Lowitness BUIS Coming to C&H Precision Weapon’s Lineup

Lowitness BUIS Coming to C&H Precision Weapon’s Lineup
Lowitness BUIS Coming to C&H Precision Weapon’s Lineup

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- C&H Precision Weapons – a leader in the industry of mounting pistol optics – is now expanding its offerings by providing a set of low-profile iron sights. The low-witness sights are set up and designed to work with your chosen optic. They are made to specifications and measurements matching mounted pistol optics to provide the best low-witness visibility.

Made in the USA, these backup iron sights (BUIS) do not obscure the sight picture of your powered optic. Traditional co-witness BUIS can eliminate visibility in up to 50% of your field of view. Other lower BUIS can block nearly 33% of the optic field of view. CHPWS has gone to great lengths to preserve the field of view. These blacked-out rear notch sights protrude 1/10th of an inch into the FOV. Not only does this make for an incredibly useful red dot, but an assured backup iron.

Where C&H Precision ‘takes aim’ is in the necessary BUIS height. Each red dot optic has completely different measurements; CHPWS has taken the guesswork out of the choice. Each optic will have its own low-profile BUIS to match the desired height.

Options on firearm platforms and optics can be reviewed at: https://chpws.com/

About C&H Precision Weapons (CHPWS)

C&H Precision Weapons (CHPWS) is a family owned and operated small business, serving the shooting community from our shop located in Richmond Hill, Georgia. We specialize in hand-crafted precision rifles, custom 1911’s, pistol slide upgrades and the design and manufacturing of special projects within the firearms industry. All work is performed in-house by real gun builders, real engineers and professional shooters.

For more information, please visit https://chpws.com/

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