Sionyx Unveils OPSIN DNVM1 Color Night Vision

The new SIONYX OPSIN DNVM1 color night vision device. IMG Sionyx

U.S.A. -( SIONYX, a leader in color digital night vision technology, brings innovation to the market with the introduction of OPSIN DNVM1, a helmet-mounted, color digital night vision monocular.


OPSIN leverages SIONYX’s proprietary XQE-1350 Black Silicon sensor to deliver unmatched low-light capabilities and bring a rich layer of natural detail and clarity to an operator’s night vision experience.

Inspired by the U.S. DoD’s desire to integrate digital night vision into surveillance and navigation during low-light operations, OPSIN provides users low-light visibility well beyond human eyesight to observe, detect, identify, and record targets of interest in moonless-starlight environments. Combined with digital display, recording, and navigation features, operations are more precise, efficient, and informative.

Heightened visual detail and critical data collection informs tactical decisions and refines intelligence-advanced capabilities you won’t find with traditional night vision. With an EAR99 classification and jurisdiction, OPSIN is available globally, with minimal export restrictions for international military and law enforcement end users.

“Digital night vision is a nascent technology with exploding demand and endless opportunity to evolve,” says Gio Lepore, Global Product Manager for SIONYX. “The rapid development of new technologies
and increasing interconnectedness across defense systems demands digital night vision integration. Operators today rely on technologies that improve their levels of situational awareness and intel with the least number of devices and maintenance. OPSIN paired with the companion mobile app also allows for flexible firmware updates, so as we develop our digital capabilities and improve image processing, the unit can be updated in the field – no need to acquire a new device.”

OPSIN is rich with digital features, with an extra-large 1920×1080 HD micro-OLED display and minimally designed menus and metadata overlays to keep the operator’s field of view broad and clear. This wide, edge-to-edge field of view provides an immersive experience for the user for optimal situational awareness. The user-selectable frame rate, adjustable from 30/60/90 fps, offers imperceptible latency to adapt between moving or stand-and-stare operations. The operator can navigate and view current coordinates to maintain geo-awareness with the onboard digital magnetic compass and GPS antenna. OPSIN features a simple three-button interface with quick functions to navigate the internal menu.

The companion mobile app will be available through Apple and Android app stores in the coming months. OPSIN will connect to the app via onboard WiFi and Bluetooth, allowing video streaming to the app and over-air firmware updates.

OPSIN offers flexible helmet mounting with a standard dovetail interface and included helmet mounting kit. The swing arm spans from the flip-up helmet mount to the operator’s eye, which adjusts to and accommodates any operator. The mounting solution features a quick-release button that simplifies mounting and dismounting onto the mini rail, or the user can set the screw for a permanent installation.

The monocular can be used with either eye, with glasses or goggles, and offers ample eye relief with a comfortable rubber eye cup. The objective lens is focusable, the eye diopter is adjustable, and the eyepiece provides twenty-five millimeters of eye relief for a comfortable fit. OPSIN arrives packaged in a water-resistant custom MOLLE bag with the components necessary to get up and running immediately.

Made of glass-reinforced polycarbonate, OPSIN is durable and lightweight at only 10.6 ounces or 301 grams. Along with the companion battery pack, the system creates a balanced helmet weight distribution for low fatigue during missions. The sealed rechargeable battery extends operation time beyond eight hours with a full charge. OPSIN is drop-tested at two meters, passing beyond MIL standard, with an IP67 rating for safe use in harsh environments. The unit won’t be damaged when exposed to bright light and can function during the day for drills, training, and mission planning.

Notable Features:
• Proprietary SIONYX XQE-1350 Black Silicon CMOS sensor
• Large high-definition AMOLED display (1920×1080)
• <1 millilux moonless-starlight sensitivity
• IP67 rated
• Shock and vibration tested
• 45° field of view
• 8-hour rechargeable battery
• Store up to 256GB of content onboard

For more information about SIONYX products, please visit

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SIONYX is a silicon-based photonics company that develops and manufactures proprietary ultra-low-light CMOS image sensors and high-performance night vision camera systems. These sensors dramatically enhance the performance of light sensing devices commonly used in commercial, industrial, medical, and defense-related applications. SIONYX has supported the U.S. Government (Defense and Intelligence) with advanced imaging and camera technology, resulting in the first approved digital night vision camera module for the U.S. Army. SIONYX is headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts.

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So anyone feel a failure in an article that speaks of “color’ with no visuals?


Pretty sure this falls into category of “if I have to ask, I cannot afford it!”


Yep, around same price as PVS-14, I would like to see a comparison.

old guy

You are right. I just checked. It is $2595.00 plus free extra battery pack.
Defintly above my pocket book.


you would think with all this innovation in NODS that you would be able to get NODS for sub 1K new by now


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