Ammo InStock: CCI Rifle Benchrest Primers 1,000/Box ~ $149.99 Coupon CODE

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CCI Rifle Benchrest Primers Sale aug2022

USA – -( Brownells has rifle Primers in stock!! Get on them while you can. Pick up a 1000 PC box of CCI Rifle Benchrest Primers for $149.99 after coupon code “AMMOLAND15” at check out. Brownells Edge Members get FREE Shipping on all their orders, but Hazardous shipping charges do apply.

CCI Rifle Benchrest Primers

In benchrest competition, there’s no such thing as a group that’s “too small.” Everything has to be tuned to the highest degree to produce match-winning results. That’s why CCI makes Benchrest primers. Only the most experienced skilled personnel put the priming mix in the cups, so you get the same flame, shot after shot. CCI also uses specially selected cups and anvils for added consistency. An independent researcher identified the use of CCI Benchrest primers as one of two factors that were the most significant contributors to tiny groups. We can’t add much to that!

  • Incredibly consistent ignition power
  • Selected metal parts
  • Each primer marked with a “B” for quick identification
  • Use the same data as CCI Standard (non-Magnum) primers

REMEMBER: There is a UPS Hazardous charge per package for powder or primers. Powder and primers may be shipped together in the same package. Powder, primers or ammunition may NOT be shipped out of the United States.

Ammo InStock: CCI Rifle Benchrest Primers 1,000/Box ~ $149.99 CODE

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No F-ing Way!!! I will never do business with Brownells after seeing their price gouging and profiteering by way of the Covid B.S. scam.


$150+$20 for hazmat? Isn’t it more economical to buy ready made ammunition?


A point I’ve made several times in conversation with fellow reloaders in my area. I paid about $35/1000 pre -scamdemic, but these prices are sheer USURY. I could understand prices doubling, but quadrupling?
It’s f**king ridiculous.


I’m old enough to remember when you could buy 5000 primers for $30 . . . that was back in the mid ’70s. If it was only inflation, the current price would be maybe 6 or 7 times what it was back then, not 25 times higher.

And, sadly, aside from primers, Brownell’s isn’t the same company it was even 10 years ago.


I was once invited to a meeting between my dad’s belt and my young behind for bringing home a $0.28 loaf of bread. At the time, Sunoco 260 (younger readers are welcomed to look that up) was going for $0.32 per gallon.

Those days are gone and will not return.

If you need primers, suck it up and “buy the dips” when they occur. But don’t go without stuff you need to defend you and yours just to prove a point.


Absolutely absurd pricing! Brownie does it again. They seem to fascinated with the acronym BOHICA. They do sell reamers, don’t they?


They’re not alone in this Usery unfortunately.


Brown smells and this is proof of that . If it smells like shit then most likely its shit . Gouging is the way that Brown smells like shit daily . F-ck Brownells it smells like shit !


Nope, my reloading room will have to stay dark.


I was in one of my local gun stores a week ago and passed up primers for $75/1000. That’s a real bargain compared to Brownells!


None of my local gun shops have had primers in over a year. One of the shops is deleting all of his reloading supplies to lack of sales, mostly do to the lack of primers.

Now days reloading only makes sense for vintage and keeping less popular calibers usable.


And people were complaining when they were $85.00 lol