Federal Judge Denied 1 Restraining Order While State Judge Approves 2nd

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Oregon –-(AmmoLand.com)- A Federal judge denied a restraining order on Measure 114, claiming that standard magazines are not protected, not often used in self-defense, and are probably not constitutional.

Although we at Oregon Firearms Federation think her positions are 100% wrong, that will be an argument for another day.

While declaring that Measure 114 could go into effect, she also delayed the implementation of the “permit to purchase” part of the measure for 30 days.

The State had asked for 60 days, right after telling the court they would be ready to go by… Thursday!?

Of course, it’s absurd to think this train wreck could be cleaned up and operational in 30 days. But that was apparently of no interest to the judge.

Her order would lead to crushing firearm’s retailers, endangering anyone with a standard magazine, and outlawing the sale of most shotguns while turning most existing shotguns into contraband (because their tubular mags are capable of holding more than 10 rounds.)

And the postponement of the permit process accomplished virtually nothing since all the other elements were still in place.

So thousands of Oregonians would still be denied the guns they paid for and have not gotten, the police would still be in an impossible situation, and gun owners with standard magazines still faced jail time.

The measure is still a complete failure, and Oregon gun owners were still facing an almost complete elimination of their rights.

Then, this afternoon, a county judge in Harney County changed everything by issuing his own temporary restraining order against the measure, putting it on hold.

We can thank Gun Owners of America for that, as they were the only ones to file in state court. So while the Federal Judge did nothing to stop 114, an Oregon Judge did.

As you might expect, the State announced immediately that they would seek to undo the county judge’s ruling as quickly as possible. But for right now, 114 is on ice. Based on what we saw today, that could change any minute.

The Federal cases are still moving forward. The refusal of the judge in Federal Court to place a stay on the measure does not change the fact that it will be going to court to determine whether it is actually constitutional. So that part is unchanged.

How all the cases in play, and the order from the County Judge, will determine the outcome remains to be seen. We are, of course, deeply troubled by the ruling that came out of the Federal Court today. We are also grateful for the opposing ruling from the Harney County Judge this afternoon. But no matter what, there is a long way to go.

One more factor will be thrown into the mix. Tomorrow, a Senate Committee in Salem will be holding an “informational” hearing on the implementation of the measure. Even the extremists who promoted the measure have noted that it is such garbage that the legislature will have to clean it up. And we fully expect the legislature to make changes when they come back into session in January. That could change everything. But the one positive thing about that is when it gets into their hands, they will be accountable.

There is little anyone can do when a judge comes up with a dangerous and damaging order. But legislators have to answer to the voters, and that gives us another chance to undo some of the damage “Lift Every Voice” did with their hateful measure.

You can watch the hearing live here at 8.30 Wednesday morning. (They are NOT taking public testimony.)

Here is information on the committee.

No matter what else happens, be prepared to make your voices heard in the legislature.

About Oregon Firearms Federation:

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no-compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit: www.oregonfirearms.org

Oregon Firearms Federation

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Seems to me that it’s about time ALL the freedom and liberty loving citizens of Oregon amass outside their County Sheriff’s Offices and have a chat. After all, the liberal left wing-nuts want to defund the very people that hold the trump card to your sovereignty and safety, so as a citizen, THAT is where I would concentrate your efforts in the time being. They are YOUR sheriffs, they work for you and want to remain working for you.

Wild Bill

Your prayers are being answered! I saw on FBN that many county Sheriffs are telling the Oregon government that they will not enforce that statute. And I read that an Oregon state court issued a restraining order.


Hard to trust FBN or Fox, but I do hear there are sheriffs with stones much like in coloradostan/ commiefornia east as well as other states and counties, that are staying strong. SALUTE to them.

Last edited 1 month ago by macdog
The other Jim

Federal Judge Karin Immergut, a New York City Democrat turned Republican who went to University of California, Berkeley. She was appointed by Trump. Very strange, have to keep an eye on her.

Watch um

This so called law only applies to the state of Oregon so why does it fall under a federal judge to begin with.
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights gives a state rights that are not prohibited by the Constitution. The law was passed by the state of Oregon and the state judge was correct in his ruling.
Maybe I am wrong but the federal judge is also wrong fore sure


The Federal Judge is a Cant Understand Normal Thinker! She needs to be impeached and pronto!


Yep and she is a Trump appointee. Sad how people will do whatever it takes to save their job and thumb their noses at what they should be doing. No pride, no integrity, no guts.



Exactly why should citizens spend money to keep their rights ? Exactly where in the Constitution does it limit any firearm or accessories ? It doesn’t. It’s all BS. Shall not Infringe is pretty clear cut & straight forward. Yeah let’s let the courts decide what rights you have. lol


Maybe she (The Federal Judge) is signaling what needs to be changed in the plaintiff’s case.
That way she can rule it unconstitutional.
Not sure, but one can hope.