Maloney’s Last-Second Gun Control Hail Mary

By Larry Keane

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New York is an anti-gun dystopia. IMG iStock-884181314

U.S.A. -( U.S Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) is in the fight for her political life. She’s trying one last Hail Mary to win over gun control-minded primary voters in her bout against Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.).

Rep. Maloney has used the firearm industry as a political football in her primary campaign. Now, she’s introducing legislation to punish firearm manufacturers.

Favored Target

Rep. Maloney chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. She’s used her perch to launch attacks against the lawful firearm industry, including holding a show hearing and demanding industry executives answer her leading and inaccurate questions. She tried to paint their lawful businesses – and the millions of law-abiding Americans who purchase their firearms – as responsible for criminal acts perpetrated by those who break the law.

“The gun industry is profiting off the blood of innocent Americans,” Rep. Maloney proclaimed.

Chairwoman Maloney introduced a legislative package attacking the firearm industry in the waning days of her primary against Rep. Nadler, where polling has shown him as the heavy favorite. The bill has no chance of becoming law.

“Today’s legislation responds directly to findings from my Committee’s investigation showing that the top assault weapon manufacturers have collected more than $1 billion in revenue selling assault weapons to civilians, while refusing to track the crimes carried out with these weapons,” Rep. Maloney said in a press release.

She’s referring to the record numbers of Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) that Americans legally purchased over the past several years. Industry data shows there are now more than 24.4 million MSRs in circulation since the 1990s, demonstrating the popularity of the firearm. That figure includes more than 4.5 million since 2020.

Tax and Track

Rep. Maloney’s gun control package includes two bills. The first, the Firearm Industry Fairness Act,  mandates a new 20 percent tax on the total revenue of firearm manufacturers who make MSRs, or the AR-15-style semiautomatic rifles she erroneously calls “assault weapons.” The tax is not just on MSR sales but on total revenue. Not surprisingly, the funds would “be used to prevent gun violence and support victims.” Rep. Maloney doesn’t say how she would go after criminals who break the law to prevent them from committing crimes.

Firearm and ammunition manufacturers already pay excise taxes on the firearms and ammo they make, supported by law-abiding Americans who buy them. That total has added up to more than $15.3 billion since 1937.

The second bill, the Firearm Industry Crime and Trafficking Accountability Act,  would make it a requirement that every firearm manufacturer create a tracking database system that allows them to track crimes committed with guns they have sold. This disregards the Department of Justice (DOJ) Bureau of Justice Statistics report that shows 90 percent of felons convicted of a crime involving a firearm admit they obtained it illegally.

Whose Responsibility?

Congresswoman Maloney has served Washington, D.C., since 1993. She’s looking to serve for an eleventh term and casting blame for the crime problem in the wrong place. Crime is particularly important to her New York City voters. Blaming the lawful firearm industry for the actions of criminals, however, is misguided and does nothing to protect her voters.

Rep. Maloney ignores the fact that firearms lawfully sold at retail, where the buyer passes an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification, amount to only a tiny sliver of the guns used to commit crimes according to recent data.  Even Rep. Maloney’s own mayor, New York City’s Democratic Mayor Eric Adams, understands. He criticized the soft-on-criminal approach in his own city, complaining, “How do you take a gun law seriously when the overwhelming numbers are back on the streets after carrying a gun?”

It’s late in the game for Rep. Maloney as Election Day is here. Her gun control antics might work in a New York City Democratic primary, and the seat will stay Democratic. Across the country, though, millions of law-abiding Americans have shown they don’t want more gun control.

NSSF reminds voters to #GUNVOTE at the polls in November.

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Disarming the law-abiding has always been dems convoluted way of “saving lives” as they put it. Meanwhile the killing of unborn and the just born seems to bear no resemblance to those kinds of life.
These grandstanding politicians and bureaucrats who pass judgment and blame on others when their failure to legislate evil never works.

uncle dudley

The people of that district didn’t have much of a choice between these two old gas bags for office, what a shame a younger person didn’t get off their butt to mount a challenge against the senior citizen candidates who have been in congress for too long.


Every time I hear the names, Maloney, Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi, and POS McConnell,etc etc etc,.. and so many others, I immediately think term limits, or lack of term limits ! Why isn’t there term limits? ,


Today it looks like she’s out 24hrs later


Now, replace Nadler with a GOP pick.


That would be just great. However, NYC is congenital Dem territory. Any GOP running for office there (Staten Island excepted) is only a sacrificial lamb.


The sugar industry is benefiting of the deaths of obese and diabetic Americans. Go after them.

Wild Bill

Yes, sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Food companies have been working hard to figure out ways of putting sugar in their products, for its addictive properties, since the the 1890s


Am I the only one who can’t stand NYS Keep voting the same and the same crap will continue to happen.


It would seem to me that the passage of taxes to influence or inhibit
the rights of American citizens must already be illegal. The act of
diminishing any portion of the bill of rights is to be viewed as treason.


During the debate for this election, Nadler was asked what he considered to be his greatest achievement in his congressional career . . . his answer was that his greatest achievement was impeaching BUSH twice a few years ago.

Last edited 3 months ago by KK

How could the world have been so brutal and violent a long time ago when there were no GUNS to go around committing violence and killing everyone? And how come GUNS nowadays aren’t roaming the countryside killing everyone, and prefer to concentrate around inner city minority neighborhoods creating havoc with their “GUN VIOLENCE”? I do admit that there IS the random “LONE GUN” that floats into a place where there will be no competition guns shooting back, like in a school. But that is rare compared to the everyday city scourge by guns. Back in the old days, there were… Read more »


She couldn’t outnadle the nadler.