Gun Deals: B&T-15 Haenel CR223 Pistol 10.5″ .223 Rem. $2,199.00 FREE S&H CODE

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B&T-15 Haenel CR223 Pistol dec2021

USA – -( has a sale running on the B&T-15 Haenel CR223 Pistol 10.5″ in .223 Rem for $2,199.00 with FREE shipping at check out. You save $1,300.00 of the $3500.00 MSRP. The German army recently selected Haenel’s rifle to replace H&K G36.

B&T-15 Haenel CR223 Pistol 10.5″

C.G. Haenel has a long history as producer of semi- and fully automatic Rifle: In the 20th century Haenel was involved in the development and production of the world’s First assault Rifle, the StG44. The complete know-how of this rifle category went into the development of the civil CR- and the military MK models, which comply with the AR-15/M4 standards. The own production with a cold forging machine rounds off the expertise of the Suhl specialists. Here, sport and military Rifles are made which set new standards on an international level – made in Suhl, Germany.

C.G. Haenel stands for a well-rounded range of large-caliber hunting and sporting rifles, as well as precision rifles and machine guns for law enforcement and the military. The company can refer to a long tradition: The Royal Prussian Rifle Factory inspector Carl Gottlieb Haenel came to Suhl with his idea of industrial rifle production – rifles have been produced here under the Haenel brand since 1840. The Haenel arrow soon came to stand for new-style construction and production principles, precision and robustness. Modern Haenel rifles also convince through a pragmatic, functional approach, yet do not conceal their origin from the gun capital Suhl, its love of classical gun making and intelligent details and innovations. Haenel rifles are modern but not fashionable. Prosaic, but not soulless. Functional, of the highest quality and safe.

The Haenel CR223 in caliber .223 Rem. is a weapon in the AR-15-class and is fully compatible to the basics of this class. The indirect gas-operated Pistol is a Haenel in-house development. This semi-automatic Pistol convinces the police and law enforcement with many detailed improvements.

Gun Deals: B&T-15 Haenel CR223 Pistol 10.5″ .223 Rem. $2,199.00 FREE S&H CODE

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“Deal”….. NOT !!!!
You could buy 2 “top shelf” (also over priced) A/R pistols for that price OR build 4 yourself !


Or one really nice build with a low end thermal optic. That last is on my list, though I may end up settling for night vision. Cost is definitely an obstacle — that and how little practical use I’d have for it. Living in urban environment, night vision probably makes more sense. Thermals cannot “see” through glass and can be confusing in urban area with cluttered heat sources. Heck in Texas summer concrete probably stays warmer than live bodies for most of the night – making target recognition rather difficult. We’ve almost always got light sources, making night vision (light… Read more »


Really? So the name of that company is “worth” that much of a higher cost over a $499 Anderson pistol? An AR is an AR is an AR. The only difference being between gas and piston and since they were designed with gas and I ran 1K rounds down one without cleaning it, I’m fine. If I’m going to have a “name” on my AR’s it’s going to be Ranier Arms, Wilson Combat, Seekins, Cross Machine and Tool, Colt, S&W, or Ruger. Everyone and his brother will look at me like I’m nuts at the range if they hear I… Read more »


Mr BATF enforces unconstitutional rules that a rifle requires 16″ barrel so B&T have this SBR that they want to sell lots of, but requires a $200 extortion tax from Mr BATF so B&T pull the buttstock off it and call it a pistol.


Plus under current iteration of their rules ANY forward grip makes pistol fail their worksheet/point system. Likely need to drop the brace and the angled foregrip, even then likely would fail.
Worksheet is not designed to allow anything to pass, plus they allow themselves to over-rule any pass if they so choose. Until GOA gets lawsuit through, there will basically be no such thing as an AR pistol after regulation takes effect (August?).


B&T-15 ,here at Haenel we make Daniel defenses prices look like reduced for quick sale section in the meat department!


Previous comments are from 7 months ago. I just noticed this pricey thing is in “.223 Remington”. Why not 5.56? Sorry, but to me, that is a lot of dough for a gun with such limitations on ammo it can use.




To each his own, but if I had $2K+ to spend on guns and/or ammo, somehow I don’t think it would be on a “kewel” AR pistol variant.

Wild Bill

Better to buy stock shares. Smith and Wesson was down 28% +or – last Friday. It is still down but going back up fast.

Alan in NH

Or you could have about 4 AR pistols from Palmetto for the same money.


“First assault rifle…” Well now we know who can tell us what an assault rifle is.

Sounds like a bargain, …. not. Must be the gold parts.

Matt in Oklahoma

Lol wtf
I actually thought this was a joke. This price is real? No way


Oh hell $1300 off!! I better go out and buy two of them!!! That was sarcasm for the dim-witted…No AR-15 made by any company is is worth the current $2199 price unless it’s made from catalytic converters.