or death. We can’t measure something that did not happen. But by providing this opportunity for people to safely dispose of their unwanted firearms, we can undoubtedly say that these guns will never be used in a crime, a suicide, a domestic violence incident or an accident.”

Academic studies universally show these events to have no effect on crime or suicide rates.  Proponents often claim their purpose is “to make a statement” or to “do something”.

Sheriff Kalvin Barrett made this statement:

“There has been a lot of talk about this being the end all be all for all gun violence. But in reality, its not. It is a piece to the pie of the societal issues that we have. Not only here  in Dane County, but throughout our nation, nationwide.”

Dane County Supervisor Rick Rose indicated the message given was the important thing. In a interview, he said:

 “For us, there is the message that we care.”

Rose then claimed conversations on the way to and from turning in guns would include:

“.. the importance and the metaphor of turning in a gun.”

Several sources report media was banned from the event.

The Sheriff claimed the ban was out of a desire to protect the anonymity of participants.

The decision to ban media appears to have been made after the Sheriff’s political opponent, Anthony Hamilton, criticized the event.

Two hundred sixty-six vehicles were reported as showing up for the event. Most participants did not have to leave their vehicle for a deputy to retrieve the guns and ammunition from the cargo area.

Some private purchasers worked the line, offering more money than the County was. They left when the police asked them to leave.

The ban on media seems to have been effective in minimizing the reports of private purchasers.

According to a source in the Sheriff’s department, other private purchasers worked from the parking lot of a nearby private hotel. This correspondent did not find any media mentioning this.

At about 2:10 in the NBC15 video, it is reported:

The Sheriff said no stolen guns were found. When a reporter asked him if all the guns were registered, he said information was still being gathered and would be shared in the future.

Not reported:

Very few guns are required to be  “registered” in Wisconsin. It would be difficult to find a “registered” gun in Wisconsin, especially at an anonymous “buyback”.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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Over ONE MILLION firearms are sold each month, so 483 broken, obsolete or unwanted firearms are nothing. The advertising that it was a HUGE sucess by excluding other buyers seems unamerican. The most worrisome part is the question whether police are being groomed to confiscate weapons.


The most worrisome part is the question whether police are being groomed to confiscate weapons. this does seem like what these are about one more step in the dismantling of the republic….. another strange thing notice the actions and random words spellcheck tries to insert that have nothing to do with what you have written it tried to insert televangelism in place of dismantling of the republic wtf?

Wild Bill



Bill, we’re you actually able to decipher that?


Molón Labe…..


The streets of Madison, Wisconsin will be so much safer now! NOT!


gang members wont get shot by old ladies as they pedal drugs on the corner(it is wisconson old biddies could be cooking meth)


Madison is a “college town”, I’m glad those guns are not in the hands of college professors or students. Little old ladies turned in their deceased husbands old hunting rifles.


Ope….I know you’re sarcastic – lotsa THAT on here…but yes, Madison IS a teeny-tiny -hopefuly safer place with 333 long guns off the street, and 95 pistols off the street. WTH? Isn’t THAT better’n letting them get passed from the “I DON’T WANT THIS GUN’ owner over to the drug dealer on the corner for $50. Why not have the city suck this shit off the streets from those idiots who are untrained, unknowledgeable, or stupid. I don’t get you guys who think it’s infringing on YOUR rights to have the cops take unwanted guns from voluntarily stupid people.. Snide… Read more »


Crickets..just THiNK about it. Fewer bad-guy guns on the street, less chance YOU would be staring down the barrel of one…

Wild Bill

Fewer bad guys on the street is different from fewer guns in public hands.

Wild Bill

It is not the number of firearms out of the hands of criminals that matters, but rather how those firearms were taken from the criminals. The procedures that takes guns away can become a bigger threat to law abiding people that the criminals. Our founding fathers understood that, and that is why they set up Constitution that requires government on every level to follow the process that is due to each and every citizen. So called buy-backs are governmental use of tax dollars to achieve social engineering. The cover story of “public safety” is a form of government deception known… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Wild Bill

Wonder if Alec sold the pistol from Rust at this buyback bullshit ? Virtue signaling and deception is all this theater event provides. Not one bit of safety will be then end result but NBC had fun peddling the deception and lies .


The public (Sheep) will swallow this B.S. hook, line and sinker and then vote for the lying hack for sheriff. Mission accomplished.


Lots of shotguns,…one or two looks sawed off!


According to Bruen that should be allowed now.
Let’s see what happens to the NFA….


l’m confused. Were the guns:

  1. Bought Back?
  2. Turned in/over?
  3. surrendered?

Can’t be all three.


Boz, I guess #2 would be the closest. Sure ain’t #1 or #3.


I can, with almost a 100% certainty, state “that these guns would have never be used in a crime, a suicide, a domestic violence incident or an accident.”
Fixed it for you. You’re welcome.

Doug G.

I got a kick out of this statement. ““We’re very pleased with the results from this effort to interrupt the access to guns in our community,” Sheriff Kalvin Barrett said in a statement. “It’s important to remember that we will never know if we have prevented an injury or death. We can’t measure something that did not happen…”
But they can sure blame lawful gun owners for what they think will happen. How many times have we heard, “blood in the streets” and “turning cities into the wild west”?

Wild Bill

We can measure, by counting, every crime that was not prevented because someone did not have a gun. Twist that logic sheriff.

That politician needs to be defeated in the next election.


I wonder if the LEO would be interested in selling the ENFIELD stock ? lol


Convince me where I am wrong:
I think BuyBacks are GOOD. They get guns away from those who either don’t want them, don’t know how to use them, or are in a dangerous place and want them gone! We should rejoice in that the guns are not available to nut jobs, crooks, or thieves. In fact, in MY perfect world, ALL guns would be Bought Back….except for THE ONE I WILL HAVE. Now THAT would reduce gun crimeA bit extreme, but you get the picture.

Wild Bill

So called buy back programs remove guns used in crimes from ever being found and used as evidence.

The same reason that your gun should be last is the very reason that our guns should be last.

Buy back is a malapropism because the buyer never owned it before. Gun crime is a propaganda phrase because it paints an untruthful picture in the mind. Guns do not commit crime.


Wild’re missing the point. Semantics about ownership is a waste of our time. And Guns shooting by themselves is an argument for the uninitiated- which everyone on here are not. Point is, some people have guns left to them from a previous owner/possessor and THEY DON’T WANT THEM, for whatever reason. So they are left under the bed- on in the closet- or in the glove box- or on the shelf…(maybe because they are afraid to even touch them?) but available for some untrained kid or visitor or burglar to take and add to those “on the street” and… Read more »


P.S. Actual occurrence. A friend of mine died recently. He owned 7 pistols and 3 long guns. His wife said she “wanted them gone”. No, she didn’t need $$$ nor want to sell them”just make them gone”. She was not trained, never had used any of them, and had no interest in them. So now they are ‘gone’ …. to someone who can keep them safe and away from kids, strangers, and thugs.

Wild Bill

I’m thinking that if all you want to do is make a market for those that do not want guns, obtained by inheritance, then it should not be government that makes that market. Markets already exist.

So called buy-backs are not good for all the reasons that I mentioned. Weighing all of those situations against the one narrow reason that you specify, I have to think that the weight of the argument goes against a public created market.


Well, Bill, you didn’t “convince me’ by 1. inheritance market? 2. Police solving crimes with old guns? 3. Any of “all the reasons’ you stated..???/What reasons? Semantics of true ‘ownership’? First, let me say, I know you are one of the Old Horses on this site – and well respected – and I respect you and your thoughts. Nothing personal. But one final question to ATTEMPT to make my point. Is there a better chance today to be able to walk the streets of Madison and not get assaulted than there was yesterday? Because in Madison, there are 333 fewer… Read more »

Doug G.

I think you may be on to something there. What if gun owners came out in favor of these compensated confiscations (and to help change the term Buyback) for the reasons that you stated? Wouldn’t the left then do the exact opposite? Buy guns for the elderly! Which is an underserved population and most affected by the rise in crime.
The progressive left are simpleminded people and very predictable in everything but the twisted and looney things they see as problems and the twisted and looney solutions they come up with. Those are almost always a surprise to rational people.

Wild Bill

I like that asymmetrical thinking. If a someone gets a $10,000 loan to buy college credits, and the government forgives that loan, then maybe I could get a loan to buy $10,000 worth of guns, and the government would forgive that loan, too!


Doug, I seriously doubt the Left would but guns for ANYONE. They hate them and want ALL if them gone…. except for the Elitists personal protection detail, of which none of us are….


Won’t it suck for the person who turned in their only means of self defense should they get robbed or killed after doing so. But then we will never know that either.