This Explains How the 2nd Amendment Renders Tennessee Laws Unconstitutional ~ Listen

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Tennesee – -( For your listening pleasure: A Proof regarding the 2nd Amendment’s unqualified mandate on Tennessee’s gun laws and how it could affect all gun laws.

Richard Archie, a TFA director, in his most recent podcast, offers a “proof” that the Second Amendment’s unqualified mandate renders many of Tennessee’s gun laws unconstitutional. This is a review of the 2nd Amendment in the context of demonstrating that Tennessee’s legislators and elected officials who refuse to take action to repeal Tennessee laws rendered unconstitutional by the Second Amendment are violating their oaths and perhaps engaging in official oppression.

Before you confront your elected public stewards on the constitutional mandate to avoid and eliminate infringements on your rights, a mandate calling for REAL constitutional carry, you need to listen to this new podcast. Those legislators and elected officials who are constitutionally instructed on their duties by their constituents but fail to actively engage in not just a breach of their constitutional oaths but likely commit official oppression.

John Harris
Executive Director
[email protected]

Joining and supporting TFA is an investment in restoring our constitutional rights and against politicians willing to sell their votes and your rights to whichever business interest gives them the most money!

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The Tennessee Firearms Association is dedicated to defending the right to keep and bear arms and promoting the responsible use, ownership, and carrying of firearms.

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The people of Tennessee should start at the top and dump RINO bitch Mitch that might help . He has been selling out gun owners behind close doors for decades .


Mitch is the asshole / “representative” of Kentucky……..not TN.


It’s hard to know everything,everywhere all at once, so you are excused.
The current senators representing the state of Tennessee are Bill Hagerty and Marsha Blackburn. Thank God we are finally rid of the Rinos – Alexander and Corker. If we could put the turtle up on a fence post, that’s probably where you would find him. I think it is the voters in Kentucky you should address about Mitch. I enjoy your posts, carry on !


Mitch is NOT our senator, never has been & never will be. It is an insult, Sir; to insinuate the people of the great state of Tennessee would elect such a whipped puppy!