NY Pays $30K For 3D Printed Firearms At Gun Buy Back

“Yankee Boogles” made specifically to be sold at this event.

UTICA, NY -(Ammoland.com)- New York Attorney General Leticia James claims last month’s Utica gun “buy back” was a massive success, with 296 guns being turned in to police.

What she doesn’t want the public to know is that 177 of those guns were 3D printed guns, including sixty “Yankee Boogles” that were printed just for the gun “buy back” that cost the state over $30,000, including $21,000 to a single person. The money was paid out in pre-paid Visa and Master Cards, costing the state even more in activation fees.

NY Pays $30K For 3D Printed Firearms At Gun Buy Back
NY Pays $30K For 3D Printed Firearms At Gun Buy Back

The gentleman who turned in the 60 Yankee Boogles” is known online as Kem Regik. A “Yankee Boogle” is a drop-in auto sear (DIAS) allowing users to convert their AR-15 into a machine gun. The device can be 3D printed on any 3D printer for under a dollar. They also fetch over $100 a piece at the police gun “buy backs,” giving them a high return on investment.

The idea of trading in 3D-printed firearms isn’t to make money but to demonstrate that the “signal” can’t be stopped, and 3D printing has invalidated any gun control because a printer someone picks up at Microcenter for under $100 can print a working firearm. Mr. Regik drove hours from his home to make this point at the gun “buy back.”

“I hope Leticia James is happy because her little attempt at tyranny cost her police officers $21,000 and their dignities,” Regiks told AmmoLand News. “She can’t stop the signal, and now she knows what that really means. Every buy back from Long Island to Buffalo to Champlain is going to have someone raiding with Boogles. Either she admits they’re not a public danger, or she pays full price like any other machine gun, her choice.”

The police wanted the devices but didn’t want to pay the full amount. They offered Mr. Regiks $6000, but he promptly turned them down, insisting he gets full advertised value. They also promised full amnesty to anyone who brought guns to the buy back. This protection sent police scrambling to figure out what to do.

After many phone calls, the police decided to give in but didn’t have enough to cover the $21,000 owed to Regiks. While Regiks and the other 3D-printed firearm makers waited in the parking lot of the gun “buy back,” the police tried to buy the cards from multiple stores, but they couldn’t get the needed amount due to banking regulations.

The Utica Police Department had to scramble to call in off-duty officers to buy the pre-paid credit cards from various stores clearing off shelves. After hours of waiting, Mr. Regiks received the full promised value for his devices. He told the Out of Battery podcast that the police finance woman was fuming, but in the end, the police did get his 3D printed devices, and Regiks got his money.

Gift cards paid out to Kem by the Utica Police
Gift cards paid out to Kem by the Utica Police

Mr. Regiks and the other members of the builder community celebrated at the Texas Roadhouse their successful troll attempt on the Utica Police, where Regiks ordered the biggest steak on the menu.

The Utica Police and the AG Office didn’t respond to AmmoLand’s request for comment.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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I love this guy and what he did. I also LMAO when I read that the cops had a hard time getting the cards due to new banking regulations. You gotta love it. I can’t believe something so simple can make a semi fully auto. The brains that some people have for engineering is phenomenal. I used an M16 and I cleaned it thoroughly and I never saw a piece of plastic in the firing mechanism at all.


uncle dudley

“A Fool and His Money Is Soon Parted”.
What a bunch of morons, lol.


That sums up the entire government thugs!!! Sad thing is it really is
the peoples money. But we gotta make our point somehow.


getting tax refund


At least it didn’t get spent on midnight basketball or free needles and condoms.


Since those little clips “are machine guns” – is there a concern that one could get caught in possession before arriving at the buyback?

This is awesome and I love when civil rights activists flip the tables on antis. Particularly doing well while doing good like this. However seems like there is a downside since if AFT somehow got ahold of you beforehand – 10 year of federal hard-time for each “Yankee Boogle” would be a tough one to take. Not to mention fines exceeding any normal family’s gross worth.


The question is: will the corrupt feds of the Biden/Obama admin now go after this guy since the state of NY promised amnesty, but not the federal government? The Utica cops would be very happy to testify he had 60 “machine guns” in his possession and solfd them – which might bring even greater charges against him. Utica may have the last laugh. I would not be the least bit surprised if they make an example out of him, running him into jail and court even if they end up losing. He could end up losing all $21k and more… Read more »


It appears Kem Regic is the litmus test for idiots . He has exposed these morons for the complete idiots they are while profiting off thier complete stupidity . Nice job Kem . LMFAO


they will buy more supplies so next time rout is greater nothing left to buy guns with


Maybe not. See my reply above. I hope it doesn’t happen, but you know how .gov loves to go after conservatives for things they ignore when done by progressives.


I bet Regik is busy whipping up another batch of machine guns right now. He might as well turn this into a full time and very lucrative business. He’s just waiting to see who the next blue state, gun buy back fools will be.


NY AG Lolita Jones has changed the rules for future NYC gun buybacks! No more 3D printed machine guns will be accepted. Does that mean 3D printed machine guns are no longer machine guns? I wonder if that could possibly be because of this?


The police promised amnesty, but the AFT didn’t. What do you want to bet that ol’ Lettie James doesn’t drop a dime on him to them for manufacturing “machine guns?”


TGP389, what is there to drop a dime about? The ATF already knows everything about it. I’m sure the NYC ATF field office knew about and had approved the amnesty. Regik was smart enough to pull this off, he also knew NY didn’t have the authority to offer amnesty over the feds. Five will get you ten he got that amnesty in writing too.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ope

If the ATF did NOT approve the amnesty, this guy could be in for a world of hurt. The feds often wait months before pulling an early morning SWAT raid on you – even if you were once the President of the United States of America.


Mr. Regik risks a decade in prison by doing this. The feds are not bound by any promise of “amnesty” from a state prosecutor, and there is nothing the ATF loves more than low-hanging fruit to pick, unless it is imprisoning someone who is resisting their regulatory over-reach. If I were Mr. Regik, I would call this a victory and quit now. The next buyback may have an ATF agent there just for the purpose of ruining Mr. Regik’s life.


Wish I would have thought of this. Lol

Well probably not. I’m sure I would have ended up in jail unfortunately.




The police didn’t lose any dignity, as described, in these transactions. They were just following orders. Anyone who really believes that gun “buybacks” could make any dent in crime, above very minor ones, needs to read FBI Uniform Crime Statistics (available yearly in, “The World Almanac and Book of Facts”). The basis of most gun control narratives, “guns are evil, and no amount of explanations by reasoning could change that”. Too, “we gotta rid our society of guns because their presence is a temptation to crime”. Yah guys know how easy it is to talk sense to these folk.


maybe now these totalitarians will understand the folly of their ideology. get woke, go broke, literally. virtual signaling never really works, it just makes them feel better about themselves.
i foresee this becoming a trend.
too bad they aren’t spending their own money for this b.s., then they would learn. but it’s the people’s money, so they don’t care.



Now THATS Funny! I don’t care who you are, that’s funny.

Last edited 1 month ago by Boom

The same politicians/officials who can’t adjust to the fact that YouTube has their speeches from 20 years ago are also unable to adjust to the realities of 3D printing.

It would be funnier if they weren’t our “leaders.”


I just downloaded the stl file and I am ready when Chicago does its next buyback