Henry Rifles First Semi-Auto: The Homesteader 9mm

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- I’ve been a lifelong fan of Henry Rifles ever since I shot the Goldenboy – but the Homesteader 9mm is something totally different. While every other rifle made by Henry is either lever-action or break-action, the new 9mm Homestead is a semi-automatic, magazine-fed pistol caliber carbine. But it’s more than just that, and after spending some time with it at SHOT Show 2023, I have some great news to share.

Henry Homesteader 9mm

The Homestead is a magazine-fed semi-automatic carbine chambered in – you guessed it – 9mm parabellum. It feeds from proprietary magazines, Glock-pattern magazines, or a combination of SIG and S&W magazines, depending on the model.

Under the hood, the Homesteader is a direct blowback design. So there are very few moving components, making the gun reliable and very robust, and resilient to dirt and carbon buildup. My personal experience with the gun at Media Day at the Range in Las Vegas was very positive. The gun ran without any issues whatsoever despite the fierce wind blowing fine sand in the action for hours, and it was remarkably accurate in my very limited experience.

Other noteworthy features include a 1/2×28 threaded muzzle for use with sound suppressors, aperture sights mounted directly to the barrel, and a receiver that comes from the factory drilled and tapped for a scope rail. MSRP is reported to be around $820, depending on what configuration a shooter chooses. I, for one, am very interested in the gun, as it feels like a more old-fashioned version of the Ruger PC9 that still retains the classic looks of Henry’s lever-action rifles. Hopefully, I’ll have one to review in my hands soon, so I can give you guys and gals the full rundown in the near future. Guns are being boxed up now, and should be available for purchase soon.

About Jim Grant

Jim is one of the elite editors for AmmoLand.com, who in addition to his mastery of prose, can wield a camera with expert finesse. He loves anything and everything guns but holds firearms from the Cold War in a special place in his heart.

When he’s not reviewing guns or shooting for fun and competition, Jim can be found hiking and hunting with his wife Kimberly, their son, and their dog Peanut in the South Carolina low country.

Jim Grant

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Please, please, Gun Gods….May Henry make one in .45 ACP, akin to, but without the frailties of, the Marlin Camp .45.

Alan in NH

The only thing wrong with Marlin Camp 45 was the plastic buffer that would break apart over time. Easily replaced, readily available. I’ve had mine for about 30 years.


MR – AGREED! I’ve been looking for something like that to pair up with my G21. I have a ‘thing’ for pairing a carbine with a pistol that uses the same magazines, like the (don’t hate me) Keltec PMR and CMR for one example.

AZ Lefty

Going to have to look at this for the wife, she loves shooting my PCC but likes the more traditional rifle configuration. She can compare to to a Ruger to see which she likes best.


Henry has always made quality firearms. Also, WAY Overpriced, ALWAYS!!!


great article great review: as much as I like Henry and 9mm I think the P.O.F. Tombstone lever action 9mm is way more cooler, but I do like that the Henry Homesteader is semi auto and that it feeds from common use magazines as mentioned depending on the model. unlike the P.O.F. Tombstone using P.O.F. proprietary magazine and only up to 20rds as far as I know, but lets face it I expected Henry to come up with the 9mm lever action unless I missed something, but really as far as a Pcc is concerned and P.O.F. I think that… Read more »


ashort – that POF is an ‘interesting’ critter from what I have seen. Unless I misread the write ups I have seen on it though, it runs more than double for the Henry (talk about over priced!)