Ammo Deals: Igman .223Rem FMJ 55Grn, 500 Rnds Ammunition $180.49 FREE S&H

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Igman Remington .223 Remington FMJ 55 Grain 500 Rounds jan2023

USA – -( Sportsman’s Guide has in stock and shipping 500 rounds of Igman Remington .223 Remington, FMJ, 55 Grain ammo for $180.49 with FREE shipping for club members. That is $0.36 each a round. Check the buy now button as they have 1000 round quantities order options also at the time of this post for less $. Check prices over here.

Here we have standard Remington® .223 Ball Ammo made under contract by Igman Ammunition of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Key Specifications

    • Item Number: 720536
  • Mfg. Number: LREM223
  • UPC Number: 885344981945
  • Caliber: .223 Remington
  • Bullet Weight: 55 grain
  • Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3,231 FPS
  • Muzzle Energy: NA
  • Case Type: Brass
  • Primer Type: Boxer, reloadable
  • Rounds: 500

So you get proven Remington quality at a terrific price.

Ammo Deals: Igman Remington .223Rem FMJ 55Grn, 500 Rnds Ammunition $180.49 FREE S&H

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Sportsman’s Guide is in the same file as Cheaper Than Dirt at my house; the “Do Not Patronize” file. During the great ammo shortage of 2020-2021, they accepted an order from me for 1,000 rds of Winchester 9mm NATO 124 gr FMJ ammo. Every so often SG sent me an e-mail asking if I still wanted these rounds (at ordered price of $200 or $300 something). I had to respond and answer “yes” each time or my order would be canceled. I dutifully answered “yes” each time. At around a year, give or take, SG sends me a notice that… Read more »


You’re lucky. Optics planet charged me the new price for my projectiles and now brownells is doing the same thing for Hornaday 162 gr sp bt 7mm..

These holiday sales prices are a bunch of hype. I have been looking at a Vortex Viper 3103. Everyone says they are having a sale at 10 20 30 percent off yet the price is always 243.00. I will wait for January or February when they are hungry because people can’t afford to buy anything because they spent so much on Christmas and have to save to pay their taxes.


My OpticsPlanet experience was more like @MM44mag’s. Shortly after prices started shooting up (Nov 2020)I ordered 223 from OP at a price which soon looked good but is close to what’s currently available. At time of order they were predicting delivery by April 2021. They kept bumping estimated date keeping it two weeks in the future through 2021. During 2022 projected delivery slide quite a bit to roughly June 2023 – until November (2 years after order) when they emailed me that manufacturer had discontinued the product and cancelled my order. If market prices had remained stratospheric I would have… Read more »


Venom Viper 3103 red dot. Thanksgiving black friday through cyber monday through this and that eveyone was selling it for 249.00 and calling it a sale. Palmeto State Armory today just sold one to me for 179 plus 9 shipping. Its the best deal I have found to date. They might still have some. In case you don’t know. The best time to buy big ticket items is Jan, Feb and up to March 15. Everyone is tapped out from Christmas, needs to pay taxes and no one is spending any money. That’s one of the best times to buy… Read more »


I had 5 Anderson AR uppers on order from Opticsplanet when the big shortage of everything began. For over a year I’d occasionally get emails asking if I wanted to continue with the order & I always responded yes. After almost a year and a half I received an email saying that my AR uppers were finally in stock and did I want the. I responded yes, re-entered my credit card info and received the uppers at the pre-shortage price, a price that was $125 per receiver less than their new price. Opticsplanet treated me right on this deal. I… Read more »


I recommended a 5.56 deal to a friend of mine with these guys recommended by AmmoLand. They did the same thing to him. It was mortifying. I tell everyone to avoid these shysters like the plague. I don’t understand why AmmoLand keeps promoting them. Bad for the reputation. AmmoLand – if you’re listening, please stop.


I’ve used it, worked fine.


Does anyone know about this stuff ?


I bought a case of it a few months ago. Works ok. No issues.

Dry gulched

Says the guy that works for Igman.


Nope. Never worked for them or any other ammo company. Unless you count McDonnell Douglas and their Tomahawk missile program. 😉

Ansel Hazen

I have quite a lot of ammo in my stash and this stuff is part of it. It goes bang just fine.


it works just fine for range use 55g, price wise its a good deal.


Just went to the range this weekend with a friend who had purchased a 1000 rd. case of this ammo and it shot just fine, that is when he could get his Lancer mags to function in his Anderson AR.FTF & FTE were the rule of the day until he tried one of my aluminum GI mags. Not a single issue with the GI mag and accuracy with the Igman ammo was good…