Gun Theft Highlights Cognitive Dissonance of Democrat L.A. Mayoral Candidate

Gun Theft Highlights Cognitive Dissonance of Democrat L.A. Mayoral Candidate
Gun Theft Highlights Cognitive Dissonance of Democrat L.A. Mayoral Candidate

U.S.A. – -( “Two firearms stolen in a burglary at the home of L.A. mayoral candidate Karen Bass,” The Los Angeles Times reports:

“Bass communications director Sarah Leonard Sheahan confirmed to The Times that the guns belonged to the congresswoman and said they were secured in a Brinks lock box. Leonard Sheahan said the weapons were legally registered …”

That “cash, electronics and other valuables” were “left behind” suggests that the object of the break-in was to get the guns, making fair the question of who knew Bass had them and how it is that they knew. That Bass and her press handlers consider guns in an easily carried lock box to be “safely and securely stored,” though, does comport with what her boosters at Mike Bloomberg’s Everytown consider to be “common sense gun safety,” that is, rendering a gun useless in a home intrusion.

That’s not quite true. It’s quite useful as stolen property, particularly in the commission of later violent crimes, feeding Everytown’s demands for more “common sense.” And that’s what Bass, currently a Democrat congressional representative for California’s 37th District, purports to represent.

“Karen Bass has committed to governing with gun sense as a priority,” Gun Sense Voter, “a project of Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund and Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund, with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America,” declares.

“I’m proud to be a 2022 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate and I’m also proud to have earned an F grade from the NRA,” Bass echoes on Facebook. “Los Angeles deserves a mayor we can trust to stand up to the gun lobby, not cower before them.”

Invent much? When was the last time an L.A. mayor did that? But yes, of course, she’s a doctrinaire gun grabber.

“Bass Votes for Assault Weapons Ban,” a July presser announces. Others show her on board for anything and everything the antis demand imposing:

We could do this all day, but the point is made. As is her continued cognitive dissonance.

“Rep. Karen Bass, D-Los Angeles, points to how gun violence is also a racial issue,” Spectrum News 1 reported. “Black Americans are twice as likely as white Americans to die from gun violence.” Assuming that in her leadership position with the Congressional Black Caucus, and noting that “Latino and Black victims account for nearly all of L.A.’s surge in homicides,” it’s also fair to ask — if she ever did have to use a gun for self-defense — does Bass think it’s likely she would add to that “disproportionate” racial impact?

That’s assuming she could get one out of the lock box and deployable in time and forgetting she co-sponsored a resolution to repeal “stand your ground” laws.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Where are your guns dumb bitch ? You need to be held accountable for any crime committed with them . But your a Democrat so any crime committed do to your negligence will of course be some one else’s fault . Alec Baldwin is a prime example. The trigger pulled itself !


There’s more to this story than what’s being told. Either the guns were taken weeks ago and they just realized it or they were used in crime and this is a case of CYA. Either way if a anti gun Marxist Democrat is talking they are lying.


They took the guns but
cash, electronics and other valuables” were “left behind”? Was it also unlocked, why didn’t they grab and go? She’ll make a great mayor, she already knows how to lie.


someone was tired of her hypocrisy.


Hell I bet it was someone she knew that doesn’t like guns. They went to a Govt BUYBACK.Needed some gift cards. lol


I rather think whoever it was took them really DOES like guns, a LOT, and wanted to own those two. And so took them. Of course this whole business reeks of something stinky lurking just below the surface. My smeller is detecting a set up, and/or a coverup. For anyone wiht half a brain in their head to just walk off with the cased guns and leave behind the other valuables, in particular cash, just does not ring true. Oh well It does appear that LA are working with great energy toward getting just the new mayor they deserve and… Read more »


I read she has a commanding lead against Rick Caruso. WTF is wrong with these Angeleno’s? Perhaps she’ll be the one that takes them completely to the bottom of the gutter and then it can be rebuilt.

The article I read said for the first time in the history of the city, it lost population. The beach at Malibu has drug vagrant invasions. Even the illegal’s aren’t going there!!!

What a damn shame. Liberals are why we can’t have nice things.


arny has a point , but i bet there is a twist she sold them at a “buyback” and then reported them stolen for the insurance


I’m also confused as to why she doesn’t have security cameras about her dwelling ? Could that even be possible ? lol


Didn’t she also once say that if a gun owner had his/her firearms stolen that the gun owner would be also responsible for any crimes committed with said firearms?


Just a ploy to push for safe storage laws. There’s more behind this as always with these @ssholes/


EXACTLY. OR, to show that safe storage doesn’t even matter… “See, even me, even someone as high of level as I am can’ lose a firearm to the underworld…and look how how ranked above you commoners I am, if it happened to me…you all DEFINITELY need not have any…” …I can see that too…


See where purchased with a credit card ties in !


Go figure, the anti gunner, HAD, guns until they were stolen in a lock box that was not properly installed. If you can follow instructions why would anyone want to follow your direction.

Typical demonratt moron.


Another classic example of a worthless Cant Understand Normal Thinker!


Well how about we touch on who’s pulling the triggers on those poor brown people ? Sorry I forgot it’s those damn White Supremacist. The same ones that attacked Jessey Smollet I bet. Ooops but then we have this,


Funny how she owns guns while condemning them. Like most all far left Democrat traitors, she is also a hypocrite.






Lying loser Democrat in L.A.? Really?