Can Tennessee Governor Use Taxpayer Funds To Lobby Against Your Rights? ~ VIDEO

Tennessee –-( The Tennessee Constitution, like the federal constitution, establishes three branches of government.

The legislative branch is elected by the people to represent their interests in the crafting of the state’s public policies. Although the state constitution also provides for the office of governor, that office is not one of a “ruler”. The governor’s office, constitutionally, is that of an administrator to implement and carry out the public policies of the state as enacted by the Legislature.

In Tennessee, however, a practice has arisen where the governor has, at present, more than 40 taxpayer-funded “lobbyists” whose jobs include telling the elected legislators what the “administration” wants the law to be.

We saw this with Bill Haslam and the massive gas tax increases. We saw this will Bill Lee in his 2021 permitless carry law (which creates nothing more than an affirmative defense to a criminal charge).

Tennessee Firearms Association’s Richard Archie discusses the Tennessee constitution and the fact that this system of using taxpayer-funded lobbyists to lobby the legislature in ways that are often against the interests of the people – particularly the 2nd Amendment – is not constitutionally authorized and may raise serious questions about whether such taxpayer-funded individuals are either violating the separation of powers considerations and/or potentially engaging in official oppression.

Watch the above video and tell s what you think in the comments below.

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Capn Dad

As a Tennessean it alarms me when I see the State Executive Branch move to garner more power unto itself as the Federal Executive Branch has. However having said that, it must be remembered that the State Legislative branch and ultimately the State Judicial Branch must be held accountable for allowing such unconstitutional grabs of power. We’ve seen this happen so many times in the Federal Government with the obvious disastrous results. I urge all Tennesseans to contact their Representatives/Senators and urge them to adhere to our State Constitution.


This country has literally become the wild wild west again.
No accountability for anything these politicians do.
The governor might as well be one of the guys with masks, breaking into the jewelry stores and robbing them or pulling out a baseball bat and hitting some random person in the street.

At some point, we have to take back our once great country.


Tennessee (TN) is NOT a constitutional carry state. Seems like all the pundits want to call it that. I am attaching a link from the Tennessee Firearms Association which explains why we don’t have Constitutional Carry. There used to be a condensed version but I can’t find it now. In TN it is against the law to leave home with the “intent to go armed”. I haven’t figured that one out after living here three years. TN is well on the way to becoming a huge dung pile! I watch on the news where people are fleeing big cities and… Read more »


AGAIN – the divorce draws closer


TFA was a real help to my campaign.


Say, if we hand in our guns to the government either piecemeal or all at once what will protect us from the government?


I hate liberals. I hate liberals in disguise. Take NY liberals for example. They finally get their hands on a mass shooter [that was actually taken alive} and then quickly exempt him from capital punishment. And the reason they did this is because they intend to save their heavy action for innocent Americans who shot nobody that’s why! I just hope American gunners remember this next time some liberal squeals about THEM being armed!

Last edited 3 months ago by Ledesma

I guess I’ll scratch off Tennessee off of my list for my retirement state. It amazes me to no end how a POS politician can fuck things up so fast.