CMMG MK47 Rifle: It’s Still The Mutant To Me – Video Review

Whether you refer to it as the CMMG MK47 Rifle or the CMMG Mutant, this is an amazing firearm that truly demonstrates firearm ingenuity.

U.S.A.-( This is the CMMG MK47, sometimes affectionately known as the Mutant. This rifle really shook up the AR-15 and AK-47 world five years ago when it initially launched, and it also undoubtedly put CMMG on the map and cemented them as a major player in the AR-15 world. It started the trend at CMMG to adapt probably the most ergonomic rifle ever conceived, the AR15, to nearly every caliber ever conceived. Something CMMG is extremely well known for today. 

CMMG MK47 Mutant

To fully understand the big deal behind the MK47, we must remember what it was like five years ago. Several companies tried to adapt the AR platform to the 7.62×39 round with limited success. Problems would usually arise in these other rifles due to 2 main issues. The first one is getting the rifle to function reliably. The AR pattern magazines that fed the 7.62×39 round back then were somewhat lacking and caused a ton of malfunctions. The massive second issue was if you could get the rifle to feed for a while, the thin AR-15 556 bolt face that was bored out to accept the much larger round would crack, leaving a somewhat displeased owner.   


Well, CMMG dropped what, at the time, may have been the biggest thing to hit the AR-15 world to that point, the MK47 Mutant. This crazy-looking rifle addressed these issues and more. It completely eliminated the AR-15 pattern 762×39 magazines and replaced them with extremely proven and extensively tested, and reliable AK-47 magazines. They addressed the bolt issue by using an AR-10-sized bolt, meaning that the walls of the bolt face are still very thick when machining out to hold the larger round. Not only that, but they came up with their own receiver size. AR-10s can be a little big and bulky, so they made this AR-10-sized bolt function in a mid-size receiver set slightly larger than an AR15 but significantly smaller than an AR10.

That is what makes up a mutant, a combination of an Ak-47, an Ar-15, and an AR-10, and for those who have had the opportunity to shoot one, it’s a thing of beauty.

CMMG MK47 bolt (left)

Mutant Toughness

There’s also probably nothing tougher than a Mutant, and that’s not just me massaging CMMG’s ego; it has been tested and documented. I’m sure you’re familiar with Iraq Veteran’s meltdown videos. He constantly runs a gun on full auto until it has a catastrophic failure.

The Mutant survived over 300 rounds, more than an AK-47, before failure in his meltdown. CMMG also has a mutant that they take to events and continually fire on full auto. Mag dump, after mag dump, giving it the occasional dunk in water or ice just so the next guy in line can wrap his hands around it without getting burned. CMMG claims to have over 100 thousand rounds through that Mutant, and it’s still going strong. I’ve been to a couple of these events, and I’d say 100 thousand rounds may be on the lite side.


If you’re not familiar with the basic features of the Mutant, let’s go through them quickly. As I’ve already said, the Mutant accepts AK magazines, and it works with the overwhelming majority. I haven’t tried them all, but it works with all the mags I have, from Magpul, circle 10, US Palm, and a variety of military surplus metal mags. The MK47 also has its own manual of arms because while it borrows from several platforms, it is unique. The magazine release is a nice large paddle, and you can use the paddle just like you would on an AK-47.

The MK47 is also available with one of CMMG’s extended charging handles, which greatly aids in reloads and is what I would call a must-have accessory. Another upgrade since the original is the rip stock or brace. If you haven’t seen one of these, you can preset the length of pull and just rip out the stock or brace, and it will stop at the set length. My new Mutant is an SBR with a 10-inch barrel, but as I said, you can get these configured however you like, SBR or pistol.

The Mutant is a pleasure to shoot; the mid-size receiver absorbs the recoil well, making it a pleasant shooter. It is also very accurate, and we could easily get hits on targets out to 300 yards. I like the Mutant because it spreads that gap between the AR-15 and the AK-47. If you’re an AR-15 guy looking to experiment with an AK-47 and the 7.62×39 round, the MK47 is a great starting point. The same could be said for an AK-47 guy looking to get started in the AR-15 world. 


I loved my original Mutant, it was the first CMMG I ever purchased. But, I always felt like the barrel was a little long, and I wanted some of the new upgrades that CMMG offers. That’s why I decided to get this new one, and what better time to do it than the 5th anniversary? Whether you refer to it as the MK47 or the Mutant, this amazing firearm demonstrates firearms ingenuity. At least, in my opinion, it is the weapon that put CMMG on the map as a major player in the AR-15 world. To go further, it paved the path that CMMG is on today, with all the amazing things they are doing with the Banshee and all the calibers they now offer.

I have one request for CMMG, I need a Mutant in 9×39. Now that would be sick!

Price Check here:

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Gregory Peter DuPont

I need to get around to scoring one of these in a pistol or standard rifle configuration


Palmetto makes their version. Except for the HD bolt, same but much cheaper. Mine has about 250 rds through it with no malfunctions. I do suspect it’s heavily gassed, but then so are the Comm bloc rifles.


Good review, but the mutant has been in production since at least 2014 or 2015 (when I purchased mine).



Deplorable Bill

The idea is to marry AK magazines to an AR platform rifle so as to RELIABLY feed and shoot the standard issue 762×39 military round. There are certain brand magazines that do and don’t consistently reliably feed the 762×39 in an AR-15 platform. I have heard nothing but good things on this rifle. They are reliable and they are accurate. The bolt size is an eye opener for obvious strength vs the 30 cal. AR-15 bolt. The ONLY real complaint that I have on this set up is they don’t make an 80% lower. If they did make an 80%… Read more »


DB, It is my experience with 7.62X39 that the longer firing pin does not help to the degree that a heavier hammer spring does, and the spring is much cheaper too. All three of my uppers have nothing added to them other than stronger springs and all function very well.

Deplorable Bill

Didn’t know that, thanks. I had read and seen several articles and YouTube mods that involved putting the pin on a lathe and it worked for me. Had to measure the protrusion off of the bolt face and turn from there. Something like 7 thousandths if I remember right. Had not even heard that the springs would make a difference. Do the springs have an effect on trigger pull? It should be measurable. What mags do you use?

Arm up and carry on


DB, I run Wolff enhanced AR hammer springs on almost all of my lowers but one. It still has the basic cheap spring in it and I have not noticed enough difference in trigger pull from one to the others to have an affect on anything. That being said, my other lowers all have two stage triggers and have been slightly doctored by Doctor Oldman. I use C-Mags/Dura Mags only. Have never had an issue with any of them so far, around about 1400 rounds fired through them to date. The only thing I do not care for compared to… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Oldman
Deplorable Bill

Wolf springs are highly recommended. C-Products Dura mag and ASC are the same company. They make the ONLY magazine that I have tested that run flawlessly in this caliber, on this platform. The muzzle brake that you want is called “nada”. It has rear facing baffles and 2 or 3 vertical ports to control recoil and muzzle rise. Primary Arms has them on sale from time to time. You will, of course, have to clock it. Every barrel that I have seen in this caliber, on this platform has been heavy barrel. Between the nada brake and, maybe a 18″… Read more »


That’s pretty much been my experience. I have a buddy with a Nada on a.556 and it does a great job, except for one little issue. That is that the rearward facing ports throw a lot of gas back in the shoote’rs face. The ones that I am using cost about half of the Nada on sale and don’t have rearward facing ports. The result of that is they are very effective and not quite as noisy to the shooter, but beware an observer. Observer should stand at least 5ft. back of the shooter on either side or they get… Read more »


I did firing pin & spring. I believe I ordered them from Black Rifle Company.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arny