Extar USA Releases Adjustable Receiver Extension

Extar USA EP Adjustable ReceiverExtension
The new Extar USA EP adjustable receiver extension. IMG Extar USA

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Firearm innovator Extar USA continues to strive in American-made ways to keep shooting affordable and enjoyable. Since the release of the EP9 large-format pistol, consumers have asked for a receiver extension option when converting their large-format pistol to a short-barrel rifle (SBR).

The EP9’s unique design and proprietary features meant that while it shares the look and familiar controls of the AR-15, users didn’t yet have a way to mount one of the many great adjustable stocks already on the market for the AR-15. Further complicating the desire for an adjustable, AR-15-carbine-style receiver extension has been the BATFE threat of reclassifying certain safety devices such as stabilizing braces as only for those who are willing to pay a tax for their safety.

Now there is an option.

The EP Adjustable Receiver Extension is available for those who wish to convert their EP9 Pistol into a registered short-barreled rifle with an adjustable rifle stock. This direct replacement part gives you the ability to mount a wide range of stocks that are designed to fit on AR-15 Mil-Spec diameter receiver extensions.

Quickly and easily install this receiver extension with all tools necessary included! As a factory replacement part, this receiver extension comes with our recoil damper system already installed, so you do not have to sacrifice the performance or safety of your firearm.


  • Six adjustment points to help you find the right LOP for you.
  • Fits most Mil-Spec diameter AR-15 adjustable stocks.
  • Is compatible with SB-Tactical adjustable braces for AR-15 Mil-Spec sized receiver extensions(such braces may be subject to the NFA).
  • Extar’s recoil damping system pre-installed.
  • Installation tool included.
  • Price: $49.95

As with all Extar USA products, pricing is kept to a minimum by selling directly to consumers. The Adjustable Receiver Extension is available at ExtarUSA.com.

About Extar USA:

Since 1995 the personnel behind Extar USA have been redefining possibilities in the firearms industry. Innovations such as the first rifle-caliber polymer receiver sets, the first Glock-type magazine last round bolt hold open for personal defense weapons, and advanced recoil absorbing technologies are Extar USA’s pedigree. Today Extar’s mission is to provide lightweight, fun, and reliable firearms at a price working Americans can afford.

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Love My EP-9 from Extar. Best bang for your buck.


Now this is an AR-9 style platform that is awesome and well worth the price for it. It is just to bad no other AR-9 platforms are not priced similarly to the Extar. that offer the functionality, durability and reliability that Extar does, and it being pretty much an all polymer firearm. obviously besides the parts that have to be metal springs barrel etc. you get the idea. I am not even a fan of polymer firearms but I have to say that Extar blows the competition away with their platform, and their prices and warranty is dead on.. Extra… Read more »