Daily Deals: Baofeng UV 5RA Ham Two Way Radio – $27.99 + Free S/H

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Baofeng UV 5RA Ham Two Way Radio deal sale discount

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Amazon has a BAOFENG UV-5RA (New Generation) Long Rang Walkie Talkie or handheld HAM radio for just $27.99 and free shipping and returns when you use the on-page coupon. Check the coupon box before adding to the cart.

These are great back-up and family radios to complement your primary survival HAM radio base.

This deal is cheap enough to make sure every family member has one in their bugout bags. HAM radios are great during emergencies so you can pull in the police, fire, and some military broadcasts as well as FM radio. Or just a great gift for under the Christmas tree.

Note, to broadcast or for 2-way communication with this unit, you will need an amateur radio license. You can get the CHIRP software here: chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/wiki/Home Antennas and extra batteries are found here on Amazon.

Baofeng UV 5RA Ham Two Way Radio – $27.99 + Free S/H

The Baofeng UV 5RA are well-reviewed:

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A great deal of bad info here. I am a ham (Extra class) and own this radio. 1: It is not illegal to own this radio. It is illegal for the radio to be advertised and sold commercially until it has been made compliant. The radio Amazon is currently selling has been made compliant. BTW, you can program this radio manually (yes, I have done it), using a commercial program (sometimes included with the radio and/or programming cable) or a free program called CHIRP. I use CHIRP. It runs on Windows, Linux and (I believe) Mac. I’m using it on… Read more »


@KJ4C – Thanks for taking time to share al this info.


GMRS license is only $35 since earlier this year.


Thanks for posting this to provide information about ham radio to those who might think this hand-held radio could be used like a citizens band radio with no licensing.


“We need to close the Radio Show loophole that allows unlicensed people to get HAM radios.”

  • The Biden Administration, should it come to pass.

“We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Licenses” For Anything!!! From My Cold Dead Radios!!!


So, If my buddy and I are hunting an hour from any main road and 2 hours from arena small town what are the realistic chances of getting busted for using these without a license?


*Any, not arena


According to this guy, slim to none. He is actually pretty knowledgeable about these things and calls out the “sad hams” of which I think we have a couple on here. FWIW, I am not anti-ham, just aware of the know-it-alls we do have in the hobby. Licensed this time since 96. Current Extra class and previous Advanced class.


Just stay off the ham, business, and public safety frequencies and you should be fine. MURS (5 channels on VHF) and FRS channels not regulated much.


Slim to none. Just stay off ham, business, and public safety freqs.

My previous comment went to moderation limbo and may or may not re-appear. On it is another video by this guy. He regularly destroys myths about FCC, rules, and radio use.



What, are the Feds really driving around in monitoring vans similar to the old Gestapo movie monitoring trucks with the circular antenna on top, looking for “illegal transmissions” by ‘Merican partisans?

Best Uncle Sucker rewatch some of those old films and see what eventually happens to the “Goose Steppers” operating the monitoring equipment within. “Green Tips” not required for penetrating those “Military Grade Aluminum” van bodies with “thru & thru’s” that do Swiss cheese proud.

Snoopers get “sun lighted”…


No they don’t ride around in vans monitoring. They rely on information from the public about gross violations. I have as a Ham Radio Operator of almost 30 years (Extra Class) have caught people who try to bootleg our assigned frequencies. We generally explain to them politely that they are violating Federal Law and need to obtain a License. Then we usually go out of our way to assist them to obtain the License!
That’s what we do. We are always polite!


I plan to buy one of these for emergency use only because, not interested in having a talk show. When TSHTF all rules and regulations will be out the window. I doubt the Feds will be enforcing anything. They will be trying to take care of themselves. You see it now with the riots going on.


I understand your thoughts and feelings on this, but there IS something to be said for getting a license (ham and/or GMRS) and getting on the air before an actual need arises. For instance, would you know what frequencies you could contact help on? Are these frequencies used for simplex (direct radio to radio) contact, repeater contact, or both? What PL (CTCSS/DCS) codes do they use on the frequencies you will try and contact help on? Do you know how to program the proper tone to open the receivers of nearby simplex radios, or to access the repeater you need… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Grigori

Hey, another ham operator providing smart advice. Cool, I thought I might be the only one on this board. Don’t forget, in times of emergency which I think SHTF qualifies as, you can use any radio for assistance without a license but you are so right. Its not flip the switch, turn the knob and you are on the air. Myself, I stick with Yaesu because switching from brand to brand and how each brand operates is complex and allot to remember not including the cost of having all the proper connections required for each brand if you want to… Read more »


Thank You for the kind words, Musicman44mag! I didn’t know you were a ham, also. Yes, changing brands can be a PITA with differing menu schemes and such. As of late, I have mostly been on GMRS making new friends and helping get a repeater on the air. 2m/440 I use a Kenwood TMV71. Hf, usually an Icom 746 Pro, though I do have an old TS440 Kenwood that belonged to my late Elmer (Elmira?) Miss Dot K4AOH/NY4S. She was responsible for re-kindling my interest, decades after my Novice license expired in the early 70’s.

You take care and 73!


Thanks for the comeback. Too bad there are so many sickos monitoring trying to find out where people live so they can do harm to them because they have a different point of view. They call them democrats and libtards you know, the peaceful protestors that will gladly kill you for a difference of opinion. I would love to give you my call or set up a frequency and time but you know why we can’t. Maybe I will bump into you some day if I haven’t already talked with you and we still won’t know we are on Ammoland… Read more »


You are correct, Musicman44, too easy to track us down if call signs are given. Too much evil in the world. That brings up something I was pondering earlier, as I have many times before. What is it with ham clubs and their perpetual “need” to use “Gun Free Zones” as their meeting places? Whether schools, courthouses, other government buildings, etc, they seem to be unable to pick a place for meetings that is not a GFZ. I was once active in a local club that provided VHF/UHF repeater coverage for the area I was living in. I wanted to… Read more »

Matt in Oklahoma

BTW when I say 2 miles it’s with the family walkie channels. Stay off the HAM and stay below the radar.
The license is nothing to get but even then we don’t use it cause of all the government snitch ears on here. They tell on each other so much it’s not even funny. The reason they are so mad on here is cause they can’t monitor us.
Most of us just want comms to hunt, emergency or safety.


Also available straight from Chiner via Fleabay for $10. How is it even possible at either price?


It’s easy to keep cost down when you use someone else design, slave labor from the beginning of making the parts, to assembly and selling it.

I try everything I can to avoid china and pay more for someone else product, proudly and gladly. It usually lasts longer anyway so it’s worth it.



Hypothetical Question In the case of a LEO being down and or injured , Would I be committing a crime to use he/her radio to report officer down ? Asking for a friend .


NO! In fact, you would likely be thought a hero for getting them help the quickest way possible, that way!


Since a license is permission from a “higher authority” to do something that would otherwise be illegal…can someone tell me what the illegal thing that the license is nullifying? I understand a plumbing license as it then allows me to flood someones house without being held personally liable because it also entails having to have insurance. Same with an electrician. I can burn your house down with impunity. Ooopppssss!!! But a radio license?

Last edited 1 month ago by CourageousLion

Where do we buy a longer antenna, and get the software programs that theme vid says we can program in the English name for a contact, like ?? City police, etc? Thanks!


Hi! Could you please get my two comments on this thread out of moderation jail? I don’t think there is anything majorly objectionable in either.

Thank You!

Last edited 1 month ago by Grigori
Matt in Oklahoma

@Bill I got my antenna on amazon and the disk came with the kits I ordered though I’m not sure if this has one.

Matt in Oklahoma

I’d like to add to the discussion that if you were to get this radio you might check out the Imminent Threat Solutions 10-4 Radio Pouch. I haven’t actually used one yet but it appears to have some functions that no one else does. I buying 2 on payday.


Sure, buy one why don’t you? Just helping China build another aircraft carrier.


From how far away can we expect the radio to receive?

Matt in Oklahoma

@Bill if you get the longer antenna “I heard (wink wink) that they will go about 2 miles on the walkie channels in terrain”. Insofar as the HAM channels I’m not sure because many things depend on that question like repeaters etc and I’m not an expert. I’m just a guy who wants to talk to his hunting buddies for safety reasons. I also like the FM radio channel feature to listen to local weather forecast and news on regular radio. The national weather channels can be programmed too.

Matt in Oklahoma

I knew the radio wave snitches would sound off lol. I don’t use them in the city where y’all reside cause y’all having nothing to say I’m interested in. I’m in a very remote area that doesn’t have any other type of signal. If me making sure my buddy didn’t fall into the canyon makes me a bad guy then so be it. I’m a bad guy Unlike most we have the ability to maintain radio silence and aren’t chattering on about nothingness. You wanna hike in the miles to write me a meaningless ticket then feel free. I know… Read more »


In an emergency you can use whatever you can get your hands on, even if it’s not type FCC approved, and you don’t need to be licensed! If someone comes on air telling you that you need to transmit your call sign every ten minutes, and you’re involved with emergency communications, just explain to them what’s happening and they will more than likely assist you. A simplex call can be more effective when it’s relayed. If you’re out in the boonies, you’ll probably be too far away for these low watt talkies to reach a repeater, anyway. My base 2-meter… Read more »


The vid says that just using to listen is not illegal- just don’t transmit. Also that transmitting I. an emergency is not illegal. Right?


Not according to recent fcc notice. This IS an illegal radio.


People saying “In an emergency” need to understand that just because ‘you’ think it is an emergency doesn’t mean it is an emergency. FCC Part 97 Rules pertaining to emergency communications state, “…an amateur station…” Meaning a licensed operator. Even a licensed ham can’t use non amateur frequencies in an emergency except “when no normal communications systems are available”. Don’t count on being able to talk your way out of a fine or jail time if the FCC comes after you.


You get what you pay for. These radios are not certified for transmitting outside Amateur frequencies. Period! If you want to be a Ham, it’s easy. Go online to the ARRLs website and find a club in your area. The Hams will help you. The Technician license is the entry level. It’s 25 questions and will give you use on all frequencies above and including 50 to 54 MHz as well as SSB privileges on 28.300 to 28.500 MHZs as well as CW privileges on the Novice portions of 80, 40, 15 and 10 Meters. Go for it! 73s from… Read more »

Bob K0NR

You should point out that using this radio on the ham radio bands requires an FCC amateur radio license.
A basic amateur radio license requires passing an FCC exam on radio technology, procedures and regulations.
Just buying a ham radio with the hope that it will somehow save you in an emergency is a really bad idea.
See hamradioschool.com for more info.

Wild Bill

@BK, The federal government requires a license to bolster their tenuous claim that they own the airwaves. I would rather be rescued and unlicensed than unlicensed and unrescued.

Timothy Lyons

I understand that you want it for your safety, however it doesn’t ensure you will even make contact with someone who can help. Knowing a little bit about how those radios work will help you better operate them. Check out QRZ.com. there you can take sample tests to help prepare you for the exam. You would be surprised to find out you probably can pass one of these tests and get a license. Its that simple. And, you would. Learn to use the radio more effectively to not only save your life, but friends and family too. If you are… Read more »


Sure.. And.. It’s like a gun. If you’re caught with it without proper license you pay hefty penalties that could include jail time.

Bob K0NR

Well, no, that is not correct either. This radio is not authorized for FRS.

(This is what happens when gun websites try to share information about radio gear. Kind of the reverse of what happens when non-gun sites try to discuss the legalities of firearms.)


As Bob has correctly commented, Baofeng radios have SEVERAL issues that many outdoor folks are completely unaware of. Yes, you “could” listen on FRS, or GMRS and be legal, but let’s get real. No one here on this forum is really going to just listen, which is why you hear all of the “wink, wink” comments. Let’s outline some of the other issues that Baofeng owners may not be aware of: 1) The standard 4.625″ antenna that ships with the vast majority of the cheaper Baofeng radios is nearly worthless (performance wise). The only real advantage of it is that… Read more »


@ Wild Bill Very good point!


These radios have been declared to be illegal in the United States by the Federal Communications Commission. The reason has to do with the radios capability to transmit outside of the amateur radio bands.
Not only is it illegal to import, advertise or sell these radios it is likely also illegal to operate these radios within the amateur radio bands even if done so in a legal manner.


Wild Bill

@Myron, An agency of the federal government declares a radio to be illegal. If it is illegal to have, then how can the company have the illegal radio to sell the illegal radio? Merry Christmas, patriots, and a happy new radio!

Sam sims

Myron that was a interesting read but I can only assume that this is more related to anytones…ect. The 2 baofengs i own have a fcc id number that verifies the fcc did in fact approve the 2 I own. You can look it up yourself if youd like. FCC ID: ZP5BF-5R…. The fcc did say they are not happy with the radios recently and wanted to walk back the certification. As of this moment I am not aware of them actually revoking the cert and by that it is in fact not illegal, or banned from use by licenced… Read more »

Your Worst Nightmare

I have already been made a felon by my state passing “common sense gun laws.” This item being banned by the FEDS is not an additional risk to me and all the more reason to buy it.

Also, do you really think Amazon with their extensive legal department would not have 100’s of these radios for sale if it was putting them at risk for massive fines?


And completely illegal to operate, unless you have your FCC license. Be cautious. It’s an invitation to the feds… again, unless you have your license to operate on those frequencies. Don’t provide them the invitation, simply get licensed.

E. Bryan Hoover

It is not, repeat NOT. illegal for the end users to buy or own this radio. It may, or may NOT, be illegal for the manufacturer to sell this radio without the proper warnings. It may also be illegal to broadcast (but not, repeat NOT, to just listen) on some, repeat SOME, of the radio frequencies without the appropriate license. FYI. various ham licenses cost $5 each. You can get all three types of ham radio license for $15 dollars plus passing three tests. How many ham licenses would be required to broadcast on all the ham frequencies this radio… Read more »