Got My Copy of 2022 Blue Book of Gun Values

2022 Blue Book of Gun Values
2022 Blue Book of Gun Values

USA – -(  Every year, I look forward to getting my newest copy of Blue Book of Gun Values. The 2022 copy of the Blue Book of Gun Values is 2,528 pages long, so how I can be expected to do it justice in a short 800-word article is beyond me.

The book starts off by defining some basic firearms terminology to help educate the reader. Then it shares some good information on how to grade the condition of a firearm. This is a big deal. To determine the price of a used or old gun, you have to be able to properly determine its condition, which will determine its value. The book will help you grade whether the gun is at 100%, 98%, 95%, 90%, 80%, 70% or 60% condition. The condition of the gun will then determine its price. Condition is vital information when trying to purchase or sell a used gun.

2022 Blue Book of Gun Values

The 2022 Blue Book of Gun Values then lists out all of the gun manufacturers known to mankind! In the description of each manufacturer, the Blue Book will list out some of the history of the company. For instance, on Henry Repeating Arms Company, you will discover that they are a rifle and shotgun manufacturer. They were established in 1996 in Brooklyn, NY, moved to Bayonne, NJ in 2008, and in 2014 started building Henry’s as well in Rice Lake, WI. Today they have over 500 employees and 350,00sf of manufacturing space in 3 locations, including Ladysmith, WI and are one of the country’s leading firearms manufacturers.

But besides being flat-out fun to peruse and check out all of the cool firearms and learning the history of the various companies, here is why I like getting the 2022 Blue Book of Gun Values: for when I’m buying or selling guns. For instance, the other day at a gun show, there was a .410 semi-auto that my wife really wanted.

It was only $490.00, which appeared to be in the ballpark on top of my head. The guy didn’t have a card reader and wouldn’t take checks. He wanted cash, and I only had a couple of hundred on me, which was lucky for me upon further investigation.

He said he’d bought it at an estate sale and that it was brand new, but he didn’t have the box. The gun had a ding on it. I thought we could run back, and she could get it the next day, but upon getting home and looking it up in the 2022 Book of Gun Values, I discovered that it could be bought brand new for $490.00. Wow, close call.

Then another what-if story.

A buddy had a Glock 17 Pistol with red dot optics I wanted to buy. He quoted me a price that seemed pretty steep, but guns are selling high right now. I was thinking seriously about buying it but then again, I looked up the value in my 2022 Blue Book of Gun Values, and wow, you could buy a new one for $200.00 cheaper!?

So thwarting either one of the above two deals more than saved me enough to buy four of the books, not to mention me being able to determine the price of some of the guns that I want to sell. Whenever I’m working a gun show, you have to expect people to try to knock you down on price. Whether it be an old knife, a fishing rod, etc. But on guns, they pretty much hold their value. So you need to know the price of a gun that you’re selling and not drop the price one iota.

How many times in the past have I dropped the price on a gun because I didn’t really know its value? No mas. Now I can determine its exact value and get full value for it. So if you’re in the market to buy or sell a gun, it is only prudent to buy the Blue Book of Gun Values.

The MSRP on the 2022 Blue Book of Gun Values is $54.86, and they also have online versions for easy access and search. And as is the norm, we will close with the editors’ comments and specs.

The Blue Book of Gun Values 42nd Edition has been expanded and updated to include new makes, models, and values on discontinued and current firearms through 2021. All gun values have been thoroughly updated for both modern and antique firearms including recent paramilitary and modern sporting rifles. This edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values is edited by Zachary R. Fjestad and Lisa Beuning. The 43rd edition offers insight into the world of gun collecting today and how Covid, civil unrest and the presidential election has shaped gun sales and gun shortages. With over 2512 pages of material, this comprehensive guide will provide much needed data for collectors, appraisers, or anyone looking to evaluate a firearm’s value.

2022 Blue Book of Gun Values Details

  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎9.13 x 6.06 x 2.64 inches
  • Package Weight ‎1.59 Kilograms
  • Item Weight ‎3.5 Pounds
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 2512 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 194731436X
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1947314368
  • Brand Name ‎Blue Book Publications

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In a perfect world yes the book is handy. But depending on a persons situation. Sometimes price is no object, selling or buying. I know I overpaid for a 410 bolt gun. Is sentimental value listed in there ?


Yeah I knew the answer beforehand to the question I asked. But thanks for clearing that up.In fact I have used the book in the past. Being sentimental will cost you every time. lol