Have You Seen the ESCORT DF12 Modern Sporting Shotgun?

ESCORT DF12 Modern Sporting Shotgun lifestyle
ESCORT DF12 Modern Sporting Shotgun lifestyle

Rogers, AR – -(AmmoLand.com)-A bold design, loaded with smart features, the ESCORT DF12 stands out in an ever-growing world of modern shotguns. This auto-loader is a sporting enthusiast’s dream and is ideal for close-range applications. Using the modern sporting rifle design and capitalizing on adaptable features, the DF12 reaches beyond its potential as a mere shotgun. The 18 in. barrel includes three chokes, accommodates heavy slugs and light bird shots, making it a great all-around option.

ESCORT DF12 Modern Sporting Shotgun

This DF12 is manufactured from tough aircraft-grade alloy with an overall weight of 8.9 lbs. The upper and lower receivers are overbuilt with a robust construction that is meant to take a beating. As one of ESCORT’s VTS models, this semi-automatic shotgun runs on a gas-powered system similar to those found in traditional auto-loading shotguns, but without the added bulk of a tube below the barrel.

This 12-gauge, magazine-fed shotgun is chambered in 3″ magnum and will cycle both 3″ and 2 ¾” loads without hesitation. The DF12 comes with an ESCORT standard oxidation resistant, chrome-plated, drilled steel barrel. Each barrel is proof tested at the factory to ensure the utmost strength. A muzzle cover protects the barrel and locks the forend into place, adding to the robustness and modularity of this shotgun platform.

Fieldstripping and cleaning are a breeze with the DF12. The upper and lower receivers are detachable, much like their modern sporting rifle counterparts, allowing enthusiasts to feel at home with this shotgun. The DF12 also includes a fixed tactical stock, an integrated pistol grip, and a manual trigger safety switch which ensures a safe shooting experience.

ESCORT DF12 Modern Sporting Shotgun lifestyle
ESCORT DF12 Modern Sporting Shotgun lifestyle

A reversible charging handle enables ambidextrous operation and ease of use for all shooters. Picatinny rails have been meticulously crafted into upper receiver forend, providing real estate for shooting accessories. An elevation adjustable cheek rest allows optimal sight alignment with the higher sitting sights on the carry handle and with the optional flip-up sights. ESCORT helps usher shotguns into the 21st century with amenities that make the DF12 a joy to shoot.

Modern sporting style, gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun

  • Two 5-round magazines (optional 2-round magazines available)
  • 18 in. barrel for shot or slugs
  • Includes three chokes – F, IC, CYL (Brake)
  • Oxidation resistant – chrome-plated, drilled steel barrel
  • All barrels are proof tested
  • Capable of firing both 3 in. and 2 ¾ in. shells
  • Reversible charging handle for ambidextrous operation
  • Fixed tactical stock with integrated pistol grip
  • Elevation adjustable comb
  • Soft rubber buttpad for recoil absorption
  • Detachable upper and lower alloy receiver
  • Picatinny rails integrated into receiver and forend
  • Aluminum alloy forend with 4 picatinny rails
  • Manual trigger safety switch
  • Detachable carrying handle
  • Adjustable rear sight built into the carrying handle
  • Adjustable front sight
  • Optional flip-up front and rear sight set included
  • Angled foregrip included
  • Sling mounts
  • Tough matte black or FDE Cerakote finish
  • 5+1 capacity
  • 37.6 in. overall length
  • 8.9 lbs.

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Last edited 1 month ago by JIAZ

$423.75 Cash/Check Discount Price


I am interested in having close quarter shotgun defense capability these days. This machine uses 5 round magazines. The use of magazines as opposed to a tube fed action is a question for me. With tube fed, you can reload as you go, from that belt of shells shown in the picture at the top of this article. With magazine feed, you must put the magazine in your hand and reload it from the belt (when you run out of loaded magazines). Who here has comments on the use of these two systems?



Get more mags.
That’s the point of a Meg fed gun, no idea what your thinking of reloading the mag when it’s empty.
If you can grab a bandoler of ammo then you can grab whatever holds extra loaded mags.
Same as with a sporting rifle or your handgun.

And they do have 10 round mags and 20 and 30 round drums for them.